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Backwoods Home Magazine will cease publishing the print magazine with the November/December 2017 issue. Instead, we will publish exclusively on Kindle. We will continue printing books and other anthologies from our office.
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Say goodbye to America’s best self-reliance magazine by subscribing to the remaining four PRINT issues of Backwoods Home Magazine — they are going to be great! To read more about this, please visit www.backwoodshome.com/saying-goodbye-to-backwoods-home-magazine.

For $24, you can get the final four issues (#165, #166, #167, #168) delivered right to your mailbox

***Please allow 6-8 weeks to get your first issue. We are a bi-monthly magazine.***

We would like to encourage you to subscribe to Backwoods Home on Kindle and get a free 30-day trial — cancel anytime!

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