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Issue #160: July/August 2016


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This issue features:


  • The adventures of a first-time homesteader by Jessie Denning
  • Splitting wood the right way by David Williams
  • Processing freshwater fish by John Murray
  • Bed bugs and fleas by Joe Alton, MD


  • Make your own cheese press by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
  • Build a makeshift compost commode by Setanta O’Ceillaigh


  • Power your bug-out bag by Jeffrey Yago, P.E., CEM

Food and recipes

  • Make your own pressed cheese by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
  • Simple pectin-free blueberry jam by Melissa Souza
  • Old-fashioned corn recipes by Linda Gabris
  • Fully utilize your corn by Jennifer Poindexter
  • Make simplified country wine by Robert Van Putten
  • Cooking with coconut by Habeeb Salloum

Farm and garden

  • Goats: The homesteader’s Swiss Army knife by Jereme Zimmerman
  • Attract bees to your garden by Gail Butler
  • Chicken egg anomalies by Patrice Lewis
  • Woodchuck-proof the garden by Setanta O’Ceillaigh

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