Sex and Sins in the Cemetery

John Silveira


Contains more than 70 of John Silveira's poems about love, work and death...poems so stark and accessable you will discover that he is revealing things about you as well as himself.

Warning: Some of the poems are explicit and could not be published in BHM.

Selections from
Sex And Sins In The Cemetery

It Was The Last Great American Love Affair

A couple sat on a park bench,
Too far from me
To hear.
She put her hand
Upon his leg,
And I thought he was going to cry.

She left.


Motes of dust
My daughter saw
And asked,
"What kind of light
Is that
That sparkles?"
As a ray of sunshine
Fell upon the floor.
"Just dust?"
She asked
At my reply,
"Just dust,"
I repeated.
She turned
And I
Watched her
As the wonder
From her eye.
Just dust.


One told me
My poems hurt her.
I didn't apologize.

Another begged me
Not to write about her.
I didn't respond.

A third read about us in bed
And asked,
Isn't anything sacred?
I was honest.
I said, no.


She had a moat
Around her heart,
Filled with things that had
And no bridges crossed it.
I went to the edge,
Knowing full well
The danger of falling in,
And looked over the side anyway.
There were no survivors there.
The water looked
Warm and inviting.
I could see what drew men there.
I don't have to tell you
What happened

Sex and Sins in the Cemetery cover

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