Cookin' With Home Storage

Peggy Layton & Vickie Tate


Cookin'With Home Storage is a fascinating cookbook, written by two Mormon women with years of experience and expertise behind them for those people who look at all the cans of food in their basement and say, "what do I do with all this stuff". It will will show you how to incorporate stored food into your everyday life.

  • This book has a collection of over 550 favorite food storage recipes, many of them authentic pioneer recipes using very basic food storage items.
  • Dehydrated foods, how to reconstitute and cook with them.
  • Fascinating historical tips on pioneer living.
  • Home remedies that great grandma really used.
  • Household cleaners made at home.
  • Survival tips.
  • Hints and tips on using your food storage and incorporating it into your everyday diet.
  • How to put together a workable food storage program.
  • Charts on what to store, how to store, and how much food to store
Cookin' With Home Storage cover

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228 pages, 5 ½ x 8 ½

comb bound paperback

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