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Issue #156: November/December 2015


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This issue features:


  • The off-grid cabin project, part 2 by Charles Sanders
  • Cut it, pile it, burn it by Justin Thaxton
  • Emergency lighting by Rich Goss


  • Build your own fire pit by Joe Mooney
  • Turning a $10,000 house into a home, part 2 by Claire Wolfe
  • Build a dock in winter by Matt McEachran
  • Our barn-style bedroom by Kimberly Hansen
  • Build a wood crib with free materials by Mark R. Roach
  • Build a stone boat by R.E. Rawlinson

Food and recipes

  • Dehydrating eggs at home by Patrice Lewis
  • Easy, no-knead bread by Melissa Souza
  • Tea takes the chill out of winter by Linda Gabris
  • Warming holiday tea by Melissa Souza
  • Make a reusable tea bag by Angeline Hawkes
  • Make your own milk kefir by Jereme Zimmerman
  • Home coffee roasting by A.J. Reissig

Farm and garden

  • Redeeming the sale barn goat by Karen M. House

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