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Issue #167: September/October 2017


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This issue features:


  • Your survival depends on water by Jackie Clay-Atkinson
  • My zero waste experiment by Patrice Lewis
  • The truth about DIY laundry soap by Destiny Hagest
  • Everyday carry: A “frontline” survival kit by Bob Grundman


  • Off-grid retreat — putting it all together, part 2 by Jeffrey R. Yago

Food and Recipes

  • Making apple pectin by Kristina Seleshanko


  • Why the world needs capitalism by John Silveira

Farm and garden

  • Solutions for common apple tree problems by Sylvia Gist
  • How to slaughter and butcher a goat by Jereme Zimmerman
  • How to grow garlic by Melissa Souza
  • Growing, harvesting, and storing potatoes by Charles Sanders

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