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Issue #180: Apr/May/June 2020

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This issue features 116 pages of:

Farm and garden

How to become a backyard beekeeper
By Sheri Jones

Growing and using horseradish
By Haley Nourse

Grow some versatile corn in your garden this year
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

Tea for the garden
By Lisa Nourse

Cloning tomato plants for a jumpstart on spring
By Lisa Nourse

Food and recipes

Good eating from the pea patch
By Linda Gabris

The healthy and tantalizing pomegranate
By Habeeb Salloum

Making homemade ketchup
By Charles Sanders


How safe is your electric fence?
By Eloise Twining

Livestock fencing for the small homesteader, part 2
By Don Lewis

Build a traditional wooden smokehouse
By Steve Maxwell

How to use a smokehouse
By Steve Maxwell


The COVID-19 pandemic: What you should know
By Joe Alton, M.D.

Combating ticks
By Dana Benner


Farm baseball … with ghost runners
By Tom Kovach

By Julia Nunnally Duncan

Making a living

Supplement your income by writing about your homestead
By Jereme Zimmerman


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