Raising a Calf for Beef

Special Section on Butchering

Phyllis Hobson


A freezer full of fine beef at half meet market costs (and much less than that if you raise the hay and grain too)? That's just one of the many rewards of raising your own beef calf!

Raising a Calf for Beef, delightfully illustrated by Paula Savastano and Cathy Baker, assesses first the pros and cons of raising a beef calf. It tells what's needed, with detailed chapters on:

  • Housing and pasture
  • Feeds (milk and calf starter mixtures)
  • Raising your own feed
  • Choosing a calf
  • Veterinarian help
  • Caring for the newborn calf (what to do everyday)
  • Weaning your calf
  • A barn medicine chest
  • Upsets you can treat and what to watch for
  • Keeping records
  • Fattening the calf
  • Butchering time
  • Your beef on the table

After you've raised your calf to 800-1000 pounds — or larger if you want — off he goes for butchering and packaging. For those who want to do this themselves, a special section is included on slaughtering, butchering, and cutting beef for the freezer. Each step is illustrated with special drawings or photographs.

It you're interested in raising a beef calf, Phyllis Hobson's clear and unique guide will tell you all you need to know.

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