Root Cellaring

Natural Cold Storage of Fruits & Vegetables

Mike and Nancy Bubel


Root cellaring, as many people remember but only a few people still practice, is a way of using the earth's naturally cool, stable temperature to store perishable fruits and vegetables.

Root cellaring, as authors Mike and Nancy Bubel explain here, is a no-cost, simple, low-technology, energy-saving way to keep the harvest fresh all year long.

In Root Cellaring, the Bubels explain how to successfully use this natural storage approach. It's the first book devoted entirely to the subject, and their thoroughness makes it the only book you'll ever need on root cellaring.

Root Cellaring will tell you:

  • How to choose vegetable and fruit varieties that will store best.
  • Specific individual storage requirements for nearly 100 home garden crops.
  • How to use root cellars in the country, in the city, and in any environment.
  • How to build root cellars, indoors and out, big and small, plain and fancy.
  • Case histories - reports on the root cellaring techniques and experiences of many households all over North America.
Root Cellaring cover

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320 pages; 6 x 9


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