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Old 06-27-2018, 05:31 PM
Terri Terri is offline
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Default How have your summers gone so far?

The days are getting shorter because summer is half over! How has summer been treating you folks?

This has been my summer of indulgence: after working hard for many years I am taking this summer off to do some proper homesteading. While it is hotter than I have hoped (and heat makes the work harder), it has been a really REWARDING summer for me so far.

I have been gardening for my daily exercise, and I have been setting the garden up to be much less labor intensive. The reduced - labor part of the garden has done well enough for me to be encouraged: next summer when I am back to working hard I might be able to raise more food much more quickly. Because I am SUPPOSED to exercise, so if I can raise more food for the same amount of effort that would be a major plus. I would still exercise the same amount but have more to show for it.

I have refinished the tub in the bathroom, which was looking pretty terrible and is now as white as snow. I was a very big job and between first letting it cure and then sanding the rough spots with very fine sandpaper it was a surprisingly long process.

I have since found out that many people have trouble within the first year, but since I spent many hours on prep work before I refinished it perhaps mine will last for a while.

And, every day after I "Exercise" (garden) I alternate between housework and watching videos. I have been enjoying "Deep south homestead" and "Home grown veg", and both of those folks have come up with a few things that I have never heard off.

Lastly, just about when I was thinking that every day, while fun, was just like every OTHER day I spent a week at my Father's place in California. I will be going back again later this year because he will probably have a "small" surgery.

No surgery is small when it is on your 94 year old Father.

Then there were the usual small things like arranging for my son to come over and help us with the odd heavy thing: I used to help my husband with that stuff but I am not as fit as I was when I was younger. And there are people to talk to and finances to manage and shopping to do and the usual things to get done.

So, that is an over view of my summer. It is hotter and dryer than I wanted, but it is being a good summer anyways.

How about you folks? I have been reading the day to day accounts of some of you, but that is not the same as a GENERAL account. Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees.

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Old 06-27-2018, 08:19 PM
hunter88 hunter88 is offline
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I'd say so far my summer has gone pretty good, though it's been a lot hotter then I'd like.

This year for the first time in many years I did not put in a garden. The last couple years I'd gone with just potatoes and pepper plants, but this year I decided to bypass even that. I do have a small asparagus bed where I got enough for a few meals, and my daughter has been giving me some cucumbers from her plants. I suspect a few tomatoes down the line if I want some.

Joining a group at a private lake has taken up much of my summer. I acquired an older camper to leave at the lake over the summer, and have spent quite a bit of time with my boat on the lake. With all the heat and severe storms with high winds I haven't spent as many nights at the camper as I'd like, but there's still time.

Guess I have a fairly simple life. Work every once in a while, but tend to fish more then work. See the kids and grandkids, some more often then others. Oldest daughter lives close with her family, youngest daughter comes out fairly often with her kids to see me or her sister or both. Son lives in the city and doesn't like to venture out into the country very often, so I see him the least.

I guess if the second half of summer goes about the same as the first half, I can't complain.
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Old 06-27-2018, 08:21 PM
Setanta Male Setanta is offline
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projects have been completed, I put in the bigger pasture fence on time, I stacked 70 cords of wood towards fall sales (some was already sold so I only have 55 right now), I finished my 15x34 workshop and stocked it with cherry and ash lumber to season for winter projects, I plowed up a 2 acre garden but its been largely neglected because I been so busy elsewhere so it won't be as productive as it might be. lots of hens gone broody and I honestly have no idea how many cluckers I got right now. bought a used canoe for $150 and a table saw for $200.

setbacks, had to put thousands into various repairs and still not up to speed, a repair shop came out last week and "identified" the problem with one tractor, they forgot to bring the tow trailer so ignored the one that really needed work, and they still haven't come back to actually fix the problem they identified (at this point I can try to bypass the problem, its part of the electrical system and can be bypassed but I won't have lights anymore). I have been trying to raise money to buy another lot next door, I had almost enough in the spring then I bought a truck and that dropped me to half what I need, been working hard since but whenever I bring in some money I end up spending it off almost at the same rate, despite my best efforts I am still only half way to what I need for the other purchase. I was going to have enough since the guy buying my old lot on a land contract wants to pay it off the first of july and do all the paperwork, but both tractors are down and I will have to sink at least half that influx of cash into fixing it, otherwise I can't skid logs or haul wagons or run a brush hog or anything. did a lot of the brush hogging with my scythe again, 10 acres worth, I bought the brush hog attachment for that but its useless without the repairs done to the 3 pt hitch top link, and the leaky/rusted out gas tank replaced, and the oil leak fixed.

overall I can't say its been a good or bad season, the progress is almost the same as the setbacks, so its all neutral
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Old 06-27-2018, 10:41 PM
Doninalaska Doninalaska is offline
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Our gardens and greenhouses are doing well. I have fans in my bigger greenhouse, so I have better temperature control when the sun is bright. We had a Great Horned Owl come by and pick off one of the wild ducks on the lake/pond, and it came back two days later for some chickens, but I managed to frighten it away with no harm to anyone. Moose have been a pest although none have broken through the fences. One of them was up on the patio eating my wife's flowers, and she was fighting it off with a plastic chair, resembling one of those lion tamers in movies. It fled when I joined her; I don't know if it was just that two people were out there or if it could sense/smell the presence of a male and knew it was more likely to come to harm if a male was present. It, too, left and has not returned with no harm to anyone but the flowers. Still no sign of bears here, but there are reports of bear attacks all over, with 3 people badly injured so far, I think, and one man killed.
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Old 06-28-2018, 01:07 AM
Tim Horton's Avatar
Tim Horton Male Tim Horton is offline
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Location: In the bush of BC Canada
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Default Summer 2018... So far...

Summer has gone well here in the bush, for the most part........

Sweeties garden is doing well. Greenhouse is doing OK with the more tender plants. The best you can expect here. I have kept busy with filling the wood shed and a little mowing. Not enough mowing, but some.

We did have an old freezer give up on us. Was not going to be useful in summer, so shuffle stuff from big freezers to old freezer. Eat out of old freezer, refill space in big freezer. That plan worked well. When old freezer gave up for good, I gutted the compressor etc. Can use it to mouse proof store bags of livestock feed.

Busy summer until last Saturday, when everything went crazy busy...... Stopped at a moving sale and ended up buying a 10x20x8 ft high canvas garage tent 3/4 full of cut, split firewood. The math makes that about 9 chords, give or take a little. Have hauled 7 heaping pickup loads so far this week. Have at least 3 if not 4 full loads left to get. They wanted it "all gone" by the first of August. Told them don't park in front of the shed, and stay out of our way when we are here, we WILL get it done. If our wood shed won't hold it, I have pallet bunks ready. Did I mention we paid $100 for the whole lot?

We could use a 2 day slow steady, about 5 cm rain. Then again in about 3 weeks. Forest fires around our and MIL area seem at a minimum so far. A few small ones, but after last summer they seem to jump on them right away so far.

I do have to say, there has been trouble with "critters" so far this summer. Twice now I have had to "intervene" with black bears making a B line across the donkey paddock, strait to the barns. I try to react quickly as possible and quite harshly to that kind of bad behavior. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Otherwise looking forward to the long weekend. July 1, is Canada Day (151 years) Picnic at the local community hall. If we don't go there we will go to the big picnic in the city park. Tent foods, music, vendors of all sort. May be both, but not crazy about the crowds at the city park. Last year for CA 150 was crazy crowds. Hope not so much this year.
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