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  1. For every idiot that makes the news after they go on a shooting spree maybe there should be equal time given the law abiding citizen, CCW or not, who has gone above and beyond in the defence of intended innocent victims. Hey! Maybe we should even get a discount on ammo. Yeah, right. Probably not…

  2. Mass, just because she has earned a masters and is teaching at a university does not mean she is not stupid. At one time what she has done had some value but in today’s institutions of higher learning, not so much. She may have been one of our “no child left behind” graduates. When teachers are prevented from requiring students to study and turn in homework to get a grade, then graduation from a school doesn’t have much meaning. As Forest said”Stupid is as Stupid does”.

    • Colleges and Universities are nothing more than indoctrination centers for the promotion of liberal/leftist ideology….too many folks graduating with worthless degrees and left saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt…..I know of one fellow who holds a masters degree in political science and later went back to school at a jr. college to earn a certificate and now works at a local Walgreens as a pharmacy tech.

  3. What did expect, the left is coming for our guns. The reason is will make it easier to impose their will on is.

  4. Unfortunately, the ignorance or malice (it’s difficult to distinguish sometimes) of the anti-Rights people never ceases to amaze me. It’s not like someone has to go to so obscure reference room in a library’s basement to find out the facts about firearms and ammo.

  5. Mas – It is not malice. It is ideological fanaticism. Let me repeat the point that I made in a blog comment back on January 1st:

    “Left-wing ideology is based upon the idealization of man, and man-kind, as innately GOOD. Mankind as righteous in his pure, native form. This leads to the rejection of any concept of an external God or objective morality. Instead, leftists literally worship themselves. Humanity is their God-Head and Big Government (the personification of ultimate human power) is their Church.

    Leftist ideology ultimately leads to the suppression of the Rights of the individual in favor of the collective Rights of humanity as expressed by the all-powerful State.

    In other words, Leftists believe that the Utopian level of existence for mankind is to live in a society where the all-powerful Central Government (acting as a benevolent version of Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’) brings peace and prosperity to the downtrodden masses. The wise Shepherd to the lost and incompetent herds of sheep. You can see that this was, ultimately, the idea behind Communism which seeks to control every aspect of life from the economy (via 5-Year Plans), to education, food-production, housing, security, etc.

    Such a belief system cannot tolerate people living as individuals free of Big Government Control. It cannot tolerate any level of power that is independent of the Leftist-controlled Central Government. As free and independent Americans who own guns and take responsibility for our own security, we are ‘out-of-control’. We are, so to speak, off the reservation. No leftist can tolerate this state of affairs for an instant.

    From the Leftist point-of-view, the best way to bring these ‘rogue independent Gun-Owners’ back under control and force them ‘onto the Reservation’ is to disarm them. The true purpose of Gun Control is disarmament of the population so as to institute total control over the population. As they say, “It is not about the ‘Guns’, it is about ‘Control’.”

    Given the points that I made above, it is easy to see the motivation behind this proposed tax: Disarmament of the Population. The gun-grabbers have always had the policy that anything that burdens and discourages firearm ownership, and the shooting sports, is a positive GOOD. They want to destroy the culture of gun-ownership, not only in America, but worldwide.

    Owning firearms and using them is a sin from the leftist point-of-view. The use of “Sin Taxes” to discourage certain behaviors, frowned upon by the All-Powerful Government, is a well-worn strategy by American lawmakers. This is no different.

    Raising the price on ammunition, by imposing very high taxes, is a very practical method of undercutting the shooting sports and discouraging target shooting. It will have zero effect on crime but the Leftists (literally) do not “give a damn” about that. Its presentation as a crime control method is a bald-faced lie. Its true purpose is to suppress the sale of ammunition to shooters by artificially raising the price.

    Again, this tax is not motivated by malice nor is it mean-spirited. Rather, it is an action taken to advance the radical Left-Wing worldview. It is left-wing social engineering designed as just one more step to disarm the American Public so that they can ultimately be forced back onto the Leftist Reservation and placed under the Leftist thumb.

  6. In my home state of Oregon there is a proposed law, SB 501, that takes anti-gun legislation to a new low. It is so insidious that it virtually outlaws the sale of almost all firearms, e.g., those that have a five-round magazine capacity or greater.

    Other firearms restrictions in the bill include: Obtaining a permit before purchasing a gun, raising the legal age to purchase a gun to 21, limiting the amount of ammo one can buy in a month to 20 rounds, and other onerous tasks. For more details, see

    • Your right, but these leftist clowns are allowed by voters to go right back to being in office. Neto’s, office texted me right after I got to Texas, they wanted to know if I could be counted on as a supporter.

      They, actually believe in their regressive party as something new, instead of a failure. They own the networks. They are useful idiots.

      They may feel we don’t know any better. Oh well.

  7. I never cease to be amazed at the complete ability of the left to remain straight faced while proposing their new gun laws that are supposed to help make innocent people safer while actually they will do just the opposite. The thing that all of the gun laws that they propose have in common is that they don’t do anything to the criminal, but they affect only the law abiding citizen. And they think that we don’t see it, which is truly amazing.
    Keep calling them out on their foolish proposals, it is important that the public sees it too. Shine the light on the cockroaches, and maybe we can get them to scatter.

    • For the Left, it’s all about being totally safe at all times in all places and circumstances, even though some of them must suspect that’s impossible. Still, they persevere in their foolish quest, congratulating themselves for their self-righteousness, and making sure all of us are punished in the process.

  8. I’m trying to think of labels to make her look bad. She is asking for a way to make the government even richer. That makes her GREEDY.

    Businessmen are accused of being greedy, how come no one ever suggests we have a greedy government? They force us to pay taxes, and then spend the money on wasteful, or even harmful things. We are actually paying for our own destruction. That is devilishly brilliant.

    Does the greedy politician want to make it more difficult for single mothers to practice shooting so they can defend their children? Then that greedy politician is harming children!

    The Left calls those of us on the Right “racist” a lot. Why don’t we call them “baby-killers” from now on?

  9. ” . . . which can first be attributed to stupidity.”

    I’m a big fan of education, learning and having the discipline to learn are all good. (Btw & FWIW, I personally hated school.) And education has lead to social advancement for millions. Even just basic literacy and numeracy are the basis of a free society.

    But from personal experience I can safely state that just because someone has degree level qualifications, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be as daft as a brush and/or as thick as two short planks!

  10. This is just one more in a long line of hand-wringing “we have to do something” responses. Why not just try enforcing existing laws.

    • Why not just try enforcing existing laws?

      Simple: Existing laws require the government to send their agents after criminals, many of whom have lengthy records of violent offenses.

      IOW, it would be dangerous.

      Alternatively, they can make new laws which affect law-abiding people who have no criminal records and no established penchant for violence. Enforcing laws against them is infinitely safer, and still keeps the prisons full.

      Besides which, criminals, if given the opportunity to vote, overwhelmingly vote Democrat. Why would Leftists imprison their supporters when they could instead imprison their opponents?

  11. Gun-owning and freedom-loving Americans face several challenges. The liberal/socialist governments, that control states like New York, have made it clear that they will be punishing those that do not share their ideology. Gun restrictions and the legalization of post-birth abortion (i.e., murder) are just two examples. Legalizing the murder of infants born alive was wildly celebrated in Albany. And the victory was symbolized by lighting pink the spire of One World Trade Center.

    I believe that these actions are motivated by anger and resentment. The socialist movement despises this country, one that they believe is rooted in racism and inequality. Anyone who resembles the founders- in appearance, word, or deed- needs to be punished for the “sins” of the past. You will either live like we socialists tell you to live, or you will be dealt with accordingly.

    With respect to the Second Amendment, I believe that far too many “non-gun” folks have little to no understanding of gun culture, gun laws, and threats to our freedom. The socialist agenda and their disinformation campaign is not only promoted by those that “identify” as Democrats, but by most media outlets as well. Add to that the complete ineffectiveness of the Republican Party: they seemingly refuse to act on promoting and/or restoring gun rights despite campaign promises (e.g., reciprocity); and they do little to combat the disinformation about guns and the Second Amendment that is routinely provided to the public. A poorly-informed voting population sets the occasion for the continued election of anti-gun lawmakers.

    I think that our gun rights can be protected and expanded under an umbrella of a broader “freedom” movement. Future elected officials will be those that align themselves with policies that result in economic prosperity, opportunity, and safety- all of which can be directly experienced by most Americans (are you better off now than you were four years ago?). These results have historically been related to policies rooted in the principles of our country’s founding and NOT in socialism.

    But such future leaders must not be afraid to speak against the hostile media and socialist Democrats. We have far too many RINOS now…and it would seem a broad grassroots effort to replace them is needed. We are in the midst of what seems to be a civil war, and it promises to be a long slog. We need people that are smart and tough to lead and conduct the fight (legally and non-violently, of course). It will be challenging, but it is doable…and it certainly is worth it.

    • @Vin: I agree with every point except one. The real socialists — the ones calling the shots — don’t truly believe that this country is rooted in racism or inequality. Those are just excuses they use because they resonate among LIVs (low-information voters), who remain low-information largely because the Left controls the media outlets.

      Seriously, how is all that “White Privilege” working for South African farmers?

      It’s easier to scream “Racist!” than to argue policies on their merits. Because the Left’s preferred policies have little merit, arguing that way is a losing proposition, and they know it.

      To borrow from a bit of political/legal advice: If the facts are on your side, pound the facts. If history is on your side, pound the history. If neither is on your side, pound your opponents while screaming about racism and inequality.

      • Archer,

        You are right. The original Communists in Europe used class warfare to divide the people. It was the rich against the poor, business owners against the workers. That worked in Russia in 1917, but that type of division doesn’t work in America.

        The “poor” in America don’t hate the rich, they ape the rich. In fact, true poverty does not exist in America, only relative poverty. No one starves here, quite the opposite.

        So, the Communists in America had to figure out another way to divide us. They try black against white, minority against majority, women against men (you know, women in America are soooooo oppressed), and in the 1960s it was the young against the old. It is simply the old tactic, divide and conquer.

        True Communists know they won’t create a utopia in America, but if they rule like Castro, it will be a utopia for them.

      • Archer and Roger Willco – Both of your comments, above, are very insightful. Indeed, the cynical, leftist politicians don’t really believe that they can create a utopia for everybody. That kind of talk is just “Propaganda” to be sold to the “Useful Idiots” among the masses.

        However, they know very well how to increase their own wealth and power and how to create a utopia for themselves. The way to do so is to keep the people divided against one another so that they won’t wake up and then gang up against the cynical, political ruling class.

        Divide and conquer. In today’s America, this means divide the people with identity politics and tribal hatred and then conquer them by playing on their fears of tomorrow and their greed for a better life by selling them a package of false delusions. Delusions that range from the Russian Hoax to the destruction of the world by climate change to the Utopian wonders of Socialism and the fantastic benefits of Firearms Prohibition (AKA Gun Control).

        The leftist politicians know that a divided and deluded people will be under their control. The reins will be in the hands of the leftist elite. The elites will have their utopia. To Hell with the everybody else!

  12. Intelligence and common sense do not always go together. Ideology frequently triumphs over both. Not to whip an abused horse, but some folks often seem somewhat disconnected to the real world.

    • @ WR Moore – The problem is that humans, as a species, are insane. Please note that I am not engaging in mere hyperbole in making the above statement. I am deadly serious.

      The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) tells us that 18.3 % of the American population (about 1 in 5 individuals) suffers from some kind of mental health issue and that, in the case of 4.2% of the population (about 1 in 24 individuals) the issues are serious. See this link:

      Unfortunately, alarming as the above statistics are, they are still a gross under-reporting of insanity. This is because the NIMH compiles statistics only for cases of INDIVIDUAL mental illness. The NIMH completely neglects cases of mass hysteria and cases where entire societies become consumed with mass delusions. Yet, mass insanity is quite commonplace among humans. If anyone doubts this, then I recommend that they purchase a copy of “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” by Charles MacKay. It is available from Amazon.

      This book was written in 1841 so it is a bit dated. It does not include more recent popular delusions such as Communism, Alcohol Prohibition, Nazism, or the market bubble leading to the Great Depression. Nor does it include the many genocides that have been birthed since 1841 such as the various communist genocides, the Nazi Holocaust nor the 1994 Rwandan genocide where hundreds of thousands of men, women and children were chopped up with machetes. See this link for a more complete list:

      When incidents of group insanity are considered, along with individual cases of mental health problems, one is forced to the conclusion that I stated above. That humans, as a species, are insane and that the individual human who is grounded and firmly sane, all the time, is actually in the minority among humankind.

      In fact, episodes of mass insanity occur at regular intervals in all human populations and these reoccurring episodes are responsible, in large measure, for much of the wars, violence and bloodshed that has occurred throughout human history.

      What does this have to do with the topic under discussion? Just this. The United States is, unfortunately, entering another period of mass insanity. A radical form of Left-Wing “Group-think” has seized the minds of a significant portion of the American population. This popular delusion has been nicknamed “Trump Derangement Syndrome” by some people but it actually goes far beyond just a hatred of President Trump. Alarmingly, large sections of the population including most of the news media, Democratic Party Legislators, most people in higher education, much of Hollywood and many business leaders (especially Tech businesses) are now certifiably insane. They are in the grip of a mass, popular, left-wing delusion and I greatly fear, based upon the worldwide history of such episodes of mass insanity, that rivers of blood will be shed before the American population comes back to their senses.

      Scientists, in an expression of ego, have assigned the formal name of “Homo Sapiens” (Wise Man) to our species. In looking at the vast amount of unnecessary bloodshed which stains the whole course of human history, this is obviously a misnomer. I propose that our species be renamed “Homo Insanus”.

      • TN_MAN,

        You hit the bull’s eye with that comment. Consider that some Americans think socialism/big government solutions are the way to go, despite their historical abject failures. Why can’t these people see what is going on in Venezuela RIGHT NOW! Oh yeah, they could make it work if we only gave them enough power and money.

        As a prepper, I see many threats. One thing that doesn’t bother me at all is climate change. Consider that there are people out there who think we can predict/control/influence the climate. I am not qualified to judge, but I suspect these people are succumbing to a mass delusion.

        My favorite professor said, God is light. When you turn away from the light, there is only darkness, whichever direction you choose. Of course, Atheists believe Theists are deluded. One thing we can all agree on is entropy, everything tends toward decay.

      • @ Roger Willco – Yes, Climate Change is one of the delusions currently being peddled by the Left. In fact, the Left is not pushing a single delusion but, rather, has bundled together a set of delusions which they are pushing as a group deal. Some of these delusions, like Communism/Socialism and Firearms Prohibition (AKA Gun Control), are leftist delusions of long-standing. Others, like Climate Change and the Russian Hoax, are of more recent manufacture.

        You need to understand that all human mass-delusions are driven by the twin emotions of Fear and Greed. This has long been recognized in the case of Stock Market Bubbles. Greed acts to drive stock prices to unreasonable heights, thereby creating the bubble, and then Fear comes along and pricks the bubble causing the resulting stock market crash.

        What is not so well recognized is that these same emotions are universal and act in all cases of popular delusions and mass insanity. Typically, cynical politicians will play upon these emotions to enhance their own wealth and power. However, the “Useful Idiots” in the general population truly believe in the delusions peddled by the politicians and sometimes drive things out-of-control.

        For example, the delusion of Communism/Socialism is driven by the Fear of capitalism / capitalist oppression and by a greed for the promised “Workers Paradise” utopia. Nazism was driven by the Fear of Jews and their capitalist/banking power and by a greed for a German / Aryan world-order that was promised to last “for a thousand years”.

        Alcohol Prohibition was driven by the fear of the social problems associated with drunkenness. These problems were greatly inflated by the politicians pushing prohibition. It was also driven by the promised utopia that would result when alcohol, and all its associated ills, were eliminated from society. Firearms Prohibition is a sister to alcohol prohibition. It combines a fear of “Gun Violence” with a promised, non-violent utopia which is supposed to result when all those “Evil Guns” are eliminated.

        Climate change, and its supposed destruction of the world (in 10, 20, 50, or whatever number of years), is part of the “Fear” package that is being used by our current crop of cynical Leftist politicians. This fear is combined with whipped-up fears of Racism, Sexism, Nationalism plus a bunch of other “isms”. The greed side of the equation is being fulfilled by the usual promises of a “Social Justice” and “Economic” utopia which will be created by adoption of the Leftist agenda.

        So, this is nothing new. In the middle ages, the Church used fear of the Devil and the promised utopia of Heaven to fuel the inquisition and to torture and burn tens of thousands of people as “Witches” and “Werewolves”. Today, the Left has replaced the devil with Donald Trump and heaven with their promised socialist utopia. It is probably just a matter of time before some on the left will want to torture Conservatives and then burn them at the stake. Some of the “Useful Idiots” in Black Lives Matter and Antifa are probably already there! Heck, Robert Mueller is already acting as “Grand Inquisitor” and has a modern version of the inquisition in operation. He continues to target supporters of President Trump.

        Ah, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Technology may have advanced since the Middle Ages, but humans are still up to the same kinds of foolishness and folly! 🙂

  13. While there are clearly dupes in the anti-self defense movement, being a dupe is a choice. So my opinion of all these people-masterminds and dupes alike-is that they are evil.

  14. Besides Gilchrest the fact that a child like Alexandra Occasionally Constipated can be elected to Congress shows the desperate state that exists. The only solution beside educating people about the reality of responsible gun ownership is to mobilize the VOTE.