Dear rioters and looters:

No, I’m not addressing demonstrators. There’s a difference, even if the mainstream media can’t bring itself to say so.  If you want to peacefully demonstrate, no problem. You know who you are. Some of you have already held back The Others, or tried to, and in at least one instance I know of have saved a cop who was cut off from his team-mates and surrounded by an angry mob of The Others.

I’m addressing The Others – the rioters, the looters, the destroyers. There are strong indications that Antifa is involved, though I can’t say they’re entirely responsible. But you heartfelt demonstrators are the ones they’ve made into cat’s paws and puppets with their instigation to violence, and if you go along with them you’re shaming yourselves and everything you’re trying to stand for.

No one can seriously believe that looting and burning stores, often owned by hard-working black people for whom their business is their only livelihood, is doing anyone any good.  But, looters and arsonists and destroyers, if all you care about is yourselves…well, let’s talk about that.

The police have held back thus far (I write this on the first of June). It’s partly political correctness on the part of local government leaders, and partly the reluctance of police to use force, whether you choose to believe that or not.  But the time will come, if you continue, when even the most pusillanimous leader will say, “Enough is enough.” And that’s when the shooting will start coming your way.

Read the following. .  The source quoted is not the only one of The Others to publicly express that sentiment.  For your own good, hear me.

The Mood of the Courts today is that human life has a greater value than “mere property.” I and virtually all other past and present cops I know share that belief. It’s why you haven’t been shot down in the streets yet as you would have been by now in so many other countries.  But, understand this:

When you start attacking homes – occupied dwellings – the rules change. Arson of occupied dwellings is what the law calls a “heinous felony against the person,” and ordinary citizens are allowed to shoot you to stop you from doing it. You’ve gotten away with breaking into stores that were closed for the safety of their employees and customers, but if you try to do the same to people’s homes, that’s “violent and tumultuous entry of occupied dwellings.” It’s “home invasion.” And when you start doing that, the people who live there are authorized by the law to shoot you to death in defense of themselves and other innocent parties.


For you genuine, non-violent protesters: you’ve made all the points you’re going to make without turning the rest of the nation against you. If you haven’t already, please harken to the words of Atlanta’s African-American mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms.

Thank you. And please, understand, what I’ve written here is not a threat.

It’s a well-intentioned warning.


  1. Mas, as always, well said. I believe these events will shift many people’s minds who are on the fence about gun control. Many will now fully support gun rights and protecting the Second Amendment. We are witnessing a real-time example of why the 2A is not an antiquated document that was only written for its time. Think about how overwhelmed the police are in these towns. There is no one coming to your house when antifa shows up.

  2. Amen, Mas. While I fully understand that mere property is not worth someone’s life, actions against occupied property – home, business or vehicle – can in many/most places be construed as deadly force that warrants a like response. Of course, IANAL so check your local laws. And the Others should also check on those statutes, since in many places, arson is considered deadly force and/or a forcible felony which may be responded to by deadly force. And I think the suburbs have a lot more of the Roof Korean mindset than the Others realize.

  3. The demonstrators also need to be aware that a lot of the people who are sympathetic to their cause and apologizing for the riots live in those suburbs.

    Once rioters start threatening their families and neighborhoods, their views will change. Not for the better.

    ESPN’s Chris Martin Palmer Fine With Riots and Burning Things, As Long As They’re Not His Things

  4. Sage words for the wise. There has been Twitter chatter about the attackers moving out to the suburbs and Bellevue Washington residents have responded by barricading their cul de sacs with vehicles and posting watchstanders with visible firearms. Let’s hope those images sink in to the miscreants before they act on their threats and endanger now only themselves but innocents as well.

    • now THIS is good news, coming from the home city of three of the four big pockets who helped buy is the past two Bloomburg Anti Gun Laws in this state.

      Something about reality when it moves from the TeeVee set to MY backyard.

      There is good reason that pesky Second Article places the responsibility for the security of a free state” on the shoulders of THE PEOPLE. That’s where it belongs, in the natural order of things. NO ONE will protect MY homewiht as much fervor and tenacity as I will. That’s why EACH of us have the God-given right to arms, as WE see necessary.

      Mas I apreciate your measured, firm, and VERY lucid words. Thebiggest problem with them is that I rather doubt very many of the real protestors will rad them, and far fewer or “The Others” will. But, this reality check is their probelm if they are too, uhm, dense, or distratced, to realise it themselves.

    • The Tri Cities chiefs are also taking active measures to respond and protect vulnerable installations like the region’s biggest mall. One chief specifically announced plans to employ lawfully armed citizens to assist front line officers earlier today.

  5. Thankfully the wife and I are out in the country. We are prepared if they choose to visit the rural country side. Thanks again for the insight Mas, as always on point

  6. Mas, short, eloquent and to the point. Please allow me the forgiveness for posting this on FB in several forums where things were being trolled heavily and actually seeming to influence people…I cut and pasted this in its entirety. THAT SAID, I think that that the breaking-into of stores – especially small, family-owned or non-chain-stores – should have the same protection and relative weight of destroying and looting one’s home, as the shopowners in Koreatown did during the King riots. Thanks for putting this down in writing; succinct and impactful, to be sure.

    • Addendum: I got off-track after ‘looting one’s home’ and meant to say that those stores should be afforded at least the protection efforts seen in Koreatown (if allowed and possible. Destroying ones’ livelihood is tantamount to attacking their home, IMHO.

  7. Mas; one thing the police can do is load up their shotguns with birdshot, when the attackers
    get close to the police line the police should shoot low so the small pellets will spread into
    their legs. That will slow them up.
    The old sarge

  8. As stated I would be extremely careful in the use of force but understanding the implications of my dwelling located in the heart of Milwaukee, I have prepaired my self for the possible use of self defense for me and my wife while in my domain proper.
    I thank you for your incite during this crazy time.

  9. As always, well and clearly stated.
    And to think that all this (this time, anyway) started with a cop who was caught on video making a bad decision, resulting in multiple deaths and millions of dollars of damage.
    I sincerely hope that something positive will eventually come of it.

  10. Mas,
    Thank-you for your words of encouragement during trying times. Your level headed, well researched and documented messages are priceless. Keep up the good work.
    Your friend, Chris R.

  11. I wonder what “white hoods” the Panty-Fa types are referring to. Suburbs–at least in my area–are very racially diverse areas. My apartment complex has just as many blacks, hispanics, and Asians as it does white folk.

    There are some richer areas that are more white but those folks can afford to hire security so I don’t expect those will be easy pickings.

    There are, of course, the rural areas but I don’t imagine even the Panty-Fas are stupid enough to try those.

  12. The tweet from antifa says “#Blacklivesmaters”, I think if you want to trend on twitter #spellingmaters as well.

  13. Mas,
    The “Others” are not an unorganized, hap-hazard affair. Looking at some of the videos, one can see certain individuals wearing “comms” – microphone sets and ear-buds. This denotes some level of orderly sophistication, direction, and a hierarchy of command. Yes, there is also the flash-mob-mentality. But, there is too much coordination in too many locales for these to be arbitrary. Makes one wonder if they’re not using “drones” as well??

    • Frank’sSon,

      Yesterday WABC 770AM radio in NYC reported that flatbed trucks make deliveries of bricks on pallets to the rioters. I wonder if George Soros is paying for those deliveries.

  14. I was re-reading William L. Shier’s book “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” the other day, and the parallels between the Nazi Brown Shirts and Antifa are remarkable. Street brawlers, murderers and vandals whose goal is to shut up the political opposition. Later Hitler had the Brownshirt leadership murdered to ingratiate himself with the German military. One of the idiots even let out a heil Hitler as he was executed. That was several years before Hitler had most of the German military leadership strung up with piano wire. Self-awareness and self-preservation are uncommon skills these days.

    If the hate-filled radical left wants to declare war on ordinary Americans, then it seems obvious that “weapons of war” are just the thing. When there are a dozen masked and black-clad professional thugs with Molotov cocktails descending on a suburb that has toddlers and school kids in every other home, Joe Biden’s double barrel shotgun is not going to do what needs to be done.

  15. We are seeing the palpable answer to the question “Why would you ever need a 30 round magazine?”

  16. The pillaging and burning of property in major cities is organized and directed by liberal Socialist groups. The police should and probably already does, send undercover officers dressed as rioters and looters to the enemy side and search for these insidious instigators of violence and mayhem, and quietly remove them by whatever means appropriate. These terrorist puppet masters will be found far behind the masses of useful idiots they control using electronic means to communicate with their underlings and once taken out, many of the rioters will be without direction. This will leave ordinary criminals who are burglarizing and stealing property and they can be rounded up if the police are allowed to do their jobs, which in most liberal cities, they are prohibited from doing.

  17. And BTW, the liberals I know and the slant on NPR is that the damage is being done by conservative, white, racist, out of staters who want to start the revolution.

  18. Although all protests in my corner of the world have been peaceful so far I’ve been sitting out at nights regularly just listening and watching. It’s a good time to touch base with or introduce yourself to neighbors. Exchanging contact information and responding to each other’s calls or alarms.

  19. Many people seem confused about recent events and the recent troubles here in the USA and around the world. Actually, it is all very simple to understand IF ONE HAS knowledge of World History. Unfortunately, given the indoctrination system that we have in the USA today (instead of an Education System), World History is the last thing younger people are taught. Thus, they grope around in darkness and confusion.

    Here are a couple of principles to help people understand current events:

    1) Everything that the American Left (and their media attack dogs) say is a LIE. If they say that something is White, then it is Black. If they say that something is bright, then it is dark. If they say something is True, then it is False. If they declare someone to be guilty, then they are innocent (and visa-versa). You get the idea.

    2) Every modern totalitarian movement uses street thugs to help pave their way to power. The Soviet Communists had their Chekists. The Nazis had their Brown Shirts. The American Democratic Party has the Antifa.

    Using the above principles, one can see the pattern in current events. Antifa draws its name from Anti-Fascism. By applying Principle #1 (above), we can understand that they are a Pro-Fascist organization using the same tactics as their Chekist and Brown Shirt predecessors. The chaos and violence they bring is designed to support their totalitarian party in EXACTLY the same way that the Brown Shirts supported the Nazi Party or the Chekists supported the Communists during the Russian Revolution.

    The riots and burning, playing out in Minnesota and in other Blue States and Cities, is just a replay of Kristallnacht with working Americans and Conservatives standing in for the Jews.

    Trust me. When it comes to Human stupidity and lust for POWER, there is nothing new under the Sun. It has all been done before.

    George Santayana said that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. I would also note that those who are, deliberately, never taught the past (in our so-called schools) are also “condemned to repeat it”.

    • Democrats have long had a thing for political terror groups. The Klan was invented to put down the Republican vote in the South. Antifa is their progeny.

      President Grant had to send in the military to put down the Klan. History may soon repeat itself.

      At any rate, if the DNC Brown Shirts are going to turn American into a war zone, then their goes the cute argument about nobody needing a “weapon of war” to defend their family.

  20. Now for some irony. I just spent the last three days patrolling a wooded path around a lake owned by a country club. My job was to ask passers-by to show me their country club card or wristband. While I’m gently enforcing petty rules, rioters who burn down police stations will not be arrested. I don’t feel like I’m in another country, I feel like I’m in another galaxy.

    Businesses pay taxes. They pay to have the police protect their businesses. The police are not protecting those businesses so why should they pay taxes?

    Maybe the liberal mayors believe it’s better to have property damage than to get tough and have people killed and injured. Maybe the mayors think insurance companies will pay for the damage. The insurance companies should sue those cities.

    Many people have been leaving cities for decades. Remember “white flight?” The Wuhan flu proved cities are a bad place to be. I wonder how many business owners are thinking of fleeing the cities after these extended riots. Will more cities resemble Detroit?

  21. In 1992 Rodney King asked America, “Can’t we all just get along?” Now we know the answer is “no.”

  22. It is outstanding information, however it is waisted here because the people that NEED to see this and understand they will be taking their life in their own hands will never see it.

  23. Here is Illinois’ statute on the use of deadly force: . Important excerpt here:
    (720 ILCS 5/7-2) (from Ch. 38, par. 7-2)
    Sec. 7-2. Use of force in defense of dwelling.
    (a) A person is justified in the use of force against another when and to the extent that he reasonably believes that such conduct is necessary to prevent or terminate such other’s unlawful entry into or attack upon a dwelling. However, he is justified in the use of force which is intended or likely to cause death or great bodily harm only if:
    (1) The entry is made or attempted in a violent,

    riotous, or tumultuous manner, and he reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent an assault upon, or offer of personal violence to, him or another then in the dwelling, or
    (2) He reasonably believes that such force is

    necessary to prevent the commission of a felony in the dwelling.

  24. Let’s get the terminology right…..protesters are legit if they are peaceful..if they are violent, they are TERRORISTS, and terrorists must be dealt with in an appropriate manner…enough said.

  25. WTF? If invoking the Insurrection Act sends the Army/ National Guard down my street in a gunfight with fellow armed citizens who view this a Federal aggression against we, the people… Which side to I join in with???

  26. Mas – Old “Shotgun” Joe Biden has done it again. He has come up with yet another innovative firearms defense approach. As you know, his last one was to scare off intruders by having your wife fire both barrels of a double-barrel shotgun off the back porch.

    Now, according to Joe, police officers subject to a knife attack should “shoot ’em in the leg instead of the heart”. See this link:

    What is your opinion? Does this invalidate the work of Dennis Tueller? Should we all now be trained in the “Biden Drill”? 🙂

    • Joe Biden actually practices good gun safety as his double barrel fowling piece is loaded with blanks so he or his wife would not accidentally knock down any innocent birds flying overhead when it’s fired. This is especially true for crows, as black lives matters 🙂

  27. The Tri Cities chiefs are also taking active measures to respond and protect vulnerable installations like the region’s biggest mall. One chief specifically announced plans to employ lawfully armed citizens to assist front line officers earlier today.

  28. Here is another candidate for a Darwin Award. How dumb do you have to be to try to break into (and loot) an occupied gun store that is named the “Firing Line Inc.”?

    See this story:

    I suspect that the “Firing Line” will be one store that IS NOT looted and burned during these riots.

  29. It’s telling to see that there has not been a single comment about the actions of former MPD Officer Derek Chauvin in regards to the death of George Floyd. The silence is deafening.

    • I disagree. The topic of this blog is the riots and looting. The incident that sparked these events is another issue.

      However, if you want a comment on Derek Chauvin, then here it is:

      Former MPD Officer Derek Chauvin clearly committed a homicide. The video evidence is clear. In my opinion, there was NO JUSTIFICATION for this homicide. I view it as a criminal act.

      Derek Chauvin has been, justifiably, arrested and charged for this homicide. That being the case, EVERYONE ought to stand down and let the justice system do it’s work. My view is that the evidence is adequate to secure a conviction for this crime.

      While peaceful protests are acceptable, rioting and looting are not. Are we expected to believe that these looters are shouting “For George Floyd” as they carry a big screen TV out of a store? Even if they did, does anyone really believe that this looting is actually for George Floyd? I don’t believe that for a nanosecond.

      Derek Chauvin is a criminal that will face the law. He should be punished for his crime to the fullest extent of the law.

      These looters and rioters ARE NO BETTER then him. They are criminals too and I would like to see the law arrest them and then punish them TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW as well!

      That is my comment and opinion on Derek Chauvin.

      • Thanks for the reply. I’m grateful somebody finally acknowledged the spark of the current national unrest.

      • The so called “peaceful protesters” are not very clean either. Those folks should know that their seemingly innocent actions will eventually result in looting and violence. Remember the saying ‘those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it’s mistakes’. Protesting while legal, should only be used when other means to resolve an injustice have failed. The family and friends of George Floyd as a first step, should contact their local and state politicians and urge them to take action on their behalf. Then they should hire a lawyer to bring a lawsuit(s) against the police department and maybe the individual cops involved in Floyd’s death. Justice takes time, but it seems the protesters just want immediate convictions of first degree murder against the four bad officers followed by instant public lynchings. If these actions don’t bring in the
        desired results, then by all means start protesting but not before exhausting all actually peaceful methods.

        There are insidious forces at work pushing for first degree homicide charges against the officers. Charging them with third degree/manslaughter is a slam dunk in court. Second degree is possible, maybe a 40% chance of a conviction, depending on the details of the case of which I have none and I’m not a lawyer either, just a lowly former cop. Trying to prove first degree homicide is a joke and will only result in setting the bad officer being prosecuted free, which the Forces of Evil know will bring on massive civil unrest and literally all out war against law abiding Americans, especially non-black citizens. This is what the liberals want to finally “transform” our nation, something they have have secretly wanted and planned for a long time.

        My humble advice is to prepare for the worst and hope for the better/worse.

      • @ Tom606 – “Second degree is possible, maybe a 40% chance of a conviction, depending on the details of the case of which I have none and I’m not a lawyer either, just a lowly former cop.”

        Yes, we are seeing the Zimmerman gambit being replayed again. Race hustlers like Benjamin Crump are swooping into the picture. The media is whipping up racial division. The normal prosecutors are being overridden and the charging decisions are now being driven by political manipulation. All of which may hurt the case and lead to acquittals.

        Of course, Antifa and the race hustlers would love to see acquittals. It would provide an even greater excuse to shout “Racism” and then riot, loot and burn.

        Here is the insightful opinion of someone who is a lawyer:

  30. Two things to think about:

    1) The recent COVID thing had a lot of people telecommuting. Certainly a majority of white-collar types anyway. And it seems to have worked OK.

    2) The major cities are returning to what they were for most of the last half of the last century: liberal soft-on-crime cesspools of violence and despair. People may not remember what NYC was like before Guliani took over and cleaned the place up. People have been migrating to big cities because that was where the jobs were after the idiotic de-industrialization of America, and in the post-Guliani era (that found the tools for any large city willing to be safe) the cities were fairly safe. Now, the Democratic mayors are all but cheering on the mayhem. In the 1960’s, ’70’s, and ’80’s anyone who could find a job out of the big cities did so. They called it “white flight”, but really it was middle class flight.

    So put the two together. White collars can now work from anywhere they have a broadband connection. The big cities are starting look like a bad year in Beruit from the 1980’s. The possible outcome could be the re-population of rural areas. Will get interesting. They may well take an interest in firearms for self defense, and in prepping in general after the COVID scare.

    • I remember 1970s NYC like it was yesterday: violent crime, drugs, garbage piled high, rats, strikes….We were taught what areas never to go after a certain hour (e.g., Washington Square Park), not to look anyone in the eye, and even if you don’t know where you are- act as if you do.

      After Giuliani was elected- he flooded the streets with NYPD and cracked down on ALL forms of crime and he cleaned up the city. People felt safer as violent crime plummeted. NYPD was visible on nearly every street corner and in the subways. People even shook hands with police officers and often had pictures taken with them. It was a much happier place.

      Too bad it didn’t last.

  31. You wrote, “The police have held back thus far (I write this on the first of June). It’s partly political correctness on the part of local government leaders, and partly the reluctance of police to use force, whether you choose to believe that or not.”

    Here is a collection of 200 videos, and still growing, of abusive, illegal, and downright disgraceful behavior:

    I am appalled, saddened, and angered by what I’ve seen. We are supposed to be professionals.

  32. The firearms store/range where I conduct most of my business and training was a madhouse of business yesterday. People seem to be realizing that the police are concentrated at the troubled areas and response times are likely to be long if at all. The sales person I spoke with on the phone said it was like COVID-19 all over again. I would guess that many of these sales are first time firearms purchases as people realize they are their own first responders in the moment of crisis. The sales person I spoke with on the phone said it was like COVID-19 all over again.

  33. A few years ago, Kurt Schlichter wrote a novel entitled “People’s Republic”. It is a work of fiction that envisions the USA in the 2030’s after the Nation has split apart into two nations. One nation contains the Red States, which is still called the USA, and the other is formed from the left-wing Blue States. This nation is called the People’s Republic but it is really a Marxist, Socialist State.

    The story, in this prophetic novel, revolves around the differences between these two nations. The Red nation prospered while the Blue nation collapsed under the effects of Socialism (somewhat like Venezuela is today). One character in the book makes the following observation:

    “Yes. We’ve been expecting this for years. The People’s Republic is imploding…While we in the US doubled down on what made America great, they doubled down on the blue state socialism that split the country apart. And exactly what we knew would happen is happening. It’s a police state that functions only to keep the elite separate from the consequences of its polices. They are out of money, and they are out of excuses for their people. All they have left are scapegoats. It’s going to get very, very ugly, very, very soon.”

    When one looks at the Blue States today (like NY, CA and IL) and one considers their problems; how they destroyed their economy over this pandemic, how their left-wing leadership still won’t open back up, how they are up to their ears in debt and are all going bankrupt, and then note the fact that they are ruining their greatest cities with riots, burning and looting, then it becomes clear that we don’t have to wait for a split into two nations. The Blue States are already imploding. You can turn on your TV and watch it live right now!

    The Blue State leaders are parasites. They have fed on their own people for years. Now, they want to pressure the Federal Government to implement a Blue State bailout so that they can feed on the stronger Red States and continue to maintain themselves in power.

    I say that we should let the Blue States die. They are badly infected by left-wing parasites and they are beyond saving in their current form. Let them die and hope that the parasites will die when their host dies.

    Perhaps, with the left-wing parasites killed off, we will then have the opportunity to take over and re-build the Blue States back into something worthy of inclusion in a Greater USA. We can implement something on the order of a domestic Marshall Plan to re-build them from the ashes of their left-wing ideology.

    We just have to be careful that the left-wing parasites don’t migrate and infect the health Red States thereby spreading the infection. That is a real danger!

    • TN_MAN,

      The strength of America has been its tolerance. This has allowed many people groups to migrate here and prosper, adding to our wealth. But our insistence on tolerating all non-violent ideas has allowed our enemies to prosper like weeds choking out the plants in a garden. We give freedom to those who want to destroy us peacefully, from within.

      I see Uncle Sam lying on the operating table. He is dying from cancer. Will the surgeon be able to cut the cancer out, or will the cancer of Marxism kill Uncle Sam?

      • President Trump, you need to divide and conquer our internal enemies. The anarchists and bandits naturally flock to Bolshevism like lemmings to the sea. The last thing that we need to do is fund them. Let them naturally plunder each other for support until their raging spleens are fully vented, and their wannabe terror movement crumbles for lack of external support. There really is no honor among those work-detesting thieves, and they will devour each other, given full opportunity, like devils from Hell. The classic example is Stalin eliminating Lenin. Then Stalin and his followers destroying his country’s most competent generals and producers out of sheer paranoia, until the entire corrupt “revolution” imploded.

    • If the many states are laboratories, we’ve found the failing systems of government. At what point do we correct them? If entire states fail and become welfare riders, I say bust ‘em back to territory status. No more voting; no more wagging the dog if you can’t get your own house in order. States need electoral colleges to check the power of big cities. Or big cities need to be split out of states to stand in their own as “Districts of….”

      • Wood,

        For a long time I’ve been wondering why all the stupid ideas, stupid people and crime waves are found in cities. I just listened to Steve Deace say that all the bad ideas come from rich, white liberals.

        When looking for flaws, it sure is easy to find them in city people and difficult to find them in country people. There are certainly loads of talented people in cities, but maybe talent, and what used to be called common sense, are not related.

      • Another comment on cities. Pennsylvania is conservative, except for Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, the big cities in PA. Lancaster County, PA is conservative, with many Amish, except the small city of Lancaster in the middle of the county is liberal. Freaky-Deaky!

      • @ Roger Willco – “There are certainly loads of talented people in cities, but maybe talent, and what used to be called common sense, are not related.”

        I think that the quote below captures your idea more succinctly:

        “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them. – George Orwell”.

        At the top of this list of stupid ideas is Socialism/Communism/Marxism. Does anyone wonder that such left-wing thinking is so popular in academia and among the “talented” city-dwellers? These folks have lost touch with God. nature, and the “real” world. It is easy to believe in Utopia when you live in an Ivory Tower.

  34. And, in current news, the LA mayor proposes cutting the LAPD budget by 100-150 million to fund programs benefiting the “black community”. No doubt funding assistance is a laudable ideal, but one wonders what’s gonna happen to response to calls for law enforcement service.

    I foresee more flight from higher taxes. Armed household retainers for the rich?

    • Don’t get rid of the police. Instead ask which neighborhoods in the cities/towns do not want police protection and isolate those areas from law enforcement services. Let’s see how long those places will last with soaring crime rates and no one to stop the robbing, looting, raping, burning, and killings before they beg the cops to return. Nothing is as effective in teaching foolish people their mistakes as letting them experience life in their perceived Utopia.

      • Well, the issue with that approach is the fact that the well heeled who support the trope of a smaller, hug a felon image for law enforcement, still expect that THEIR part of town will still get full service. Of course, they’re also the types most likely to live in gated communities with private police/security forces.

        Dunno where you’re gonna find large numbers of mayors/police executives who’ll buck the folks who fund campaigns. Even the Minneapolis major isn’t supporting defunding/repurposing/reimagining the police department.

  35. Thursday night I heard Ben Shapiro commenting on the idea some democrats have of defunding the police or even replacing them. He was hoping all democrats would run on that issue of getting rid of police departments. That would make them easy to beat in an election.

    As looters destroy their own neighborhoods, leftists destroy their own brains.

    Every crisis understandably results in more gun buying. The amount of guns and ammo being sold now must be astronomical.

    Has any nation in history racially progressed as far as America has? Has any nation offered as much opportunity to all as America has? Has any nation ever had a better, more capable police force than ours has? But because America is not perfect, the Left wants to burn it down.

    I used to think we were headed in the direction of Venezuela, but now I’m beginning to think we might be more like Somalia, with its warlords. Oh well. All the problems are in the cities, and I don’t live in a city.

  36. When the race baiting charlatan Al Sharpton is allowed to loudly spew his hateful racist lies at George Floyd’s memorial event in Minneapolis, we know that Mr. Floyd’s family and supporters do not really want justice, only revenge. Once again, Sharpton is using his fellow black Americans to further his diabolical agenda. Those folks just don’t seem to understand they are misinformed pawns in the hands of liberal evildoers.

  37. Has anyone noticed that the Democrats and their media attack dogs have “turned on a dime”?

    For months we were fed the “Shutdown Narrative”. Fearful forecasts and models were used to shut down anything that might lend support to President Trump. We had to shut down small businesses, shut down gun shops, shut down churches, shut down sports, etc. Furthermore, we could not risk having President Trump hold any more rallies. Could not risk regular voting or holding debates. We were told that, come election time, it would all have to be done with mail-in ballots and with ballot harvesting. A situation that would greatly favor election fraud and subsequent votes by dead people, criminals and illegal aliens.

    Now, suddenly, the mind-numbed robots of the Left are in the streets protesting, rioting, looting and burning to their heart’s content and there are NO LOCK-DOWN WORRIES AT ALL!

    Having thousands crowd the streets to protest is just fine-and-dandy but having more then 10 people in a church is a crisis! OMG, they cry! Second Wave! Third Wave! Deaths in the Millions!

    This should show anyone with even half-a-brain that this has all been another flood of Democrat and leftist media lies. This level of hypocrisy and deceit must eclipse anything ever before witnessed in human history! Frankly, I would not have believes such a level of lying was possible. I expect that Satan himself is currently “taking a knee” before the Democratic Party in admiration of their historic accomplishment!

    Back prior to the 2016 Election, Peter Strzok famously said (in a text message) that “God, Hillary should win 100 Million to 0”. After the performance that have seem from the Democrats, the American Left and their media propagandists, the Democrats ought to lose 150 million to 0 in the upcoming 2020 Election.

    I honestly cannot see how any voter could cast a single vote for a Democrat after all of this. Yet, I know that millions of American Voters will likely do just that! How can that be?

    Are they so indoctrinated by the Left as to be brainwashed into mindless automatons. Are they so brainwashed that a CNN Reporter could throw a bottle of Elmer’s Glue to them and tell them that it is mayonnaise and they would spread it on their sandwich?

    Or, are they truly evil? Are they servants of Satan as would be suggested by their efforts to close down churches and other religious venues?

    I can’t say where the line is drawn between the brainwashing and the Satanism. All I can hope is that there are still enough good people remaining in the USA to give these servants of Satan a historic beating. A beating to set records in the history books.

    Do we still have enough good people to prevent God from raining down fire and brimstone upon us? Or, have we already fully made the trip to becoming Sodom and Gomorrah? I guess we will find out this November.

    • TN_MAN,

      I’m waiting for the next crisis to hit us soon. They come at us fast now, no breathing time in between. Wuhan Flu, shut-down economy, more than a week of rioting and looting in many cities, even in Europe!

      Can’t wait to see the beautiful utopia the Left will build for us when everyone works according to his ability to provide for himself and others, according to what the anointed ones determine is their need. Cue John Lennon’s song, “Imagine.” Maybe it’s easier to sing about utopia than it is to build it. No matter. The beautiful people will get it right this time, after they kill all the “fascists” who voted for Trump.

      • TN_MAN:

        I have always said, even on this blog, that liberals are either dumb or evil.

        Name any liberal, rich or poor, white or minority and they fall into either of these types. Wealthy white liberals are usually evil as they’re well educated while poor minority liberals are almost always dumb and emotionally or racially driven, most likely by lie spewing celebrities like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. That is why is possible for Creepy Uncle Joe to win in November and finally transform our nation into a Socialist police state, a true worker’s paradise populated by obedient atheists as fondly envisioned by Marx and Lenin.

        Liberals want to ban the police now, but once they’re in power, an elite federal police force answering only to government bureaucrats will be formed to control and oppress freedom loving Americans who if lucky, will be taken to re-education facilities while the more stubborn will get a small caliber bullet to the back of their heads and converted into Solvent Green to help feed the hard working masses 🙂

        The anti-police faction claims that cops are a danger to the population and not needed as other city and state services can handle crime as effectively and safely. So, if there’s a machete wielding maniac hacking numerous people to death in the downtown area, call 311 and some social worker or community organizer will resolve the situation. Maybe the city can send an employee of the water or electrical department to disarm the criminal, or possibly animal control could take care of the problem without brutalizing citizens like the cops would. Another factor not considered by the liberals wanting to ban cops is that thousands of Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme stores across the country will go out of business and lose the 24/7 protection once provided by the police.

  38. TN_MAN, Excellent blog and I sincerely hope that we still do have enough good people left to fight off Satan and his minions. As you say the November elections will tell the story.

  39. In my previous narrative, I meant to say “Soylent Green”. I apologize for other grammatical errors caused by advanced age mental problems.

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