Making Bent Willow Furniture

Brenda & Brian Cameron

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Making traditional bent willow furniture doesn't get any easier than this!

Brenda Cameron's first experience with bent willow furniture came from the gypsies who camped on her grandfather's farm in Oklahoma. The pieces that they built and sold to the townsfolk were at once simple, practical, and yet beautiful. Thus was born her life-long love of this traditional, rustic craft. Now she and her husband, Brian, share that love and that craft with you.

Included are easy step-by-step instructions for making sturdy and rustically elegant chairs, beds, tables, and more. With a full understanding of the bent willow techniques taught in this book you will be able to design and craft your own future family heirlooms.

You'll find these and many more functional and attractive projects in Making Bent Willow Furniture:

  • Chair
  • Quilt ladder
  • Plant stand
  • Hanging baskets
  • Childrens' table and chair
  • Loveseat or porch swing
  • Bed headboard
  • Mirror frames
  • Log cabin planter box
  • Wheelbarrow plant stand
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144 pages; 8 x 9


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