I watched both debate nights with the twenty Democrats running for President. Four hours I can never get back.  Watching them talking over each other, shouting one another down, and desperately dodging questions did not inspire confidence or show me anything remotely Presidential.

Warren was essentially a female impersonation of Bernie. Bernie was his usual strident self: like Hillary, he seems unable to speak in a normal tone of voice. Swallwell came across like a middle-schooler about to be dropped from the Drama Club because of his poor acting skills. Review it on YouTube: when Harris schooled Biden on his civil rights record, his facial expression and body language were a cross between a whipped dog and a sullen child who has been caught being naughty. 

The one I’d had hopes for was Buttigieg. He had started off being the only adult on the stage with his comments about pie-in-the-sky Socialist programs that could never be successfully funded, but he lost me when the moderator asked about the current controversial police shooting in the community where he serves as mayor. After saying, correctly, that it was premature to discuss it until the investigation is complete, he then rendered his own words hollow by implying that innocent black people are more in danger from police than innocent white people.  Asked why his police department was only 6% black in a community with a 26% black population, he was either too clueless or too politically correct to give the honest answer any honest cop or honest sociologist could have provided.  Politicians of his ilk, and the media, have given the black community the impression that white police are all Bull Connor, and asking a promising young black candidate to join the force is like inviting a Jew to join the Gestapo. Hell, young white people don’t want to be cops today either: any law enforcement agency can tell you how hard it is to find qualified candidates for entry positions in police work in America right now.

And on gun owners’ civil rights, of course, they were all hostile.  Like the Sanders/Clinton debate in the last Presidential run-up, they were racing each other to see who could be the most “anti.”  They were led in this by Swallwell, who seems to think we’re all stupid enough to believe his mandatory “buyback” scheme is somehow different from mandatory confiscation. (Never trust people who speak in oxymorons. “Buyback” is a contradiction in terms. You can’t “buy back” that which you never owned in the first place.)  Even Buttigieg, the only one on the stage with any military experience, couldn’t seem to acknowledge the difference between your semi-automatic AR15 and the true assault rifles like the fully automatic M16s and M4s he and his fellow personnel were issued in Afghanistan.

Ronald Reagan was speaking for many of us all those years ago when he said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party; the Democratic Party left me.”


  1. you were more of a man than I am, couldn’t get two minutes viewing out of me…… well, it’s gona get dark before it gets darkest……

  2. The old Democratic Party is dead. Dead, buried and it can never be resurrected. Not even a vestige of it remains. Everything about the American Left is a lie including the name of their political party. If there was any honesty left in these people, they would rename their party to reflect what it has become. It is now the Marxist Party of America.

    Anyone who (a) still has neutrons firing in their brain and who (b) loves liberty is not just doing the #Walkaway# from the so-called Democratic Party. Rather, they should be running away screaming!

    • Correction to my above comment. Obviously, the word should be “neurons” rather than “neutrons”. Blasted spell-checker misdirected me again!

    • The old Democratic party gave us the KKK. Which, I might add, still exists and votes Republican.

      • @ Rosen Otter – “votes Republican”

        What proof do you have for making such a broad statement? You got access to the voting records for KKK members? Or are you just repeating a Democratic talking-point?

        In my opinion, the spirit of the KKK still lives on in the modern Democratic Party. The purpose of the KKK was to terrorize black voters so as to PREVENT them from voting Republican. The KKK was acting to keep the Democratic Party in power.

        The modern Democratic Party still does the same thing except they use propaganda and promises, rather than terror, to keep the black voters supporting the Democratic Party.

        Yes Sir, the Plantation still exists for the Black Man. However, the modern day plantation exists in the Democratic controlled inner cities. The Democratic Party is real slick. They continue to keep the Black Man down and dependent, with their welfare programs, while they harvest their votes come election time!

        In addition, the Democratic Party is the Pro-abortion party and, if you will check the statistics, you will find that black babies are aborted at a rate that is about 271 % higher than the rate for white ones. This is a statistic that should put heart into any KKK member. See this link:


        So, I would not be so sure that the KKK votes Republican. The Democratic Party still does a good job of representing their interests. If a true KKK racist has any brains, he will be voting Democrat just like in the Good Old Days!

        I do thank you, however, for you have reminded me that there are, indeed, still some vestiges of the old Democratic Party remaining in the new one. I admit that I was wrong on that claim!

  3. Thanks Mas for critiquing the Democrats for me.
    It only strengthened my resolve that these “Debates” were “Not Worth my time to watch, and attempt to sort out All Their Campaign Lies!


  4. I was flipping channels and ran across this. After I heard the one guy assert the need for “reproductive justice for the trans-gender folks”, I left the asylum and didn’t go back.

    Obviously, history classes (and logic) have been replaced in the schools with a more politically correct viewpoint.

  5. Mas – Here is an article that is very interesting. It will never happen due to the bias in the Anti-American Media, however, it would be great for some honest journalist (sorry about using an oxymoron) to hit the democratic candidates with the statistical information in this article and then ask them to justify their anti-gun platform.


  6. In some ways I hate to admit I watched the bulk of both debates. Though, I find it interesting to see and listen to the irrational rants of the current crop of Democratic candidates. I recorded each debate and then could fast forward through some of the repetitive gibberish. When I find the occasional individual that feels Democratic candidate(s) are the way to go, at least I can counter the argument with the candidates own words. As of now, I still have no reason to support any of the Democratic candidates.

  7. When I read the headline, I thought you were going to be writing about the NRA doings.

  8. I recorded them on the DVR as to spare my wife my yelling at the idiocy being espoused by these illustrious (NOT) wannabes. The DEMs are their own worse enemy; thank goodness for us.

  9. Every American with red blood should be concerned about the current crop of Communists running for the presidency. Because behind these two and a half dozen Communist candidates are a majority of voting Communists of all ages. Over half of American voters are Communists or Communist sympathizers. They are the lazy and sick, the welfare junkie and union worker, the retired and the college age. They all believe that the government owe them cradle to grave subsistence, education, and healthcare. And where their are greedy and lazy people there will be greedy and power hungry politicians rising from the sewers to ask for their vote.

    • Despite a decades old effort, by Hollywood, the media and academia, to indoctrinate young Americans with Marxist ideology, I very much hope that you are wrong about the Communists being a majority of voters in this country.

      I admit that, because the Marxists so dominate the Anti-American Media and because they spew forth their propaganda 24/7/365, it does seem that they are the majority of Americans. However, I am hoping that this is just another one of their lies and that Freedom-loving people still are a majority.

      As evidence of that, I would point to the Election of Donald Trump in 2016. The Marxists pulled every dirty trick in the book, plus inventing a few new ones, to put Hillary in the White House. She was the overwhelming choice of the Marxist power structure. Yet, despite that, she lost. A fact that shows that God is still at work here in America.

      Therefore, I still have hopes that America will return to the ideals of her founding and that a new burst of Freedom will sweep away and suppress the plague of Marxist tyrants which we currently face.

      Nevertheless, your point is well taken. America is certainly in danger of spiraling down into a Socialist Hellhole as has happened to so many other countries in which the Marxist gained power.

      • TN_MAN,

        The 2016 election actually proves Jacque’s point, that close to half of Americans lean Marxist. Remember that Hillary actually received more votes than Donald, but he won the electoral votes. I believe Hillary would have won if she had chosen Bernie for her running mate.

        So, like you said, “…God is still at work here in America.” And the wisdom of the Founding Fathers saved us once again. They gave us the electoral college, not the direct vote (the mob wins in a direct vote, and politicians would only campaign in NYC, Chicago and Lost Angeles).

      • @ Roger Willco – Hillary Clinton “won” the popular vote based upon her overwhelming majority of votes in California. If you omit the vote count in California, then you will find that Donald J. Trump won the popular vote in the other 49 States. I don’t mean to imply that Trump won each State. But a tally of the other States, minus California, gives this result.

        Given that the Democrats have “rigged” the election system of California so as to ensure one-party, Democratic rule, and given that they routinely engage in such questionable practices as “Ballot Harvesting”, and given that California has few safeguards in-place (on purpose) to prevent non-citizens from voting, some might question the validity of California’s totals for Hillary. Certainly, there are questions about the integrity of elections in California. This story for example:


        Therefore, one can legitimately ask if the so called “win of the popular vote” by Hillary Clinton is genuine or not? If not, then maybe she did not have a majority after all.

        Nevertheless, there is no denying that a significant portion of the American population (at least 40+ percent) have been indoctrinated by the Marxists and, as a result, lean Socialist. It is a serious problem and it illustrates the raw power of the indoctrination and propaganda tools being used, 24/7/365, by the American Left. Brainwashing is real folks. All you have to do is to turn on CNN to be exposed to it!

        The American Left has become almost like a religious cult. They have their unquestioned, faith-based beliefs (climate change, Abortion, Russian collusion with Trump, etc.) and deviation from any approved doctrine makes one a heretic. Like many cults, brainwashing of their followers is a vital tool to maintain control. We really need to figure out ways to “deprogram” the many people who have been indoctrinated into the “Cult of American Marxism”. Otherwise, we might as well all shave our heads, don robes, and start chanting about the dangers of climate change and the joys of repealing the 2nd Amendment! 🙂

    • Gosh, I had no idea that being a retired union worker made me a Communist!

      BTW, Mas, were you ever a member of a police benevolent association? Guess you’re a secret Communist too!

      • TN_MAN,

        Thanks for the clarification. I do believe the Democrat party cheats, but 2016 was still a close election between two unpopular candidates. I believe you are right about 40% of the American people leaning socialist.

        I think what unites the American people, and keeps the peace, is the easy access to food and wealth. We yell at each other, but most of us are comfortable. If resources become scarce, then we could be at each others’ throats.

      • John Perz,

        I think TN_MAN is referring to how the leaders of the movement think. There are still plenty of Americans who don’t really think seriously about politics. They are influenced by ideas that sound nice, and they follow whatever ideas are the current fashion. These moderates will not follow the more radical ideas of the leadership. They are too patriotic and common-sensical for that.

  10. Mas – I was relieved when I heard they had broken the debate into two nights. Physicists at Miskatonic University had warned that having all this year’s Democrat candidates in one place, at one time, would have created such an unprecedented concentration of refined, weapons grade stupid that it would have initiated a black hole.

  11. Bernie should borrow a quote from his idol Vladimir Lenin, who had promised Russian supporters/useful idiots before the Communist Revolution a “Chicken in every pot”, only in Sanders’ case it would be a “Chicken in every pot and pot with every chicken” with his late cousin Colonel Harlan’s company providing the chickens, regular or extra crispy.

    Mayor Pete is scheduled to attend a local gay physique contest, where he will be the ‘Booty Judge’.

  12. Thanks, Mas, for saving me the pain of having to watch it myself. I killed my TeeVee set back in about 1972, nd every once in a while I question once more whether that was sound thinking. Your account of the charade has once again convinced me I made the best decision back then.

    • It most certainly was and is a “clown show”, but if the clowns should hold the U.S. House and take the U.S. Senate and White House in 2020, an all out, headlong assault on American gun ownership and the Second Amendment will most assuredly follow.

      Still, an anti-gun jihad commenced by Democrat Socialists in the USA may not encounter smooth sailing. Read below how the draconian gun ban enacted in New Zealand is not being tolerated placidly by New Zealand’s gun owners.

      Note how both the NZ gun ban advocacy group and the NZ government state that this initial (failing) phase of “sticking it” to law abiding gun owners is just the beginning of much harsher measures to follow.

      “If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.”

      Joseph Stalin

      “New Zealand is trying to buy back the military-style weapons it banned in April. It’s not so easy.”


  13. When a marriage has irreconcilable differences, you get a divorce. Especially when one of the parties is abusive. This is where we are.

    • @ Richard – Unfortunately, it is hard to see how a divorce can happen. Unless you expect a partition of the USA, such as the fictional one in Kurt Schlichter’s novel “People’s Republic”, then we are stuck living with each other.

      If things continue to deteriorate, this “marriage” will end by one spouse shooting the other one in the head!

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