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In General

The Backwoods Home Magazine Readers' Forum is free for use by web site visitors. All are welcome to read the posted messages. However, anyone wishing to respond or to post new messages must Register as explained below.

After you Register, you will be sent an email with a link you must follow in order to verify your email address. All new Registrations must be approved by the administrator.


Participants are free to discuss any and all topics of interest to self-reliant people. We require that everyone keep their comments within the bounds of civility and good taste.

Very Important!

As noted above, when you Register, you will receive an email with a link you must follow. Your Registration will not be submitted for approval unless you follow the link in the email.

Many visitors to the web site now use, or are contemplating using, one of the many services that "screen out" spam by generating a "test" email that requires the sender of the original email to respond to the "test" in a certain way, or visit their web site and type in a certain code, in order to verify the email is not spam.

We are sorry, but we are NOT able to comply with such requests.

If you use, or plan to use one of these services, or if your email program or ISP has built in spam screening, you MUST add to your "allowed" or "permitted" or "white" list in order to receive your verification email.

Forum Registration

Registration takes less than a minute and requires you to select a Username and password and to provide a valid email address as noted above. (You may elect to hide your email address from other people in the forum.)

Please Note - Usernames and passwords are CasE SensAtiVe, which means capitalization is important. For example: If you chose the Username "PaulA" it must always be entered that way. "paulA, PAULA, Paula, etc., would not be acccepted.

You may also change your email address in your Member Control Panel, but if you do, the Forum will mail you a new link which you must follow before the Forum will let you post messages. You must keep your email address current as we will occasionally send notices and such to all members. If the email is returned as Undeliverable, we will assume you have abandoned the account and it will be demoted to Inactive or deleted.


You understand that using the Forum is a privilege, not a right. Violation of any Forum rules is grounds for revocation of privileges. We are the sole judge of whether a violation has been committed.

Gratuitous profanity, hate, bigotry, character assassination of other members and other such stupidity is not permitted. If in doubt, don't do it.

Business use of the Forum is not permitted. Period.

If it becomes necessary to ban you from the Forum or Chat Room, you grant us permission to contact your ISP to report you, if we, in our sole judgement, decide to do so. We do not want to ban anyone. Please observe the rules and everyone will be happy.

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