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Issue #178: Oct/Nov/Dec 2019


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This issue features 100 pages of:


Advice from second-time homesteaders

By Don and Patrice Lewis

Amateur ham radio — the ultimate tool for survival communications

By Jeffrey R. Yago, N4LPE

Breaking ground on grouse — from bagging to baking

By Linda Gabris

Keeping tools sharp

By Dana Benner

The basics of root cellaring

By Patrice Lewis

Use less sugar! How to reduce — or eliminate — added sugar in home preservation

By Kristina Seleshanko

Farm and garden

Improvised gardening for less than ideal conditions

By Lisa Nourse

Crazy about kale: How to grow, harvest, and prepare this versatile autumn vegetable

By Cheri Jones

Food and recipes

Turning to turmeric

By Habeeb Salloum

Thrifty soups from the Old World

By Linda Gabris

Homemade crackers

By Lorinda McKinnon


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