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Old 03-21-2017, 02:46 AM
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Default Fiberglass Replacement Handles

When I need to replace a hammer, hatchet, axe, pick or whatever, IF I can replace the handle in fiberglass form, that is my preference, because it reduces the chances of being broken in the future.

During the past several months, I have rounded-up all the tools with broken handles, which included a claw hammer, a cross-peen hammer, a roofers hatchet (combination hammer/hatchet), a pick and double bit axe.

In February I cleaned out all the old handle material from the various tools head and went to my normal source for the fiberglass handles. They had plenty of single and double bit axe handles and pick handles, but no hammer or hatchet handles of any description, and no epoxy was to be found.

I asked one of the store employees about the hammer & hatchet handles, and was told his manager would not order them because of their cost. The manager claimed one could purchased a new hammer or hatchet with a fiberglass handle cheaper than the replacement handle cost. That might be true, but the new hammer or hatchet might not be of the same quality at the one needing a handle.

OK!, no hammer or hatchet handles available, what about the epoxy resin to set the handles with. It has always been supplied with the handles, but none of the axe handles had any epoxy attached to the handle, and none was observed in that area. The employee agreed the epoxy always came with the handles, but their latest axe handles came without the glue and they did not have any in the store.

I purchased an axe & pick handle and had one handle on hand which fit the cross-peen hammer head very nicely, so I mixed up some J-B Weld and set both the double bit axe handle and the cross-peen hammer hammer with J-B Weld.

The pick handle was basically a compression fit, so a little oil on the handle and pick tool head to help slide the handle in place was all that was necessary before using a sledge to drive the new handle into the picks eye.

Has anyone else ever used J-B Weld, or any other substitute for the normal epoxy, to set fiberglass handles in tools? If so, what did you use as a substitute & how did your substitute material perform?

I have used both the hammer and axe and their handles appears to be as solid as any tools where I have used epoxy (or those which came with fiberglass handles) to set the handle in the tool head. Time will tell if J-B Weld is a useful replacement when Epoxy is not available. But for now the J-B Weld is looking like it will be a winner!

Searching the net, I found and order three more fiberglass handles (with epoxy) which I used for the claw hammer and roofers hatchet. I was not sure which handle would best fir the roofers hatchet, but one of the three fit it rater nicely. Then I picked the one I liked best for the claw hammer, which left me a spare handle on hand.
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Old 03-27-2017, 12:14 PM
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Have you tried contacting the handle manufacturers that the dealer used to order from yourself? If you can't remember, the store shouldn't care if you look for yourself since they don't wish to order them, so ask them where they got those replacement handles.
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