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Old 09-07-2017, 11:31 AM
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Default Transplanting Strawberries

I planted about 50 strawberry plants last fall in a less than ideal place, anticipating construction traffic over this summer. (Good harvest this summer.) I'd like to move them to a sunnier location now that the traffic is almost gone.

Anybody with experience/knowledge on this? Is fall or spring better? When in relation to frost dates?
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Old 09-08-2017, 01:45 PM
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There's a website for everything:
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Old 09-10-2017, 01:30 AM
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I hope fall is okay because I have a lot of strawberries I need to transplant asap. From my experience, the main problem with strawberries isn't killing them, it's keeping them from taking over the darn place!
"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need." --Cicero
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Old 09-11-2017, 09:22 PM
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You can say that again! I started the year with an orderly bed of 25 new plants. They sent out a few daughters, which I put into pots. When they were ready, I cut them away from the mother plants and planted them where I wanted them. Everything nice and neat. Then I went away on vacation for a week. One week! And came home to a garden overrun by new strawberry plants! So much for my nice orderly rows and giving each of the plants plenty of space. I've been cutting off the new daughters every few days but they are still producing more. At this rate, I could single handedly provide enough plants for every person in town to have their own bed!

Can't wait to see how it looks next spring! But I guess too many is better than not enough, right?
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Old 09-11-2017, 10:17 PM
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Plant them in gutters attached to a garage or shed to prevent that problem. Another way is to plant them into a high-sided bed, cover the soil (not too much nitrogen) with landscape fabric, then plant the plants through holes cut into the fabric. Do not use plastic unless you put drip irrigation beneath it, for your plants need water. I am a lazy guy, and I plant perennials through holes in landscape fabric unless the wife does it without me--no weeds, produce stays clean, discourages cats. The daughter strawberry plants may root into the fabric, but you can easily remove them unless you wait too long.
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