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Timber Frame Construction
All About Post-and-Beam Building

by Jack Sobon and Roger Schroeder

      If you have only dreamed about the beauty of building with timbers, this book will open your eyes. It will convince you that this method is not only practical today for homes and other buildings, but often is less expensive than "stick building."

      Timber frame builder Jack Sobon and writer Roger Schroeder offer a book for builders as well as those wishing to have the work done for them.

      Here is practical how-to for both beginners and experienced carpenters who want to try this method. It offers:

  • The basics of timber framing.
  • How to design for strength and beauty.
  • How to combine modern tools and time-tested methods.
  • A starter project: How to build a 12 x 16 garden toolshed.
  • Dozens of illustrations and photos that make it all easy to understand.

      Book Review / Reader's Comments

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This item ships within 3 business days direct from the publisher.
It is not eligible for the 3 - 5 day shipping option.

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may take 1 to 2 weeks to ship.

Remember to add postage when you check out.

208 pages; 8 1/2" x 11"; Paperback #BU36 $19.95
Packaging, handling & postage charge applies to all shipments.

Review / Comments:

      The best place to start. I have bought probably 10 books on timber framing and ended up building my own 2000 sf timber frame barn. I went back to this book more than any other becasue it covers the basics so well.
      If you're looking to attempt a fairly straightforward project without any real complex joints or design, this is probably the only book you'll ever need - a great primer and a great basic reference.
       — A reader from Worthington, MA

      "Timber Frame Construction" provides a good basis of knowledge for the expeirenced builder intrested in learning post and beam joinery , from the history of the craft to tools and joints. I found the book a valuable source for my project.
       — A reader from Sechelt, BC Canada.

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