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Old 08-08-2018, 09:09 PM
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Default Ground Cherries.....

Earlier this year we made a major trip to the local green house. Sweetie and they all know one another by first names, preferences, and the like. They have a rewards points program of some kind when you buy plants. I think sweetie has a million dollars or so of points on record.

One thing I found in the green house was one 6 pack of little scruffy looking plants with a handmade label "Ground Cherry" Sweetie had never had them before.

I pounced on these plants and we got them for very little. Sweetie put them in the garden and I kinda sorta lost track of them. Today she said "when are these ready?" When the husk is brown dry paper and the berry is yellow orange.

So we picked about a coffee cup full. Got her to try one raw. Her reaction was "hey, that's interesting. We need more of these"

She immediately dedicated one or both of the old steel bath tubs we use in the garden for raised beds to this fruit. OK.. I'm good with that.

I remember these as a kid. (back in the olden days) They make a nice yellow earthy jam with tiny poppy/celery seed kind of seeds. EXTREMELY yummy.
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Old 08-08-2018, 10:10 PM
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Tim, I read that ground cherries were one of the seeds that pioneer folks took with them when they crossed the prairies and such. They knew that if they planted trees it would be years before they had any fruit to eat, so they took ground cherries with them and made pies and jellies and such with the berries. I have tried them with little luck, but the grandchildren would eat them before I got to them anyway. We CAN grow tomatillos so I know we could grow Aunt Molly's ground cherries if we really tried. Both my older sons have grown them here. My wife grew up in Iowa, and ground cherries are one of her fond memories from childhood.
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