NRAAM 2018 PART II — 12 Comments

  1. The NRA Convention turned out to be a wonderful event, as always. A very polite society. I wonder, will we win any converts by this display of good behavior?

    I also read that some counties in Illinois, Oregon and Washington are calling themselves “sanctuary counties for gun owners.” They will not enforce new, unconstitutional state gun laws. That is a good sign. There are still A LOT of freedom-loving people in the USA.

    In Europe, (the land of big governments and big wars) things don’t look as rosy. It seems the Swedish are in denial that their country is being taken over by “immigrants.” Francois Hollande didn’t like when Donald Trump said Parisians should have been armed so they could shoot back during the 2015 terror attack. Hollande just doesn’t get it, but I’m sure there are lots of freedom-loving Europeans. I can even name Pat Condell, Tommy Robinson, Nigel Farage and Peter Hitchins. Thank God for the Internet and YouTube.

  2. Amazing, all those guns and all those people and the media has reported one person shot. Haven’t read about ONE of those black, nasty semiautomatic sporting rifles flying off and wreaking havoc. Amazing. Just a bunch of good, law abiding citizens enjoying what AMERICA offers.

    Great to see you and all enjoying yourselves.

    Stay safe.

  3. Mad and Friends

    Was at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Center yesterday.
    Happy crowd of black, white, yellow, brown , men and women, off-duty cops and firefighters, veterans, kids in strollers. Grandpa’s in wheelchairs. Normal law abiding Americans celebrating and promoting the Second Amendment.

    The line to get a burger had more people than Shannon Watts and the Bloomberg AstroTurf had at their entire protest.
    The crowd was happy, polite, courteous to each other; about 10% perfectly lawfully open carrying, Of the remainder I’ll bet 60% were concealed carrying.

    I stopped and talked with two uniformed Dallas Police Department officers. I asked” Any problems? Any discourtesy, rudeness, abuse? Any concerns about being around so many armed private citizens? The answer- no problems whatsoever, everyone is courteous, polite, respectful. As for the guns-neither Officer was concerned about lawfully Armed good guys.

    These are real Americans defending and celebrating their civil rights.

    Not terrorists as Governor Malloy of Connecticut has called us.

  4. I have zero problem with the NRA’s rank and file, having been one. Until Wayne and Chris are on the unemployment line the Not Real Activists is not an organization I can support. GoA gets my membership dues.

    • Yeah, ME too!
      Been a Life NRA Member since about 1966, But am now a Life GOA Member too, and will only Support the GOA, the Real 2A Junk Yard Dog!


    • Whatever you think of the NRA-ILA, the NRA Foundation’s 100,000 basic instructors are doing more to turn the gun-rights tide than all the politicians and political activists on both sides. (Not saying that GOA and activists aren’t necessary, just not sufficient.)

      NRA activities and NRA-supported local clubs provide the voters necessary to counter the forces arrayed against us.

      You can support them separately. In fact, it has to be separate, given the tax laws and the fact the IRS watches them so closely.

      • If you Had watched the NRA Cave in on the Clinton Gun Bans, You Wouldn’t Think Much of them Either!

  5. And once again the Gun control Spoke-people were hypocrites. Alyssa Milanos’s bodyguard was printing his sidearm so bad, you could almost read the serial numbers.

  6. I hope y’all are having fun down there! I just got done paying my dues to the ACLDN. My FL ccw permit is getting ready to expire. Yikes, I have to get finger printed again!
    The last NRA shindig the Boss and I attended was in Nashville. I’ll always regret that I didn’t take the time to stand in line to say Hi to “The Gunny”.