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Old 12-22-2015, 04:53 PM
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Tim Horton Male Tim Horton is offline
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Default Damn "Flash Player" Crash...

My lap top is old as things like this go...

I'm constantly getting messages that say something like "flash play is crashed" and it essentially locks up EVERYTHING.... NOTHING moves until that is cleared..

I click on the "don't ask me again" and stop player tab, and move on as well as possible..

For instance.. This usually happens when I want to look at a link like "20 odd things mechanics found in cars" When trying to toggle between the pictures, NOTHING moves until the damned advertisements are done loading.. That is a given... IF I can get through 2 -3 pictures successfully it is bound to lock up with this damn flash player error..

I've looked through "add remove programs" If I could find the SOB I would uninstall it in a heart beat... Really ticking me off....

What can I do to fix or make this easier to live with ??

Always fresh.
Keep your stick on the ice. Red Green
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Old 12-22-2015, 09:17 PM
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Default It's in your browser

What web browser are you using ?

I have been fighting with this for the past two years.
Flash is dying. It's being replaced with HTML5.

I've had to switch to Iron Browser because Firefox constantly crashes.
Iron is google chrome without the spyware. All of the chrome extensions and apps will work with it.
You can get it here :

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Old 12-23-2015, 07:25 PM
CatherineID CatherineID is offline
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First, I love Firefox. If your computer is truly old, try using the Chrome web browser. DO NOT use Internet Explorer. It is no longer supported.

Download and install the latest version of Adobe Flashplayer.

Make sure your automatic updates are turned on.

Restart your computer periodically.

You can turn off Java if you want. The old security problems with Java have been resolved but people still don't trust it.

Back-up your computer (I use Carbonite but there are others), including your software keys (if you have the old download disks, great) and all your username / passwords. Then defrag your hard drive. You should have that option in your control panel.

Also in your control panel is the ability to toggle a switch that allows videos to play automatically. You want to make sure that is "off".
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Old 12-27-2015, 10:42 AM
Setanta Male Setanta is offline
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I run firefox, i use n addon called flashblock, it prevents flash from running unless i tell it to (such as youtube video, it comes up as a black space with flashblock logo, clicking on it will activate the video, but unless i click to turn it on it prevents it from running). i also use script block and ad block, so websites are basic and only show the simple content.

I'm also using a laptop made in 2002, so its an antique by computer standards.

I estimate 1 year in human years is 10 years in computer years.

1 year old computer is still new and may be buggy at first (10hy)
2 year old computer is running good with the bugs worked out (20hy)
3 year old computer running good (30hy)
4 year old computer works but is slowing down (40hy)
5 year old computer works but is outdated (50hy)
6 year old computer works but is worn out and outdated (60hy)
7 year old computer may work but should be retired (70hy)
8 year old computer is getting very outdated (80hy)
9 year old computer is so old its amazing it still works (90hy)
10 year old computer is an antique

anything older is antiquated by computer standards (an antique is 100 years old or more, less than 100 and something may be vintage but not an antique)
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Old 12-31-2015, 02:48 PM
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Tim Horton Male Tim Horton is offline
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OK... So I did lookup and install the "flashblock" It made a big difference..
The only problem was.. For instance.. If I wanted to look at something on you tube it would do it's job.. IF you didn't correctly give permission for something to run, flashblock seemed impossible to get to allow passage..

For instance.. Even closing you tube and the Firefox window back to desk top, then re opening it all, you might or might not be successfull...

They last night, Firefox shut down to do an unavoidable "upgrade"... When that was done, flashblock seemed to be gone.. Everything seems to work as it did before flashblock..

I guess it seems this is what I get for not paying more than I do for internet..
What's a guy to do...

Take care..
Always fresh.
Keep your stick on the ice. Red Green
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Old 01-06-2016, 10:27 PM
del5 del5 is offline
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Have you checked for viruses/ problems there?

Been my experience that Chrome is better that FF.
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