Gunfighting for Police: Advanced Tactics and Techniques

Massad Ayoob


StressFire is the result of Ayoob's years of research about what actually happens in gunfights. Learn how stress and adrenaline affect the mind and body, ruining conventional shooting techniques under pressure, and how new techniques actually feed off that pressure to make you perform better under stress!

Learn more than 30 techniques, many of them new, for coming out of a stress-shooting situation on top:

  • how to shoot 360ยบ without conscious foot movement
  • how to most effectively take out a target behind you, even on a stairway
  • and most important, how to develop mind control and fear control to master high stress shooting encounters.

StressFire is the only combat shooting method with a flowing, martial arts oriented system of techniques to deal with any armed contingency under stress, yet is the easiest and quickest of the "modern techniques" to master!

This title is currently on back order. The publisher has not indicated when it will again be available.

Stressfire cover

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