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Issue #153: May/June 2015


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This issue features:


  • Shed antlers for fun and profit by Gary Lewis
  • Building Will’s “Tornado Clucker Plucker” by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
  • Insect bites by Joe Alton
  • Easy-to-make reusable coffee filters by Angeline Hawkes


  • Gabion walls for form and function by Joe Mooney

Alternative energy

  • Solar charge controllers ” myths, hype, and facts by Jeffrey R. Yago, P.E., CEM

Food and recipes

  • Burdock candy by Setanta O’Ceillaigh
  • Creative casserole cuisine by Linda Gabris
  • Make your own maple sugar by Rheanna Leckie


  • The great American BB gun by John Dinan

Farm and garden

  • How to grow great carrots by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
  • Make tomato supports with branches by Setanta O’Ceillaigh
  • Perennial flowers by Alice Brantley Yeager
  • Cultivating soil for beginners by Tom Kovach
  • Growing corn on a rubble pile by Setanta O’Ceillaigh
  • Product Review: Haywire Klamper by Patrice Lewis

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