Growing Chinese Vegetables In Your Own Backyard

A Complete Planting Guide for 40 Vegetables and Herbs, from Bok Choy and Chinese Parsley to Mung Beans and Water Chestnuts

Geri Harrington

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As grocery prices rise and people search for new sources of local food, the popularity of vegetable gardening is at a new high. At the same time, ongoing interest in Asian cuisine continues to fuel demand for fresh Chinese vegetables and herbs.

Growing Chinese Vegetables in Your Own Backyard addresses both interests with plant-by-plant advice on planting, growing, and harvesting more than 40 Chinese vegetables and herbs, from the familiar snow pea to the still exotic Chinese pumpkin. For every plant, the reader will also find simple recipes and tips for culinary uses. An extensive seed source list directs readers to reliable retailers for the primary plants and many delicious varieties.

Adding to their appeal, many Chinese herbs and vegetables are very easy to grow in containers as well as in traditional beds. Container gardeners will find a section dedicated to plants that thrive in containers and specific advice on how to keep plants healthy, happy, and productive in their small gardens.

Home vegetable gardeners looking for a new challenge will love the chapter on water gardens. Water chestnuts, taro, arrowhead, and Chinese lotus can be grown successfully in tubs as small as 25 gallons. Best of all, water gardens never need to be watered, mulched, or weeded.

In traditional beds, in containers, or in small pools, Chinese vegetables thrive in all sorts of backyard gardens.

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