Issue #137: September/October 2012


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This issue features:


  • Meat for the homestead by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
  • Animal disease traceability by Patrice Lewis
  • Journey to the backwoods, part 5 by David Lee
  • Closing wounds in a remote setting by Joe and Amy Alton

Alternative energy

  • Prepper power! Part 2 by Jeff Yago, P.E., CEM

Farm and garden

  • The potato hole by Sylvia Gist
  • Build a simple DIY hoop house by Vern Harris

Food and recipes

  • Easy homemade dairy products by Maggie Howe
  • Pickling — it’s not just for cucumbers by Jackie Clay-Atkinson


  • How public-employee unions torpedo a state’s economy by John Silveira

Making a Living

  • Wilson and Chaya Foedus: Pantry Paratus
  • The Featherman: Chicken processing equipment by Claire Wolfe

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