1. Walnut, red flannel and a leather sling – perfect!

    Its attire is similar to that of the Remington 700 BDL (.30-06) that recently followed me home from a pawn shop. I wish I knew its history, but it’s getting reacquainted this season with the local Bambi Blacktails.

  2. I made my model 88 in .308 into a Scout Rifle, by shortening the barrel to 17″, adding an AR-10 flash hider, rubberizing the stock, and adding a 2 x Leupold pistol scope. 1/2″ @ 50 yds. Can send pics if anyone wants…

  3. Mas,
    I enjoyed the article. A deer hunting partner 40 yrs ago had a 100 in 308 and loved it. In all the years hunting with him, I never knew it to jam or misfire. Great rifle! Can you believe that the billionaire gun grabbers have an initiative on the ballot here in Washington that makes the 100, along with the Ruger 10/22 and all semiauto rifles, “semiautomatic assault rifles” with a bunch of additional fees, taxes, training, and bureaucracy applied.

  4. My mom recently gave me her Model 100 in .243 and although I’d handled and even fired a few rounds through it on the range one day, I didn’t really notice what a really nice looking rifle it is until after she’d given it to me. It was with this rifle that mom downed her first and only mule deer back in 2005 at the age of 67. It would sure be nice if Winchester would bring back this one, even if only for a few years.

  5. My dad had a model 88 in 308 he used to harvest deer, antelope and elk. The trigger seems fine to me, and I recently took a hog with it.

  6. Thanks, Mas! Thanks a whole big bunch! I consider myself to be fairly educated on makes and models of firearms, but never knew this to even exist. And now, dammit…I want one. Guess I’ll file it away for future pursuits along with the Rem model 8 and a vintage Savage 99 in .300. Should probably start saving for a bigger safe.

    • I had a very accurate Remington 7400 in 30-06 that didn’t fail. I went to bolts, levers, or pumps after finding that Canada didn’t allow non-residents to transport semi-auto high-powers.
      Looking at reports on the most recent, unfortunate death-by-grizzly-attack in Wyoming. Looks like pepper spray failed the hunting guide, who was then killed. The injured hunter tells in a video that he tried to toss a handgun to the guide during the attack. Could have been a best alternative given unclear limitations in the moment, who knows? A Win 100 or Rem 7400 in 30-06 loaded with premium bullets would have been immeasurably useful, given time to react with it. Sudden attacks like this, though, are why proficiency on horseback with a top-grade, single-action hand-cannon can be essential. .475 Linebaugh is a great choice of round if you can handle the awesome recoil and noise. A life-saver vs. bears.

      • My S&W model 29 44 Magnum, Is always with me when just in the woods, Or out Deer Hunting, Black Bears have been a big problem the last few years in the North East, Nothing like a good Magnum, when running into Bears etc.

  7. Wow that does bring back memories of my Grandfather and his favorite hunting rifle. AND that my folks worked at Sprague Electric in Worcester MA in the 70’s, lol. About that time my Dad gave me his Winchester single shot 22LR. Many happy returns!

  8. What a treat to read this with a cup of coffee on a cool October morning. Thanks, Mas!