About Us

About Us

Backwoods Home Magazine (BHM) became a digital-only magazine beginning with their January/February 2018 issue. It is published exclusively on Amazon’s Kindle platform, but several articles from each issue are available free on this website.

For 28 years prior to 2018, BHM was a print magazine, and we still offer for sale 27 large print anthologies covering all 28 years. These anthologies are 8½ by 11-inch books, about 350-360 pages each. Each anthology covers a year’s worth of issues, except for the first one, titled The Best of the First Two Years, which is a 480-page book covering our first two years’ worth of print issues.

We will continue to publish new print anthologies in the future. Each December, we’ll offer a print anthology covering the previous year’s worth of digital issues. If you’d like to be notified when a new print anthology is available for purchase, please send your email address to customer-service@backwoodshome.com.

These anthologies, by the way, contain a wealth of well-researched, well-written self-reliance, preparedness, and homesteading information. BHM has become, by default, the modern day Foxfire-type series of books. They are also relatively inexpensive to buy in the BHM Store.

Also in the BHM Store, we sell a variety of homesteading, canning, preparedness, and recipe books, plus books on raising various types of livestock. We also have a comprehensive DVD containing our first 24 years’ worth of published magazines.

We hope you subscribe to us on Kindle, and please enjoy this FREE website. If you use the website frequently, you may want to help us out now and then by buying one of our books. We sure would appreciate it. And also please support our advertisers by looking at their products.