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Old 09-18-2015, 12:56 PM
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Default Looking to raise hogs next spring/summer/fall

I live in a small community made up mainly of my wife's family. We raise some cattle, chickens, goats, rabbits, bees and fish. Well, next year we're looking at expanding into pigs. I already have (I think) a place to purchase our hogs early next year. We are currently looking at 8 hogs but that may increase or decrease before purchase time. My question is about feeding them. We have a plot of about two acres that will be fenced in for them, consisting of a lot of oak trees and pasture. Shelter will also be provided, and there's a hydrant right on one corner of the pen, so water won't be an issue.

We have always raised a large garden, so there are always a lot of scraps that will help in feeding the hogs. But I'm thinking of discing (not to be confused with disco-ing) up a pretty large area strictly dedicate to a hog feed garden. With the prices of grain these days, any little bit will help. My question is this. If you could plant 2-4 crops that would provide the best and most food for your hogs, what would they be. I've considered corn, but it won't be ready till its almost time to take the hogs to slaughter. For that matter, not much of anything around here will be ready until late June or July (I live in SE Can some of you experts here give me guidance? Thanks!
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Old 09-18-2015, 04:25 PM
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I get my piglets in late April to mid May. Right now, mine are in the 250-300lb range, and I'll probably slaughter the largest here in another couple weeks, then let the other two go until end of October.

I raise Hickory King (OP) corn, planted about the time I get the pigs, and pumpkins, planted about end of May. The pumpkins are ready to feed mid August on, and the corn about the end of August on. I also feed them apples, starting with the earliest summer apple right on until slaughter. They also go thru 6-8 bales of hay. The bulk of their feed is commercial ration.
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