The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible

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Discover Ed Smith’s Total Gardening System. It’s the Last W-O-R-D in Vegetable Gardening!

WIDE ROWS are easier to tend and provide a bigger yield per square foot. You’ll get up to four times more delicious vegetables!

ORGANIC METHODS are better for you, your garden, and the earth. They really work, so you’ll have fewer pests and diseases!

RAISED BEDS mean soil that drains better and warms up faster in the spring. The result is bigger, healthier, and better vegetables!

DEEP SOIL provides a reservoir of nutrients and moisture that encourages root growth while producing the best harvest ever!

For more than a decade, this bestselling title has helped countless gardeners produce bountiful harvests of organic vegetables.

Now, Ed Smith is back with a thoroughly revised and updated second edition, including coverage of 15 additional vegetables; an expanded section on salad greens; more attention to European and Asian vegetables; growing information on more fruits and herbs; new cultivar photographs; a much-requested section on extending the growing season into the winter months; and more.

No vegetables are healthier, fresher, less expensive, or more local than the ones you grow in your own back yard. The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible will show you how.

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