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Old 08-01-2016, 09:15 PM
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When I was in Marine Corps OCS in the 60ís, we carried and qualified with the M-14, so I was very familiar with it and the M-1 Garand. As an aviator, I didnít get a chance to do much with small arms, but I did qualify with the M-16 before I left active duty. I wasnít expecting much from it; it was better than I had expected. Fast forward 40 yrs. I had a chance to build an AR-308. I used a DPMS upper with an 18Ē barrel. I have since built a second upper with a 16Ē Black Hole Weaponry barrel. Both setups shoot well. I also have a couple of ARís in .223. While I still like the M-14/M1A, I am not looking back; I have committed myself to the ARís in .223 and .308.
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Originally Posted by Bearfootfarm View Post
Nothing more than a hit piece.
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I spent all of the 70s in the Navy.
In boot camp we were issued Springfield bolt action rifles.
The bolts were welded shut and I suspect the rifle had extra weight added.
Only time we carried them is for drill and when we screwed up and the CC was punishing us.
Went to the Marine range to qualify.
We used old worn out M1.
I don't think anyone qualified.
Then a Marine DI took 7 of us to the pistol range.
He placed a 1911 in our hand and kept his hand on ours and yelled to fire until it clicked.
No targets just a backstop.
Afterwords he told the other Di that as usual no sailor qualified.
He then let us to reload mags for him the rest of the day.
Nice guy.
That was the first and only time I handled a firearm in the 10 years I was in.
Not much use for a rifle on a Carrier.
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Old 10-26-2016, 07:57 PM
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I was a Marine in the mid to late 60's. We qualified with the M14 and trained with the M1. We qualified 100 yards standing, 300 yards sitting and kneeling and 500 yards prone. We fired iron sights. I was fortunate and qualified expert each time I had to qualify. In 1966 and most of '67 I was in Viet Nam, carrying an M-14 with selector. It NEVER failed to fire, even when covered in mud. It was and IS a great firearm. As my tour was nearing the end, the M-16 was arriving. I never had to carry that POS. But I can attest that far too many Marines were killed because of that POS. In the Original Hill Battles of Khe Shan in April / May of 67 many of the M16 failed. Rounds were jamming and a cleaning rod had to be used to clear the jammed cases. Cleaning kits were issued one for every three rifles....stupid. The weapons were kept clean that was not the issue. I found out about two years ago, from one of the original designers of the M'-16 that the military in their wisdom, changed the powder charge in the round without telling the mfg of the weapon. The added pressure he claimed is what caused the jamming, made sense to me.

The 7.62 X 51 M-14 round would go through the tree and kill the guy on the other side, the M-16 5.56 round would hit a twig and tumble. It became spray and pray with the M-16. A good book showing how many lives were lost because of the POS M-15 is

I would love to have an M-14 today, I just can't justify $2400. I do have a Mini 14 and I can say, any round I have ever put through it went bang. Even the Russian steel case rounds. I'm a plinker not a hunter. Had my fill of killing in VN.

The M-14 is a very accurate rifle, open sights 50 yards consistently hitting a 6" bulls eye. Nothing wrong with that. Never would do that with the M-16. Given my choice today, I would still carry my 14.
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