1. A cartridge in a bare tree. BAHAHAHA That was our trophy for our winter trap league last year. Hilarious.

    Merry Christmas Mas & EP!

  2. A salt gun?

    Or a Jimmy Buffet kinda Christmas (lost shaker of salt)?!?

    Either way, it’s your own d**n fault 😁

  3. And, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, to You Mas, & the EP, and to all your Blog Reader’s, & Poster’s as well!


  4. With a grain of salt,,,, understood, that’s the way I deal with every day ! Merry Christmas my friend and SEMPER FI from an old MARINE!😁

  5. Merry Christmas Mas and Gail. God bless you both and the righteous work you do to keep us safe from crime and the justice system.

  6. My Christmas started with a 10-pt a couple of weeks ago. (Not one of Santa’s so toy delivery is on schedule HA).
    Merry Christmas Mas, family, and all who read this blog.

  7. Merry Christmas to You and Gail Mas, and also the whole family on this blog. May everyone have a prosperous New Year!