Secrets of Plant Propagation

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Plant Propagation?

That’s starting your own flower and vegetables, inside and out. It’s raising shrubs and trees for your property, creating your own orchard — even growing many houseplants from one.

Here are just a few of the results you can expect:

  • Raise the best tomato plants.
  • Grow your own Christmas trees.
  • Offer the finest of gifts — houseplants.
  • Avoid buying expensive shrubs; start your own.
  • Plant those hard-to-find flowers, perennials, and annuals, at little or no cost.

But is it expensive?

Definitely not. You don’t need a greenhouse or costly equipment. You can do a lot with a couple of fluorescent bulbs. Seeds are cheap, some are free. As for shrubs, trees, and houseplants, Lewis Hill explains how to collect, rather than buy, the materials you’ll need.

It’s fun, can be profitable, and, with the help of Lewis Hill plus the many illustrations in this book, is easy. Beginners will learn from step one; those more advanced will discover new techniques and find tips to improve their results.

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