Christmas Trees

Growing and Selling Trees, Wreaths, and Greens

Lewis Hill

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Money does grow on trees, and Christmas Trees is the essential equipment for anyone who wishes to gain the pleasure and profit of growing and selling trees, wreaths, and greens.

Author Lewis Hill, an experienced and skilled tree grower himself, begins with the very basics -- providing valuable insights on how to choose the best land and the best tree species to grow on that land.

You will learn how to:

  • Plan for continuous, efficient growth, including interplanting, natural seeding, and stump culture.
  • Care for your crop throughout the growing cycle, from planting and pruning, right through harvesting.
  • Propagate your own plants and collect wild seedlings.
  • Select the proper equipment for the nature and scope of your planting.
  • Handle problems dealt by weather, pests and diseases, and animals.
  • Find wholesale and retail markets, maintain a steady supply, deal with tree buyers, advertise and price, and maintain records and plan for taxes.

An attractive and lucrative side business to that of growing trees is selling greens, roping, and wreaths. Hill shares his experiences with planting and managing a greens orchard, processing greens for both wholesale and retail markets, and making wreaths, sprays, and centerpieces by hand as well as with the aid of wreath-making machines.

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