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Issue #151: January/February 2015

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This issue features:


  • 10 traits for better living by Claire Wolfe
  • Everfree Farm’s new coop by Annie Tuttle
  • The homesteader’s toolbox by R.E. Rawlinson
  • Air power superiority by Gary Lewis
  • Economizing on laundry by David Olsen
  • Tanning snakeskins by Frank H. Knebel
  • Make your own froe & split your own shakes by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
  • Ebola: Should we be worried? by John Silveira
  • Survival infection control by Joe Alton, M.D.


  • Build a compost tumbler by Joe Mooney

Alternative energy

  • Solar power on a low budget by Joel Simon

Farm and garden

  • Raise pigs on pasture by Samantha Biggers
  • Growing your own hay by Jackie Clay-Atkinson

Food and recipes

  • Emergency food storage by Dan Furtney
  • The big, wonderful world of rice by Linda Gabris
  • Make sourdough with wild yeast by Leah Leach


  • Barns: The centerpieces of farm life by Tom Kovach

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