My wife and I were crossing the Louisiana line into Texas for the NRA Annual Meeting when the radio told us of the situation happening in Uvalde, Texas. I decided then and there I wouldn’t write about it for a month or so, until the facts were in. “Breaking news is broken news.” Look at how much we were told at the time has since proven to be wrong.

Well, it’s now been more than TWO months, the blame having shifted to the police, and we still haven’t heard from the many cops who were at the scene, champing at the bit to enter and rescue, and held back by an on-scene command structure that fibrillated like a dying heart, with similar results.  But in the still-developing, still-front-page news, two critical elements are starkly, shamefully absent.

The same media and assorted mouthpieces who blame gun owners, the NRA, and the police are conspicuously silent about the effects of the media blitz itself.  It is telling every hate-filled loser who watches television or reads the Internet, “Do you feel little and weak and helpless and unimportant? Just get hold of a gun and murder a bunch of helpless little kids, and you’ll be the talk of the nation for months!  Why, they’ll talk about you more than they do movie stars having spectacular breakups or new marriages! You’ll be an INFLUENCER, even after you’re dead!”

Mark my words, the next such monsters are feeding on exactly that even as you read this.  It is almost four and a half years – nearly half a decade – since the Parkland school massacre, and the little turd who committed that atrocity is still on front pages during his sentencing hearing.  And alive to smugly revel in his publicity…in his self-perceived, media fueled importance.

And while the same culpability-sharing mainstream media ignores its part in inspiring these things, preferring to demonize law-abiding gun owners and the National Rifle Association along with the police, there is another elephant in the room that is invisible because, from that mainstream media to the Democrat Party, no one seems to want to see it.

Texas authorizes an armed teacher/faculty program.  The Uvalde school system chose not to take advantage of it, presumably because it’s “not politically correct.”  Two brave schoolteachers died, helplessly, trying to protect their young students.  If even one of them could have met that pathetic excuse for a human being with a bullet in his face, they and every single one of those children would be alive and unscathed today.




  1. I’ve grown more reluctant to comment on these operations too, but if people don’t know, they don’t have any idea just how many times the media a dog will do as they’re master will order.
    From Adam Lanza the NON existent never born young man, to the Uvalde shooter, who unbelievably owned a new $70,000 pickup truck, not one but 2 expensive AR-15. The DDM4 V7 AR-15 over 1800. someone said over 3000. He also owned expensive clothing in his closet. Now, how did a kid do all of that working part time at a fast food joint. If some believes the media narrative, then have a nice day. In effect you are standing in receivership for the govt. next scenario. We can easily go down through history and check when this or that dictator took power in various nations. What was the out-come.
    It’s up to each individual to either go along with the media/govt. narratives, or demand proof. If you choose door number #1 then your free to roam about the country, for now at least.
    (American Gun News)
    Throughout history, governments have understood this. Every state power has known that in order to subjugate a people, those people must be disarmed. A house, after all, is like a fortification when its occupants are armed. Without arms, the occupants of a home are more like prey in a trap when police descend upon them.

    History is full of examples of governments disarming their citizens with the promise that they will be protected by the state only to be brutally betrayed. What follows is a litany of blood that has not been taught in American high schools in nearly one hundred years.

    1911: Turkey; citizens disarmed – 1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered

    1929: Russia; citizens disarmed – 20 million Russians murdered

    1935: China; citizens disarmed – 20 million Chinese killed

    1938: Germany; citizens disarmed – 6 million Jews murdered

    1956: Cambodia; citizens disarmed – 1 million “intellectuals” killed

    1964: Guatemala; citizens disarmed – 100,000 Mayan Indians massacred

    1970: Uganda; citizens disarmed – 300,000 Christians put to death

    The ancient eastern martial arts are, almost without exception, the creations of people who were deprived of their weapons. Kung Fu, Karate, Judo, and so many more systems of self-defense were created by people desperate to defend their homes and families from tyrannical governments.

    Here in the United States, we have a democratic republic, which means the government must first manufacture consent before they can take our weapons.

    Unfortunately living in a civilized society does not exclude us from this type of unlawful action. After Hurricane Katrina finished wreaking havoc in Louisiana, local governments began forcibly confiscating firearms from everyone, even innocent, law-abiding citizens. One elderly woman was beaten half to death when she attempted to hand over a small revolver to a group of police that forced their way into her home.

    As every legal gun owner knows, there are already many laws controlling the sale and movement of firearms. Licensing, controls, varying laws from state to state, and grueling background checks present a high barrier to legal gun ownership. Worse, every legal gun owner has generated paperwork that the government can use to create a list of armed citizens.

    The fact that so many false statistics and propaganda are used to try to push anti-gun laws on us is the only proof you need to know that being armed is not a privilege. Responsible gun ownership is the duty of every qualified and capable citizen.

    ~ American Gun News

    • Sadly those that stand up and protest government’s illegal actions are vilified.

      The proper response to the Katrina actions by agents of the government was to forcefully resist such illegal government actions. I think as a nation we have almost reached the tipping point and the bullet box will be our only resort.

      While we eventually “won” in court regarding the illegal confiscation of firearms I can guarantee that none of those governmental agents felt any effects from their illegal actions due to qualified immunity. Until they, governmental agents, start to feel fiscal and physical pain for their illegal actions will anything change.

      Also the illegal taking of firearms rendered those people unable to protect themselves at a time when they were most vulnerable. We will likely never know who, and how many, were injured or killed after their means of protection was illegally taken by those government agents. When laws are wrong, or mandates, it is our responsibility to resist. Even with lethal force if necessary.


      • I have to respectfully disagree, Vince: forcible resistance to the gun confiscation in New Orleans during Katrina would have been illegal, and would have sent anyone who did so to prison or gotten them killed. The subsequent legal action was the best redress.

      • Mas, I understand and respect your opinion on this scenario. However, let’s consider another similar situation back in the late 1700’s. Redcoats under the legal orders of King George knock on Americans’ doors and demand their guns. Should the then subjects of the crown surrender their weapons and take King George to court under the British legal system or should they resist and fight for what they believe in?

        There comes a time when physical action needs to be taken in preference to legal action. Hopefully this will not be anytime soon, but it’s coming. I leave it up to the individual to decide what they should do when they hear jackboots stomping up to their door.

        Of course single people living alone would act differently than those with wives, children, and pets present as they wouldn’t want those innocents slaughtered along with them. But use common sense too, because if you’re half asleep in your pajamas holding a Glock 19, you would not stand a chance against a bunch of heavily armed and armored stormtroopers itching to blast you with their tactical toys. Better to hand over your gun(s) now, but remember their faces if they’re not masked and take care of business at a later time.

      • Taking care of business would be a subsequent lawsuit. Anyone who advocates shooting police in this blog will need to find another site to hang out at.

      • Also, rescinding “qualified immunity” is exactly what is leading us down the dark alley of rampant increases of violent crime and foolish mandates of “no pursuit” in leftist hell holes like Chicago. Where criminals only need about a 5 step headstart to be able to commit nearly any crime without fear of being run down and shot in their tracks!

      • Mas, who said anything about shooting cops??? How can you identify the officers later in court if you don’t remember what they look like? Besides, the cops will always be masked anyway as they know no charges can be filed against them if they cannot be positively identified by their victims. Don’t jump to wrong conclusions!

  2. Unfortunately, we appear to have become a nation of whiners and bitchers instead of doers. Scream about “climate change” but do nothing to address the adverse effects of rising sea levels and increased forest fires. Scream about “gun violence” but do nothing to actually protect inner city senior citizens and schoolchildren. I am personally aware of a number of teachers and school principals who carried handguns “back in the day.” They had no permits or authorization to do so, but they knew that evil existed and were prepared to do what it took to protect “their” kids. Today, most teachers and school officials prefer to deny reality, stick their heads in the sand, and hope that nothing bad happens. As the old sergeant said, “hope is not a plan.”

  3. Sadly enough, we don’t listen to those subject matter experts who dedicated their lives and careers to attempting to understand and prevent these occurrences. In 2007, I was involved in bringing Lt. Col. David Grossman to the Buffalo, NY area to speak on the topic of preventing mass casualty events. Did we learn from what he tried to tell us?

    Even though the Buffalo News reported on Lt. Col. Grossman’s presentation; their coverage, along with most of the WNY media forgot what he pleaded with the media NOT to do. Don’t give the monsters any publicity.

  4. Good historical reminder of gun confiscation by JimB. Teachers who volunteer to undergo significant training should be armed. In addition the first LE on scene with a rifle needs to initiate assault immediately when shooter active. In this case with a closed door/room entry and 3 were available almost immediately then would have been better. Uvalde a breakdown of school security standards and local LE training. Going home safely at night is a second priority in this case.

    • Going home safely after the shift is important, and it’s even better going home, knowing you did your part to put down a monster and satisfied that you saved as many lives as possible under the circumstances. Officers should take the oath when they’re sworn in seriously. It does not mean throwing away your life needlessly, but when you may lose it saving good people, you take that risk and rely on your skills and equipment to survive.

  5. Public mass murders are terrorism and those who commit them are terrorists. Until we have an Administration that treats them as such, and makes these cowards anonymous, we’ll continue to have copy cats looking for their 15 minutes (or years) of fame. We should all be working to make this a plank in the Republican platform.

  6. We just sat through yet another “training” session on active shooter response here, a few miles down the road from Highland Park — in a building with big “no guns allowed” signs on every door. The dedicated police offers conducting the training tried to reassure people, describing the huge response we could expect in this densely-populated area, telling us that help would be onsite in minutes. But they were also blunt — pointing out that they wouldn’t be helping any victims right away, but instead would be focused initially on stopping the threat. They glossed over the slide that mentioned that 53% of the active shooter incidents are over before police arrive. I doubt anyone else in the room paid much attention to that.

    There’s lots of attention now to bringing in “experts” and spending untold sums of money on “security” (or the illusion thereof — Security Theater, I call it.) Run, Hide, Fight is the mantra — but only “fight” with chairs and bludgeons and throwing office supplies. At least most of the people in the room were smart enough to realize the insanity of using caveman tools to fight an insane, evil person. I wonder how many people will stop by in the coming weeks to ask me for advice about arming themselves in their homes and outside of work?

  7. I’m happy to say that I trained 15 teachers, custodians and bus drivers 6 years ago in rural Minnesota. It was a very hush hush event as it should be. I have the feeling that many rural school districts across America have done likewise. It’s beyond tragic that Uvalde turned down this common sense solution. They have blood on their virtue signaling hands.

  8. This isn’t going to end anytime soon. At least not in our lifetime.

    But over the last 68+ years, the leftist democrats have continued to attack the law abiding owners, and since the left also owns the majority of the news media, they have made many more gains than we have. And if they continue as they have, they will eventually have enough liberal SCOTUS members to ‘interpret’ the constitution as they please.

    After all, look at the indoctrination that has, and is, taking place in our lifetime. Schools are teaching that the police and laws are bad. And everyone should be ashamed to be who they are. ????

    The latest generation, doesn’t care about their own rights, much less what the Constitution means, or intended. Or the inevitable consequence of eliminating the 2nd Amendment.

    I’m sure there are a lot of your readers who are democrats. Some who are diehard.
    Might ask why They continue to vote to have their freedoms and firearms restricted. And what they will do when gun bans are implemented.

  9. Spot on as usual, Mas. As for my comments on what to do, I’ll refer all to Ed Monk from Last Resort Firearms Training who has been studying active shooter events for years. His presentations, some of which are on YouTube, are very educational. He makes the point that unless officials in government and education want to continue accepting high body counts, they need to do something different than they have been. Of all the options available, the ONLY one which has a chance of stopping these events is having multiple armed and trained personnel on site able and willing to intervene immediately. Deterrence is great – until it doesn’t work, and then you need the other option right then and there to keep the body count to a minimum (unfortunately it will likely never be zero). Of course, a long term solution will have to address the cultural rot that produces these mentally ill people.

    • The math in the Monk presentation is pretty unassailable. An unopposed gunman will shoot someone every 10 seconds. The average police response time, even when they do everything right is 6 minutes.

    • Tom in NC,

      I agree with you 100%. So would everyone else, if they “followed the science (facts).”

  10. I read the report by the Texas state house, which includes a lot you’ll never read in the alleged news. It documents failure at every level of society, macro to micro. Everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong, starting with a one-parent family, and that one parent was a drug addict.

    This country is so screwed up. I don’t see how it gets better any time soon, if at all.

  11. Schools need to be protected with the same level of security as the house and Senate. Or, the House and Senate need to be protected with the same level of security as Schools. The problem would be quickly be resolved.

  12. Remember Newt, the little girl survivor from “Aliens”. “My mother said there were no monsters….there are.” I showed this clip to our Citizens Police Academy and Civilian Handgun Familiarization classes for years. Many of them were teachers and staff from the local ISD and community college. Sadly, some still didn’t get the point.

  13. We are a few miles from Santa Fe, TX, where they had a major shooting a few years ago. We never hear about that one anymore because an AR-15 wasn’t used.

    Did we ever get the full story on the Vegas shooter? It’s strange that someone had all of those guns and tons of ammo in a hotel room, upstairs, and nobody knew anything about it.

    I’m convinced that something is triggering these shooters, at least some of them. Some of them are just copycats, and there is probably some underlying drug connection as well (maybe SSRI use, or hybrid pot). The only thing in our favor as gun owners is that there are 400 million guns in circulation with law-abiding owners.

    The roots of gun control in this country are racist, going all the way back to Harper’s Ferry and John Brown. I’ve seen it unfolding over 40 years, or even before Hinkley shot Reagan. The laws in MD in the 60s and 70s were changed to make guns as expensive as possible, and that hurt the poorest in society. In NC, where I grew up, you needed law enforcement’s permission to buy a handgun – still do. It’s just gotten worse for gun owners during that time, state by state, but “shall issue” and concealed carry have made inroads and taken some of our rights back. The current wave of Constitutional Carry is different between different states; our version in TX has some glaring flaws that have nothing to do with the Constitution of TX or anywhere else (confiscation without probably cause, for example).

    The state of “gun control” in this country shows us all how a slippery slope works. God bless Clarence Thomas.

    • The shooter in Santa Fe was also under age 18. He wasn’t allowed to possess a firearm, period. Gee, if we just raise the minimum age to buy all guns….

  14. ah yes, the good ol’ Columbine Syndrome: make heroes of the dirtbag killers, idolise them, dig up all the details of their rotten lives. Far more people now remember the names of those two cold blooded murderers than of any of their dead victims. Same with any other such killing.
    I have only two words with respect to that conduct: STOP IT.

    When I first read about the FASTER Saves Lives programme that came together in Ohio following the Sandy Hook debacleI believed it was a valid solution to the issue. I still do. First thing I thought when reading the early reports of that incident was identical to Mas’ response” WHERE were the armed/skilled school staff. I KNEW that Texas law has created a pathway to armed/trained adult staff at schools. WHERE were they? The oh so politically correct dweebs had “decided” otherwise.
    Funny, at the Parkland School the FASTER folks from Ohio had gone an talked to them, but they decided they did not want to do that. Then the massacre happened. Could have been stopped by any one or more things that were seen but simply ignored instead of confronted. Almost as if……..

    And I DO NOT comprehend WHY the media continue to flood the public space with their names and every available detail of their lives. Wanna Be’s are aided, abetted, and encouraged to find their own fame in the same way.

  15. Too often, we don’t see the “Big Picture” of what is happening in the World. We look at the battle over the 2nd Amendment as just a fight over Civil Rights. We tell ourselves that the Firearms-prohibitionists are just misguided people who have wrong ideas. We think that the issue is driven by a small group of fanatics on the “lunatic fringe”.

    This is “Small Picture” thinking. It is looking at just one tree without seeing the true size and depth of the entire forest.

    The truth is that the Worldwide Left exists. They have great power. They mean to “transform” the World to match the ideal of their Leftist Utopia. During most of the 20th century, their Utopia was built upon a model of Russian Communism. Why? Because that model was working and expanding. Success breeds more success. However, the Russian Communist Model failed during the Reagan Administration. When the Berlin Wall fell, the Russian Communist Model fell with it.

    The Worldwide Left then switched to the Chinese Model. The Chinese Model, itself, has mutated over the years. Under Mao, it was more of a true Communist, Marxist Model. When Mao died, however, the ChiCom leadership updated the Chinese Model. It is a hybrid now. On the economic level, it is more of a crony-capitalist, State-run system similar (in some ways) to the Nazi-fascist system in 1930’s Germany. On the command-and-control level, it is still typical communist. Overall, it is a hybrid communist-fascist model. (It is typical of the projective, deceptive nature of the Left that the fascist foot-soldiers of today’s World name themselves: Antifa.)

    The globalists and the American Uniparty elites no longer consider the classic American government (a Constitutional Representative Republic) as the ideal government model. Rather, they look to the Chinese Model as ideal. They are green with envy at the power and control that the ChiCom’s have achieved. Consider that the total membership of the Chinese Communist Party is about 97 million (according to sources on the Internet). The total size of the Chinese military is less than 3 million. Yet, the total population of China is about 1.5 billion. This means that less than 100 million people are keeping the rest of the population as serfs to the State. Less than 7% of the population exercises 100% control. Oh, how our elites long for such control over the American People!

    Their plan, for America, is to move us to an Americanized version of the Chinese Model. They are about 80% to 90% of the way there. Consider this:

    1) In China, the State controls 100% of the media and education. In America, the State (working with its partners in Big Tech, Big Media and Academia) have at least 95% control.

    2) In China, the State has tools (internet and communication filters, economic tracking, cameras, cell-phone tracking, etc.) to track and control its population. The American Government is well on the way to building such a system (despite our 4th Amendment) here.

    3) The Chinese government floods their population with propaganda and indoctrination. Same with the American Government (again, with the help of their private partners).

    4) The Chinese government controls the economy. The American Government tries to do this too but seems not to be as skilled.

    5) Any opposition to ChiCom rule is ruthlessly suppressed. Human Rights are routinely violated. As shown by the January 6th response and the rigged 2020 election, the elites here are just as ruthless. American human rights are also, routinely, being violated.

    There are more items that could be mentioned but the above ones make the point. We are well down the path to the Left seizing permanent control, as they did in China, and establishing their Americanized version of the Chinese Model.

    There is one critical difference, however. In China, a military of less than 3 million can keep a population of 1.5 billion (a population 500 times larger than the military) under control because the population is unarmed. The Chinese State is armed. The Chinese People are not. That is the critical difference.

    Here in America, the Left has worked to overturn the 2nd Amendment and disarm the American People for nearly a century. They have utterly failed. The American People are as heavily armed as they have ever been. Indeed, I would say that we are better armed today then we were in 1934 when the National Firearms Act was first passed into law.

    This is critically important. Unless the American People are disarmed, the Left will fail at its efforts to transform us to the Chinese Model. Things will come to a head (we are already almost there) and the American People will rebel against elite rule. If the American People are disarmed, then then the Left can scrap up about 3 or 4 million personnel (military, national guard, police, etc.) to suppress the rest of the population. As China shows, a 500 to 1 ratio can be supported if the population is unarmed. Thus, 4 million can easily enslave 335 million. However, if that population is armed, then no such control is possible.

    The only thing keeping the old American Republic still standing is the 2nd Amendment. If the 2A falls, America falls into the hands of the Global-Elite Marxist-Fascists. The Left-Wing Uniparty will seize power and it may be another century before it can be torn out of their hands.

    So, the Media doing everything in its power to glorify and encourage mass-murder events is not just stupidity or foolishness on their part. It is part of the plan. The American People must be panicked into accepting Firearms-Prohibition. The American People must, willingly, hand over their arms and hold out their hands to accept the Left’s chains. Thus, creating crisis after crisis and mass-murder after mass-murder is the Left’s path forward.

    It is said that African Lions use fear as a tool to kill cattle. The cattle are herded into kraals, at night, for safety. The lion cannot reach them there if the kraal is strong. So, what does the lion do? He moves upwind and lets the breeze carry his scent to the cattle. The cattle panic and run about, crashing into the sides of the kraal. The lion cannot break the walls, but the cattle can. The cattle breach their own kraal wall and run, in panic, into the night. Then, the lion begins his killing.

    The Left is using a similar tactic. Releasing criminals, encouraging mass-shootings, promoting unrest, encouraging a foreign invasion across our Southern border, to cause panic in the American People. They want us, ourselves, to break down our Constitutional protections. To voluntarily give up our Rights. Especially, our 2nd Amendment Rights. They want us to panic and disarm for the false promise of safety offered by Firearms-Prohibition. Once our protection falls and we are disarmed, we will wander into the night. Then the killing will begin.

    Look on the internet right now. You will see the Leftist Media pumping out hundreds of stories, articles and opinion pieces promoting the virtues of Firearms-Prohibition. You see Blue States rushing to enact new Firearms-Prohibition laws. This is all in response to the recent SCOTUS Bruen Decision. The Leftists are now the ones who are panicking. They are becoming desperate. If the 2nd Amendment stands, they will ultimately fail. In their minds, “Failure is not an Option”. There is no limit to what the Left will do to take down the 2nd Amendment. They will kill 10,000 school children if that is what it takes to panic the American People into disarmament.

    The left-wing media tools will not change course. They will continue to encourage “Gun Free Zones” and continue to glorify mass-murderers. For the Left, it is either victory or death. For us (The American Citizen), it is victory or enslavement.

    As they say: “You pays your money and takes your choice”.

    • Lest some think that I am overplaying the role of China and the Worldwide Left in the crony corruption associated with their fascist-like economic dealings, I offer the following additional evidence:

      This story is related to the Hunter Biden / Biden Crime Family dealings with Chinese dirty money. Remember the “10% for the Big Guy” information found on Hunter’s Laptop computer hard-drive? The hard-drive that the FBI and intelligence spooks have moved “heaven-and-earth” to cover up and deny?

      Well, as the above linked report shows, we now have confirmation that “The Big Guy” is crooked Joe himself.

      A river of dirty money is running through D.C. and around the World. If we had true law-enforcement agencies who would “follow the money”, there is no limit to the amount of corruption that could be unearthed.

      That is why the Leftist elites are so desperate to hold onto power. If a true opposition party took power, one willing to expose their corruption, how many of them would be sent to prison for their crimes? We would need a wave of prison-building and new prisons just to house the numbers!

    • TN_MAN,

      Since the Anti-Americans (I’ll just call them “Communists”) want to make gun owners look bad, create chaos and a fear of privately-owned guns, leading to the sheeple panicking and allowing the government to confiscate guns, I could come up with a conspiracy theory, if I was so inclined.

      Maybe the Communists told the police chief to stand down, while the criminal made his attack. Maybe the door was unlocked on purpose, so the goblin could enter. The Communists wanted a high body count, and didn’t want the police to end the shooting quickly. That way, they could tell the public, “See, those good guys with guns didn’t help.” It looks like the monster only killed the children in one classroom, then barricaded himself in that one room. The Communists would have been happier if he had continued the massacre, going from classroom to classroom, and getting a body count of closer to 50, not 21. In 77 minutes, he should have been able to kill more than 21 people. Looks like he got scared and stayed put, hiding, because he knew the cops would eventually come for him.

      So, I don’t believe what I have just written above, but it is plausible, when we recognize that Communists are doing everything they can to get us to go along with giving up our guns to them.

      • In the James Bond movie Thunderball, agents of Spectre wore a ring showing an octopus. Communists in America are like that, their many tentacles reaching into every federal, state, and even local governments and influencing if not outright controlling them. It’s not inconceivable that obedient puppets of the shadowy Socialists in this country are secretly manipulating members of our government to carry out their diabolical agenda. However, I don’t believe the rumors that Elvis, who faked his death on the throne back in the 70’s, is actually Doctor Evil and causing this current mayhem.

  16. Regarding the “media blitz”: Michael Bane’s metaphor, “chumming for monsters” never seemed more accurate. Thankfully, this particular monster won’t be around to be ‘chummed’ repeatedly by news media, drawing up even more like him.

  17. The last several generations have been taught we “just animals” and animals should have the same rights as humans. When animals kill each other in the wild we chalk it up to “its just nature”. So why is everyone shocked when people act like the animals we told we are?

    • There are some people who cannot seem to resist many centuries of tradition, even if they have been moved to a location halfway around the world to a different culture which should have changed them for the better. In their previous countries, tribes would attack other villages to murder, rape, and rob people who look exactly like them (no racism here). Some of those villages were populated by peaceful folks who just want to stay in their area and live quietly, but were slaughtered and taken as slaves. Yes, we are all animals, but a certain number among us are vicious beasts.

    • Tod Winters,

      Yes, as Charles Darwin taught, Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest. Hitler believed in evolution, and believed that the Aryan race would evolve to one day dominate all the “inferior” races. Hitler just wanted to speed up what he believed to be the inevitable process of evolution. World War II was about evolution, the strong dominating the weak.

      During the Columbine High School Massacre, April 20th, 1999, one of the goblins wore a T-shirt with the words, “Natural Selection” written on it. They also selected Hitler’s birthday, April 20th, 1889 for their attack. We even saw Natural Selection and the Survival of the Fittest illustrated on that day. Reportedly, the goblins went to the high school to murder their tormentors, the bullies, the jocks. Well, the jocks ran out of the building quickly, and survived. The goblins then went into the library, and shot nerds hiding under the library desks, instead of shooting the jocks who had bullied the goblins.

      Imagine a lawless city gone wild with people killing each other (Mad Max). Who will come out on top, the most brutal people, or the most harmless, compassionate people?

      As a Christian, I believe in micro-evolution, but not macro-evolution. I have to admit that when a stronger force meets a weaker force, the stronger force prevails. Evolution is real, I just don’t believe one species changes into another species. I believe in variations within species.

  18. Actually, the media message is: “Just get hold of an AR-15 and murder a bunch of helpless little kids, and you’ll be the talk of the nation for months!”

    I wonder why everyone thinks the AR-15 is the “gun of choice?” (Even though it isn’t.)

      • The mass media, but also the anti-gun folks pushing bans when they fulminate about how deadly the “high powered” .223 is and how AR-15s are “a weapon of war” despite not a single modern military fielding a semiauto infantry rifle.

    • larryarnold,

      Why is the AR-15 the gun of choice? Looks. As everyone knows, Americans put a heavy emphasis on appearance. Look at the “wicked” AR-15. Now look at a lever-action rifle or a flintlock musket.

      Here’s another illustration on the importance, and the deception, of appearance. Look and listen to Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. Which one appears tougher? Guess what? Both served in WWII. Ronald Reagan made movies and training films for the military. At age 19, George H. W. Bush was the pilot of a torpedo bomber, and as we all know, he got shot down. But in the 1980s, Reagan appeared strong, and Bush appeared weak and mealy-mouthed. George Bush used to also go parachuting in his old age.

      Just remembered there was a wonderful poster of Ronald Reagan back in the 1980s. Someone took the poster of Rambo, removed the head, and put Ronald’s head on Rambo’s body, and called it, “Ronbo.”

      That one is similar to the one I remember, but not the same.

      • Roger, as I recalled the altered image you may be referring to is of a muscular Reagan showed him shirtless holding a RPG. For awhile, Liberals claimed Ronald Wilson Reagan was the reincarnated Satan as his number is 666 and the former president’s names each contained six letters each.

      • Tom606,

        You remind me of some interesting Reagan trivia. I don’t believe in these things, but they are interesting.

        Ronald Wilson Reagan has six letters in each of his three names = 666

        He broke the “Twenty-Year Curse.” Each American President elected in a year ending with zero, starting with 1860, and ending in 1960, has died in office. This includes Presidents Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Harding, Franklin Roosevelt and Kennedy. Reagan was first elected in 1980.

      • Roger, the ‘Gipper’ was lucky in that he was hit with one shot from a .22 rimfire revolver fired by a dope trying to impress a plain looking woman who happens to be a lesbian.

  19. Tod Winters, some people who can’t help but believe that most or all people are basically good, also believe that sane people who prepare to defeat evil by arming themselves are taking dubious measures, since seriously bad stuff won’t happen “to us” on any given day, will only happen to “other people,” is too hard to stop anyway, and it is “not our job” to stop it. Consequently, unconfronted violence happens frequently, without effective deterrent in the moment. People need to pray for the best, and just do what they can to defeat evil. Love of money is indeed the root of all evil, especially regarding fake news, the bane of existence.

  20. while i respect all Mas says here and the comments submitted, something more nefarious is afoot. i don’t mean to be a downer, but it is what it is. over the years, there has been one “constant” (common denominator) regarding cowards and psycho’s killing the innocent in a “mass shooting” incident. mostly white, all known to the FBI or local law enforcement, mostly prohibited persons, but slipped through the ‘cracks’.

    The common denominator? a demon-crat holding the presidency.

    yes under Trump we had a summer pf rage, mostly peaceful protests that resulted in BILLIONS in damages to property and life, but that was acceptable and even lawmakers were bailing those few out that got caught.

    Mas, your “law enforcement” agencies have been compromised. i guess you won’t realize that until an ATF agent shows up at your house and kicks you in the balls demanding to see whats in your safe or if an IRS agent shows up requesting info you did 20 stinking years ago.

    psy-op at it’s best… mass shootings in lilly white areas…

    • In a nutshell, the Left aka the Dark Side is winning. Huge numbers of Americans have been indoctrinated by progressive teachers over many decades and are now liberal zombies, mindlessly following the lead of Demoncrat politicians. The insidious Dark Side has many henchpersons insinuated in everything from small private businesses to massive government agencies including the U.S. military.

      Liberals consider themselves mentally superior to all others, especially conservatives who they dismiss as ignorant peasants needing their wise guidance. They don’t care about facts or logic, just what they want and will do anything to get. Above all, they want your absolute obedience and loyalty. Remember the scene in Conan The Barbarian where Doom asks Conan what power is? As Conan watches, the villain beckons to a female follower standing on the edge of a cliff and she happily steps off the ledge and falls to her death. Doom tells Conan that is true power. That is what liberals want from us.

      Americans have gotten to the point where they are comfortable and don’t want to cause a fuss over any wrongdoing. We allow criminals to wreak havoc, hoping they will get over their ‘rage’ and calm down to become good citizens. We watch politicians thumb their noses at the U.S. Constitution and our laws and hope it’s just a temporary thing. Too few want to stand up to these goblins and put a stop to their abuses. Now it may be too late as the Dark Side has gained so much power, it may be impossible to stop them. Until the majority of Americans come to their senses and grow a spine, and get rid of these political swamp creatures and their hordes of evil zombies, we are doomed.

  21. This question was asked above: Why is the AR-15 the gun of choice for mass-murderers?

    Various responses were given such as:

    1) This is a lie. Handguns are used in mass-murders more than the AR or AK style weapons.
    2) Because of appearance. Such firearms have a “military appearance”. They have a “tactical” look. They are commonly used as props by Hollywood and, of course, Hollywood is all about looks.
    3) Because the Leftist Media has labeled it as such and promotes its use whenever they glorify mass-murderers.

    All these responses are valid, however, they are simply individual trees in the forest.

    Let’s look at the big picture. What is the ultimate goal of the Left? Answer: To control and dominate all human life on the planet Earth.

    A basic precondition to exercise such control (by a minority of left-wing fanatics) is for all human populations to be unarmed. The leftists must have a monopoly on firearms. As Mao noted: “Political Power flows from the barrel of a gun”. The Left wants total political power, therefore, they must control every gun. It is as simple as that.

    Many human populations, around the world, are largely disarmed. It varies from country to country. Those countries under Leftist control tend to be the most disarmed (Examples: China, North Korea, etc.).

    The American Population is heavily armed. That is a critical problem for Leftist control. Thus, America has been subjected to the efforts of Leftist anti-gun groups and movements for almost a century now. Early efforts were crude and ideologically driven. The “Useful Idiots” in control of those groups really believed that they were fighting violence. Handguns are, far and away, the type firearm most used for violence and crime. Thus, early firearm-prohibition efforts were focused on banning handguns and you had groups like “Handgun Control, Inc.” pushing the effort.

    However, these groups were eventually controlled by true leftists. If the goal is to disarm the population, they reasoned, then the focus should not be on handguns. Power does not flow very well from the barrel of a handgun. It flows much better from the barrels of automatic and semi-automatic rifles! 🙂

    Therefore, the power-hungry Left refocused their anti-gun efforts several decades ago. The anti-gun group, The Violence Policy Center (well named since their policies promote violence! 🙂 ) produced a “Policy Paper” in 1988 that, basically, started the effort to refocus firearms prohibition on “Assault Weapons” rather than handguns. See this link:

    Lets face it. If a disarmed population is your goal then you get the “Most Bang for your Buck” (please forgive the pun. 🙂 ) by removing automatic and semi-automatic rifles from the population in preference to other types of firearms such as rimfires or handguns.

    So, why the AR or AK? Because they are the most effective firearms in civilian hands and the Left gains the most profit, for their totalitarian plans, by banning them first. Once they are gone, the Left can go after all the rest in order of their effectiveness are resisting the Left’s Power-Control efforts.

    Naturally, the Left has instructed their Media Propagandists to vilify so-called “Assault Weapons” first. They are now the primary target for their firearms prohibition efforts. Their propagandists are good little useful idiots and have pumped out tens of thousands of article and opinion pieces in obedience of their Master’s instructions.

    As I pointed out in an previous blog post, they have produced thousands of articles just since the SCOTUS released the Bruen Decision.

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