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Renovating Barns, Sheds & Outbuildings
by Nick Engler

      Barns, sheds, garages, and storage buildings all age as houses do. And, like houses, they will eventually need renovation to save them from disrepair and to restore them to their former glory. And they can even be converted into spaces that are once again useful to their owners, including a storage area, a studio, or a home office.

      Readers will learn to save money, history, and architecture simply by renovating and restoring rather than by replacing their old outbuildings. From the foundation up, from the walls in, and from the roof down, craftsman Nick Engler, author of dozens of books and hundreds of magazine articles on woodworking, construction, and home how-to, takes readers through the process of renovating existing outbuildings.

      Engler gives seasoned advice on how to square and strengthen the structure, repair or replace the roofing and siding, enlarge and modify the building, install new doors and windows, and add electricity and plumbing. He also includes practical information on how to evaluate an old structure in light of current building codes and how to then preserve the original charm of any outbuilding while making it usable again.

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