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History history n. A record or narrative description of past events and times.

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Old 09-16-2015, 10:58 PM
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Default George HW Bush and Navy Leadership

For those with a Knowledge of Navy tradition today the 16th of Sept has a rich tradition and today this story comes to mind

As an officer, Bush was sometimes assigned to censor the outgoing mail of enlisted men. He read letters in which men talked openly about their fears and worries, their loves and heartbreaks, about crop harvests or fishing or a hot spell back in the cities. For a while, Bush censored the mail of the ship’s black stewards. He suddenly stops talking and squints back tears.

“Golly,” he says, “I get all choked up thinking about it…‘cold storage boys,’ they called them.” Then, with amazing candor, he says, “You know, they were human beings, and I’m not sure I really knew that or appreciated it or was sensitive to it until I had to do that little experience.”

Years later, Bush would adopt as one of his favorite phrases the words of novelist Dan Jenkins—“life its ownself.” Dur*ing his war years, for the first time, George Bush saw “life its ownself.”

On board San Jacinto one day, a plane crashed while landing on the carrier’s deck, and a crew mate was neatly cut into pieces. A leg with a shoe still on its foot landed near Bush. “God, it was horrible,” he once said. While he and others stood in shock, a tough Chief Petty Officer growled, “Get this stuff cleaned off!” Bush never forgot that: No matter how bad the situation, someone must stay clear-headed, someone must lead.
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