Home Back Issues Issue #181: July/Aug/Sept 2020

Issue #181: July/Aug/Sept 2020

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This issue features 116 pages of:

Farm and garden

Mid-season planting
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

Raising rabbits for food and sale
By Allen Easterly

A few tips for hatching eggs and starting chicks
By Brandon Mitchell

Avoid these nine common gardening mistakes
By Kristina Seleshanko

Food and recipes

Sourdough simplified
By Jim Capossela

Capturing wild yeast
By Dawn Lamoureux-Crocker

Getting started with lactofermentation
By Haley Nourse

Simple, one-gallon beer brewing
By Jereme Zimmerman


Composite lumber helps outdoor projects resist water, weather, and sun
By Steve Maxwell

Build a great outhouse
By Robert Maxwell


Foraging edible wild plants
By Linda Gabris

Making a living

Welcome to Gail’s Garden: Starting your own home-based cottage industry
By Gail Butler

10 tips for selling your homemade product
By Lisa Nourse

Growing for sale
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

Earning money from home
By Patrice Lewis


How did COVID-19 originate?
By Joe Alton, M.D.

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