Vertical Vegetables and Fruit

Creative Gardening Techniques for Growing Up in Small Spaces

Rhonda Massingham Hart


Do you have limited space and little time to garden? Try growing your food up.

In a very small footprint, you can take advantage of vertical acreage by planting vegetables and fruit that climb, ramble, and twine toward the sun. Small, contained spaces also minimize weeding and pest control and maximize your harvest.

Begin with peas and beans, the stars of climbing vines, and then explore the vertical possibilities of other popular garden foods:

  • Grow tomatoes in a hanging planter; pick them off the dangling vines
  • Train cucumbers along the sloping sides of an A-frame trellis
  • Tie melon vines to a fence and use slings to cradle the heavy fruit
  • Weave sweet potato vines through a trellis; enjoy the foliage as a decorative plant and dig the potatoes for dinner
  • Confine sprawling squash plants to a tepee instead of having them take over valuable garden space
Vertical Vegetables and Fruit cover

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