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History history n. A record or narrative description of past events and times.

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Old 04-17-2016, 01:40 PM
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Default Family History

Names have been change because for some reason an account that happened 90 years ago some are still ashamed. Took some hits from some of them when I posted this on a popular site without the changed names. It was on the front page of the paper above the fold. Story had been told for years and years by some of these same cousins so not sure why they would suddenly not like that I posted it. Can only think of one person that is still alive from that time and he would only have been 2 or 3.

RAID CONDUCTED AFTER SHOOTING . Within a few hours after John , farmer living on Gar road had been placed in jail on a charge of shooting with intent to kill, county officials discovered the cause of his murderous intent by location on his farm one of the largest stills ever found in the County.
The raiding party was composed of Chief of Police William , Sheriff Dan and Prohibition Officer Roy .
John was jailed after he had fired five shots at police headquarters while speeding past the city building in an automobile.
The still which was located in the attic of the John residence had been built into the house at great expense.
A furnace and coils had been installed at one of the long attic barrels had been arranged along each side of the room filled with mash and in the adjacent room in another win of the house, could be found barley and bottles. A 50-gallon pressure tank had been installed to supply water which was pumped from a power pump downstairs.
Liquor is Found- The liquor was run through a condenser before being put on the market and this practice resulted in a high quality product.
A quantity of "white mule" was found in bottles in this wing of the house.
This is the second time the John residence had been raided for evidence of a violation of the liquor law. Three years ago when it was rented by Bishop the place was searched by Prohibition Officer Abel and Chief William. At that time an entrance to the attic was found through a stairwell to which entrance was obtained by a door,
This time Chief William found the place when the door had been was papered over. For a long time officers could not locate the place. When they finally located the door. they had to remove a large tank used in the house water system to get to the stairs.
John had been using a ladder in the attic in another wing of the house for his entrance to the place. The ladder was concealed by clothing hung around it and by a trap door which opened downward, forming part of the ceiling in the closet where the ladder was found.
When he (John) left the farm Tuesday evening it is alleged he said he was "going to get" the sheriff and two or three other men.
Kendall of the police department and Charles of the sheriff's office worked for several hours loading the paraphernalia of the still on a truck to bring it to town.
The rubber of a fruit jar found in John' clothes which carried the odor of liquor was the clue which led to the searching of the home.
Twenty gallons of finished product and 400 gallons of mash were included in the lot.
Fires at Headquarters- Unloading a grudge which he had borne since his arrest a month ago John fortified himself with a revolver and a shot gun and sent a fusillade of shots flying into police headquarters as he drove past the city building and high speed in an automobile Tuesday Evening.
John fired five times with a revolver. One bullet struck in the arched entrance of the building, another crashed through the glass transom above the entrance to No One hose house and a third round flattened out against the wall of the building above one of the windows in police headquarters.
As John emptied his revolver, his automobile which was driving south at about 30 miles an hour ploughed into the rear end of a roadster parked at the curb. Chief of Police William, Sergeant McNally and Officer Hickman, who were in the police headquarters, reached the halted automobile and seized John just as he was preparing to load a shotgun.
Professes Innocence- "I give up" said the prisoner. Although the revolver which he had just emptied was lying on the seat of the automobile and a shot gun was in his hands; John professed innocence of the entire affair and declared that "he hadn't done anything wrong"
John is believed to be mentally unbalanced and his condition evidently had been aggravated by liquor. He has been at liberty on bond for several weeks following his arrest after a somewhat similar rampage in December in the course of which he nearly destroyed the interior of a neighbor's house, discharged a shot gun at the owner and was caught by city and county officers after a running gun fight.
He is supposed to harbor a grudge against the police as the result of this affair, and to have come to town prepared to "shoot it out" Tuesday evening. The shooting took place about 5 oclock.
Employees Scatter- City building employees made a hurried exodus from windows when the crazed farmer opened fire. It is believed that the speedy arrest and disarming of John after his automobile had struck the parked car forestalled an attack on the windows of the building with the shot gun.
John was place in the county jail. He is slated on a charge of shooting with intent to kill but is is likely that the prisoner will be sent to a state institution for the criminally insane.
The the number 13 is John "jinx" in the conclusion reached by the police after an examination of the prisoners effects and a check on dates. His first escapade was carried out on Dec 13, his attempt to "shoot up" the city hall on Jan 13, and after arrest yesterday his pockets yielded up the total sum of 13 cents.
" I void warranties"

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Old 05-23-2016, 12:43 AM
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Bones, your story reminded me of what a young lady told me one time about one of her ancestors she was searching for information on.

My mothers younger brother married her mothers sister and we were sharing some genealogy information. I made the comment a couple of my maternal grandfathers brothers must have hid every time the census people came around, because I could not find them in a single census once they were grown.

She was having the same trouble finding some great great uncles also, and she told me family legend had it the two brothers she was searching for were both "Horse Thieves & Scoundrels" who changed their names immediately after arriving in this country.

I told her I hadn't found any "Horse Thieves" so far but I had identified one great great uncle who gave his entire inheritance to lawyers to keep him out of jail and/or prison for knifing another relative. BTW the relative did survive the knifing, but he (the victim of the knifing and his lawyers) got the entire inheritance
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