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Old 03-12-2018, 01:41 AM
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Default "Chicks" 2018

Got my lazy self out today and did some things useful. Of that I took out ashes for dust bath boxes and a bag of chick starter to the hen house. KarenBC had noted on the calendar the 15 th of this month was an expected hatch due date. The old red hen, the last of the $1.25 CDN per head cull flock we bought, hatched 2 very wee little black chicks last night or today. Will they hatch in the dark, or only daylight ?? This same old hen raised 2 chicks last year. They are producing fine now.

It is entirely possible that..... This hen has hatched eggs from her last years chicks. Her grand children if you will ?? They could be banty chicks as KarenBC put a number of banty eggs under her when she was moved to a secluded part of the barn.

So.... When I peeked in I could see there were still 3 -4 eggs, large and small, still in the nest. KarenBC says it is entirely possible she can/will hatch some more of the remaining eggs. We have only been getting one banty egg per day at any time. None of the banty hens, if they are indeed all hens, seems to be wanting to nest. There may still be time for that yet I'm told.

The geese have a loose nest of sorts. Today there are six eggs in it now. They are such a flighty, goofy acting bunch I don't have a good feeling about them being successful. We will see.
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Old 03-12-2018, 05:15 AM
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Good luck with the hatch!
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