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Issue #134: March/April 2012


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This issue features:


  • Medicinal uses of garlic by Joe and Amy Alton
  • Keep your family comfortable and safe on the go by Annie Schap
  • Homestead burnout — what it is and how to avoid it by Jackie Clay-Atkinson


  • Build a small cabin by Dorothy Ainsworth

Independent energy

  • Portable solar power by Jeffrey R. Yago

Farm and garden

  • The gourmet trinity: garlic, shallots, and looks by Gail Butler
  • Potatoes — the workhorse of the garden by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

Doom and gloom

  • A brief history of the end of the world by Claire Wolfe
  • Zombie Apocalypse by John Silveira


  • Mother Nature’s pottery by Bernadette Fox

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