Mountainman Crafts and Skills

A Fully Illustrated Guide to Wilderness Living and Survival

2nd Edition

David Montgomery


The definitive guide to all aspects of wilderness living and survival.

Filled with valuable information for hobbyists, survival enthusiasts, family campers—and everyone who enjoys outdoor life, Mountainman Crafts and Skills, Second Edition is your essential illustrated guide to wilderness living and survival. Instructions on how to make your own clothing, shelter, and equipment are all covered in step-by-step detail through illustrations by the author himself. You will also learn how to make and use hunting tools and utensils, wild game traps, mountainman clothing, powder flasks and horns, tents, deer-horn jewelry, and much more.

Wilderness survival skills are also covered, with instruction geared at both novice and expert. You will learn how to tan hides, shoot with black powder, make a fire, and cook a hearty meal with only the barest of essentials. Rich in mountainman historical lore, from descriptions of f oods and living habits to campfire yarns, Mountainman Crafts and Skills, Second Edition is your essential guide to the great outdoors.

Mountainman Crafts and Skills cover

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240 pages; 6 x 9


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