And we all thought a “not guilty on all counts” verdict would come in quickly in the Rittenhouse case, given the fact that every shot the kid fired was on video and showed him to be under deadly attack: attempted disarm by a violent mental patient, chased by a mob, kicked in the head with a shod foot, clubbed with a skateboard (think “ax handle with more sectional density/ ’Magnum Force’ version”), and finally with a Glock 27 pointed at his head.

Ace instructor John Murphy wrote at,  “The prosecution must’ve attended Ayoob’s Lethal Force Instructor course, because they checked every dirty trick block Mas warned us about.”

No kidding.  During the final argument alone, I lost count of the falsehoods about the law that were put in front of the jury.  The implication that being armed automatically makes you the initial aggressor.  The false statement that an armed man shooting an unarmed man can never be self-defense. (This is not the first lawyer who may have gotten through three years of law school without being familiarized with “disparity of force.”)  The characterization of a vandal and an arsonist as a “hero.”

A prosecutor sweeping his audience with the muzzle of the death weapon, his finger on the trigger, trying to make them subconsciously threatened themselves by the man he’s trying to convict. 

And through it all, the implication that having an AR15 automatically makes you a bad person, a belief that literally got one prospective juror removed from consideration after she said the same in voir dire.

The list goes on. I’ve probably left some out.  Your discussion is invited.  I’ll be back when we have a verdict.


  1. I don’t think they are going to acquit Kyle. It’s a political case. They judge not the man who shot to save himself. Their verdict is against the new political force – leftist mobs, as an alternative to law and order.
    They gave a guilty verdict in the Floyd case, and I don’t see what changes with Rittenhouse.

  2. Don’t forget the “we’ve all taken a beating” argument. While I don’t doubt that pudge-boy took his share of beatings growing up, the very idea that someone should accept a possibly deadly beating “for the greater good” is just repugnant. It is truly a sad state of affairs that those two pathetic losers represent the side of law and order in Kenosha. I truly hope that at least one juror has the fortitude to resist the “we better find him guilty of something” mindset that I fear has infected the jury.

  3. Try speaking English. I know what “sectional density” is, but I’d guess that most of the people who matter don’t have a clue. I am pretty sure that when most people think of a “skate board” they think of a light-weight Chinese plastic thing that couldn’t hurt anyone. But nice try.

    • Mike — most modern skateboards are made of wood (hence the ax-handle reference), are 15-18″ long and have aluminum trucks. Rittenhouse’s attacker wielded it edge-first — a formidable weapon that doesn’t look much like a weapon, until one hits you on the cheek/lips/nose.

  4. I don’t know what is going on with the jury, but one or two members may be scared of acquitting Kyle. They could be influenced by, and afraid of, the mob, and what the mob will do to them if they acquit. If that is the case, we now have mob justice in America, not real justice. We have already seen what the mob did to Derek Chauvin, who did not kill George Floyd. Fentanyl killed George Floyd.

    Remember that Democrats voted for the politicians who are pushing us to communism/tyranny. We need the Republicans to resist the takedown of America, but they don’t, or they don’t do enough. Maybe government of the people, by the people and for the people doesn’t work if the people are stupid or evil.

  5. Then there’s the “If we acquit Antifa will come for us and our families” factor. Given the likelihood of having 12 jurors with the courage to stand up, the odds of a hung jury are high.

    Which will only embolden the rioters.

  6. Informed speculation on Fox TV sees trial justice patiently removed to a remote location with a 3-judge panel. Sounds likely to happen in order to move the process so as to defuse political crises. In any event, anything but a completely fair verdict for Kyle will be a 4-alarm fire for everyone in this country down through the ages. Certain apparently-illegal withholding of evidence by prosecutors must be openly reviewed by the courts to prevent any miscarriage of justice. Talk of a defamation suit against a certain prominent, rush-to-judgement politician ought to be deferred before the verdict with Kyle’s innocence is given.

    • Innocent verdict in, Kyle Rittenhouse and supporters are greatly relieved! Hopefully a lot of people will have been enlightened during the trial regarding otherwise forgettable criminal rioters operating under cover of “demonstrations” in order to break, burn, or steal, and to severely attack anyone daring to resist. Bad behavior somewhat in keeping with a “Build Back Better” policy of creating a problem in order to “solve” (exploit) it. Congratulations to Kyle for his perseverance in the face of bogus trial prosecution. Kudos also for courageously defending himself in the Kenosha riots against multiple physical attacks and threats amid inexcusable social INJUSTICE apparently based on defective reporting of an officer-involved shooting. Many thanks to judge Schroeder, jury, and defense attorneys for justice served.

  7. I find it interesting that the prosecution labeled him as an “active shooter”. WHAT? If Kyle Rittenhouse were an “active shooter”, I’m pretty sure he would have killed or injured many more people than he did AND he would have done so without provocation. (think Dayton Ohio, Las Vegas Nevada shooters, etc.) No, not Kyle. All the video footage of him asking, “anyone need medical”? and carrying a fire extinguisher at one point – seriously? Are those the actions of an “active shooter”? C’mon Mr. Binger…that’s reaching!

    • John Randolph,

      If I remember correctly, Kyle said the magazine was loaded with 30 cartridges. How many cartridges got fired? I did a quick Google search, and counted eight shots. However many shots he fired, it was not 30. An “active shooter” would have emptied one magazine, reloaded and kept on firing. Also, Kyle was always running away from his attackers when he fired.

      There was no need for this incident to go to a trial. Here’s a scary thought; what if this whole incident and trial had happened in a slave state like NJ? I would predict Kyle would be in prison for between 5 and 40 years.

  8. “I lost count of the falsehoods about the law that were put in front of the jury.”

    Indeed, we live in a time of universal deceit. It has reached a point where, if the media actually does straight reporting on a topic, it is a wonder to behold. Telling the truth has become a “man bites dog” type aberration. The American Left has reach that rare level of deception wherein they believe their own lies. Or, to put it another way, they no longer believe in objective truth. Rather, they think that the truth is whatever they say it is in their narratives.

    Unfortunately, people do not understand the true danger of this mindset. They still think that it is “politics as usual” but just on steroids. Wrong! This universal deceit is a symptom of a much, much, much more serious problem.

    It is a symptom of contagious, ideological mental illness. Most people think of mental illness as being an individual problem. Specific to an individual and not contagious. However, humans are subject to contracting ideological mental illnesses that are, by definition, contagious. One of the first studies of this phenomenon was done by author Charles McKay in his book “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds (1841)”. This book is still in print and is available from Amazon if anyone cares to read it.

    Much of human history has been driven by episodes of mass ideological insanity. For example, The Crusades, The Spanish Inquisition, various episodes of Witch Burning, The Armenian Genocide, The Nazi Holocaust, Stalin’s Purges, Mao’s Cultural Revolution, The Killing Fields of Cambodia, and the Rwanda Genocide, etc. were all driven by episodes of mass hysteria / Ideological Mass Insanity.

    Mass ideological inanity is spread by the communication of ideas. Therefore, as the speed of communication has increased, the rate of mass insanity has also increased. Consider that, due to poor lines of communication, it took years for the ideological madness, that fueled the Crusades, to kick off and it took over a century for it to run it’s course. Contrast that with the multiple genocidal episodes that occurred in the 20th Century alone (leading to the deaths, it is estimated, of over 100 million people).

    Insanity is marked by a loss of reality. A truly insane person loses touch with reality and enters a fantasy world that exists only in his or her mind. So, the falsehoods told, daily and hourly, by the American Left are not just ordinary lies. They are a symptom that shows that the person has lost touch with reality and is reciting a narrative from his or her fantasy world. It indicates that the person is mentally ill with an ideological mental disease.

    During normal times, mentally ill people make up a minority of the population. I have seen statistics that say that about 20% (1 in 5) of the adult population will wrestle with some kind of mental problem during his or her lifetime (depression, senility, etc.). Most cases can be treated and do not require hospitalization.

    The statistics also say that about 5% (1 in 20) will have a serious mental health issue that may require hospitalization. However, during a mass hysteria / ideological insanity episode, up to 50% (or more) of the population will lose touch with reality and become clinically insane. It is during such “peaks” of mass insanity that genocides occur.

    The universal deceit that we see from our officials and the media points to the fact that the U.S.A, Europe and much of the English Speaking World is caught up in a left-wing inspired ideological episode of mass insanity. The majority of our leaders in Government and business and almost 50% of our population clinically qualifies as insane. The constant lying is a telling symptom of the underlying problem of contagious ideological insanity.

    So, the old saw about the “inmates running the asylum” is literally true. People who are clinically insane are running our government, running the Justice System, running the military, running economic policy, running big business, etc. An insane person is sitting in Washington with his finger on the Nuclear Button!

    We should be afraid. Very afraid. The world history of such ideological insanity episodes shows that they tend to spiral out-of-control until they generate a genocide and millions of people die.

    We live in very, very, very dangerous times. May God deliver us from this evil!

    • I am greatly in agreement with you, sir. Only to add that if you follow the money, misuse of the “Devil’s brother” by certain diabolical billionaires may be the driving force behind the thriving illness.

    • TN_MAN,

      To me, the Left’s religion is communism. I know people don’t like to hear that word thrown around, but Leftists seem to admire Karl Marx, even though they won’t admit it. “Marxism is the opiate of the intellectuals,” and the non-intellectuals like hearing they will get free stuff, and have an easy life. Communism is a man-centered religion, that puts man in the place of God, has man determine his own destiny, and promises heaven here and now on this earth. In contrast, Christianity teaches that, after denying yourself, and following God’s rules, suffering and enduring trials and temptations in this life, you receive Heaven as a gift of free grace after death. Communism seems to be more palatable to many people.

      It took a civil war for America to end slavery. Maybe it will take another civil war for America to end communism.

    • I will strongly disagree with your characterisation of the Crusades as driven by “mass idealogical insanity” Put simply those operations were simply gathered groupls of christians whose homes and territory had been brutally overtaken them dominated by moslems bent upon killing or “converting” everyone to their set of values and norms. Some areas had been under moslem occupation for well above a hundred years. their ONLY goal was to liberate the victimised captives from the tyranny of the occupying armies of moslems, thus allowing them to return to self-rule. Much like our own US military has so often done the same, or attempted/pretended to do so, within ourlifetimes. We went to war againsat germany to liberate much or Europe from the hold of the nazi idealogy. Was THAT a move of “mass idealogical hysteria? I rather think not. Try, we’ve bungled many such “operatioins” in w=our history, but I’m not talking about those operatioins.

      • It is a matter of opinion, I suppose. You are correct that mistreatment of Christians, by Muslims, was a major justification for launching the Crusades.

        However, in the grand scheme of things, the Crusades were a series of ideological religious wars. People were told that, by fighting in the Crusades and winning back the Holy Land, their sins would all be forgiven and their place in Heaven would be assured.

        This is one “marker” of ideological madness. Such ideological movements almost always include a promise of utopia to be obtained by supporting “The Cause”. The actual utopia, that is promised, varies depending upon the ideology. Religious ideologies generally promise a ticket to paradise or “Heaven” in the afterlife. Nazism promised a “Greater Germany” and “A Thousand Year Reich”. Marxism promised a “Worker’s Paradise”.

        Our current ideological madness promises “Social Justice” and a Society that abolishes Racism, Sexism, plus the end of various other “isms”. It also promises to “Save the World” from “Climate Change”.

        Needless to say, none of these ideological movements have ever delivered on their promises of utopia. The utopia is just part of the scam used to draw in the “useful idiots” needed to man the movement.

        A promise of utopia, either in the here and now or in the afterlife, is a clear “tale/tale” sign that an ideological madness episode is ramping up. This promise motivates the “True Believers”. It is their payoff for supporting the movement plus it justifies any crime. After all, even genocide is justified if it will bring about paradise here on Earth. Isn’t that Right? (The Nazis thought so!)

        I could also point out that plain old greed was a factor in the Crusades. It was a chance to “loot” the Holy Lands and, perhaps, come back to Europe loaded with wealth. What a deal! One gets to loot and pillage (in the Name of God), in the here and now, plus you still go to Heaven when you die. Boy, that is sure a “win/win” deal!

        Charles MacKay includes an extensive section on the Crusades in his book “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds (1841)”. He make a very good case for the Crusades being an example of an “Extraordinary Popular Delusion”.

        For myself, I am willing to stick by my opinion and classify the Crusades as an example of “mass ideological insanity”. I will admit that it was a slow-motion one since it took almost two centuries to run its course. As I pointed out above, this was due to slow speeds of travel and communication. In our modern times, these “mass ideological insanity” episodes tend to burn out faster. Witness that Nazism rose and fell over the course of only two decades instead of two centuries. The USSR, with its Marxism roots, lasted most of a century but it, eventually faded too. Chinese Marxism is still holding on because they have grafted it to a capitalist stem. It is hard to say how much longer it has. At the moment, it looks stronger than America since our founding ideals are being debased by left-wing blue-state socialism.

  9. Glad I was not in the courtroom, I might have reverted to my Navy firearms instructor’s ways and called the persecutor several choice names while “instructing” him what to do with the blatantly and ignorantly mishandled firearm.

    Did anyone else notice the panicked expression on the face of the guy with the badge sitting at the prosecution table?

  10. Not only did it sound exactly like the prosecution attended your class, Mas, it also seemed like the defense never heard of you and/or of any proper way to defend their client. Rittenhouse had a very poor defense, that was frustrating to watch.

    I heard Robert Barnes, who was on the Rittenhouse defense team for months before he was kicked off, say that he had advocated for Andrew Branca to be brought on the team and it was declined. That floored me.

  11. Our thoughts of obvious acquittal didn’t take into account the fears implanted into those jurors by the left’s tampering and threats.
    The judge should have thrown this case out, with prejudice simply on those reaaons!

  12. Truth has won over lies. Now, the police chiefs & mayors in this country need to show the same fortitude that the jurors did & defend their citizens & communities from the mob.

  13. Kyle is not guilty on all charges. Thankfully, justice won today despite a prosecutor treating the US Constitution like nothing more than tissue paper. This is a win for Kyle, but also a victory in the war against the Progressive Left’s assault on legal carry and legal self defense.

  14. I think the judge may be holding the mistrial with prejudice motion open JIC the jury is hung. Also, the point about some in the jury being intimidated if the decision is not guilty is probably of some merit.

  15. I was shocked the defense used reverse psychology and stated that Kyle didn’t intend to kill anyone because he used FMJ rounds….

  16. I saw this morning that Kyle was indeed acquitted. Batten the hatches if you live in a big city in a blue state.

  17. Verdict is in: Not Guilty on all counts.

    Based on the unconstitutional B.S. the prosecutors tried to pull before and during the trial, how long do you suppose before they refile all charges against Mr. Rittenhouse?

    Or contact their federal counterparts to charge him with various federal civil rights violations?

    • They cannot file State charges again because of “Double Jeopardy”. They might try to cobble together some kind of Federal charges but it would be difficult. Rittenhouse is not a law enforcement officer and the people that he shot were white, as he is, so making some kind of Civil-Rights-Violation charge would be very difficult. They might try their luck with a weapons charge but, if Rittenhouse truly did not carry his AR-15 across State lines, even that would be hard to get off the ground.

      My guess is that the Left will simply chalk this up as a defeat and then move on to look for their next victim. They will wait for another school shooting, or police officer shooting of a non-white criminal, to whip up racial outrage and stage their next “Political Show Trial”.

      One thing you can count on. This is not the last “Show Trial” that they will stage. The next opportunity, that presents itself, will be seized and exploited. These “Show Trial” are propaganda vehicles for the Left. The Left considers them to be USEFUL to the CAUSE so they will continue.

      • They cannot file State charges again because of “Double Jeopardy”.

        With respect:
        – They could not use Kyle’s Miranda “right to remain silent” against him, but they sure tried like Hell.
        – They could not withhold potentially exculpatory evidence from the defense, but they did. Twice. (Once with the identity of “Jump Kick Man”, which prevented the defense from calling him as a witness, while also denying Kyle’s right to face his accuser. And again with the high-definition drone video they tried to use as proof of “provocation”.)

        That’s how they treated other rights guaranteed by the Constitution, on the record and in open court. It’s reasonable to assume they’d hold “double jeopardy” in similar regard.

        That said, I do believe you are correct in that this will not be the last “Show Trial” in kangaroo court. The Left does not like to lose — their shock troops will be out for vengeance.

        Everyone, be careful out there.

  18. TN Man, That was an interesting statement, and quite believable as well. Something to consider. As to Kyle Rittenhouse, if they convict out of fear of the mob, the same as they did with Chauvin, then mob justice will be the new normal, and that will have repercussions that will affect every decent person in a dark and negative way for the foreseeable future. Not a way of life for anyone to endure. Our new world order is quickly devolving into an us verses them situation, and there will be nothing good coming out of such an adversarial lifestyle. I truly do hope for a not guilty verdict for this brave young man. He’s what is needed as a citizen, not the vermin he had to fight off that night. The prosecutors should be ashamed, but they are lawyers, so there is no real surprise about their contemptable conduct!

    • Quote of the Day:

      “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.” – Charles MacKay

  19. You said it yourself Mas. A jury is a group of two headed billshut detectors. If they acquitted too quickly the shut would hit the fan in Kenosha. That may still happen anyway, but it appears that the jury made sure they were making the right decision(s).

  20. Let’s see if LGB finds himself the target of a defamation lawsuit for his comments last year BEFORE he was elected along with a number of media outlets leading the white supremacy narrative against Mr. Rittenhouse.

    • TJ,

      The media outlets do a good job of getting their message out there, and believed. Last night, FoxNews reported that media outlets in Brazil, Great Britain and Holland reported that Kyle shot three black men. They reported this YESTERDAY, NOVEMBER 19th!!! I mean the foreign news outlets reported this fake news yesterday, AND, FoxNews told us about the reports last night. So, a year and a quarter after the event, foreign news outlets still reported the WRONG information. Or, if they are part of the New World Order, I guess they reported the “correct” misinformation (propaganda).

      Because I follow Mas’ blog, I had correct information from the beginning, except for a few details about where the gun was stored. And we got that information as soon as we could.
      Who we listen to matters. A trustworthy source will deliver the facts, and clear up any misinformation ASAP.

  21. The first thing I was taught in firearms classes is that it is the responsibility of a firearms owner to avoid confrontations and situations while carrying. Self defense is primary use – not self proclaimed defender of all people. How does it make sense that he sought out “action” by trying to “protect” others during inflammatory situation. That is not the job of a untrained 17y/o. That is a job for trained police officers. If Kyle had stayed home, he would not have been on trial.

    I am all for individual right to own firearms and protect yourself but it didn’t seem to be the best judgement to go to a riot.

    • If Kyle had stayed home, he would not have been on trial.

      I for one am tired of this argument.

      On one hand, you’re absolutely right: If Kyle hadn’t been out that night, he probably wouldn’t have shot three people, two fatally.

      On the other hand, there’s no part of that line of argument that doesn’t apply equally to the men who attacked him: If Rosenbaum, Huber, and Grosskreutz hadn’t been out that night, they probably wouldn’t have been shot!

      But they had a right to be there! Yes, they did, and so did Kyle. Whether it was wise or not for any of them to be there doesn’t change that each of them had the right.

      Where the argument really falls apart is, the “right to be there” applies equally to both sides, but the “right to use violent force” does not. That’s like saying, “Sure, Rosenbaum, Huber, and Grosskreutz didn’t have to attack Kyle, but Kyle also didn’t have to defend himself against their lethal-force attack.”

      Unlike the “he/they shouldn’t have been there” argument, this is not equally applicable to both sides.

      Now, in the interest of “Don’t go stupid places unless you want stupid $#!+ to happen to you,” maybe Kyle shouldn’t have gone, and maybe Kyle shouldn’t have let himself get isolated from his group of fellow armed citizens. But those are both tactical errors, not criminal ones.

      • Archer,

        Excellent post. Last night I heard a TV commentator say something like, “Kyle exercised bad judgment in going to the riot, but exercising bad judgment is not a crime.”

      • except that Kyle was ASKED to show up ahd help his friend defend his business, the car lot/mechanic shop. The place had been attacked the night before, quite a number of cars destroyed. Insurance dies NOT cover damage due to “riot or civi commotion”. Don’t believe me? Check your policy. Not wanting to be totally wiped out financially the owner had asked a number of folks to show up and help him protect his business from a repeat of the previous night.
        Kyle’s age is not material to this request or his decision to help out. Thus Kyle had every RIGHT to be there, whilest NONE of the three dirtbag rioters did. They were tresspassing on private property, guilty of attempted arson of an occupied structure (felony) were most likely the same lot that had been there the night before and had just come back to perform a rerun. Criminal history, all, and up to more criminal activity on the night Kyle stopped them. It was THOSE GUYS lit the fire in the dump box, rolled ot over to attempt to ignite the wooden structure hosing the business. Kyle was adept and loya, enough to put that fire out before it got large enough to torch the whole place. None of them had any right to be there on that property. Kyle did, he was asked.

    • Using a defendant’s exercise of his/her Miranda “right to remain silent” is also not doable. But they tried.

      Sneaking in evidence already deemed inadmissable is not doable. But they tried that, too.

      Withholding potentially exculpatory evidence is not doable. But they did. Twice.

      I don’t believe the DA’s office will re-file charges — the federal civil rights lawsuit on behalf of Kyle Rittenhouse would be epic, and I’d also be pushing for prosecution under 18 U.S.C. 241 (Conspiracy against rights) — but given their demonstrated “respect” for the Constitutional rights of the accused, I don’t believe it’s off the table for them, either.

  22. Now for the Circus when the Civil side of the law gets involved with all sorts of lawsuits. The hyenas circling for there share of this debacle. This would be double jeopardy in my mind, but it’s still legal to do so. At least the jury did their duty. Hope the ones in the future do the same.

    • In some States, a successful claim of self-defense, with respect to criminal charges, will also provide immunity for Civil claims for damages. For example, Tennessee Code Annotated states:

      TCA 39-11-622(d)

      (d) If a plaintiff files a civil action against a defendant based upon the same facts or set of events that resulted in the use or threatened use of force, then the defendant may assert in any responsive pleading or by motion in writing pursuant to the Rules of Civil Procedure that:

      (1) The defendant’s use of force or threatened use of force was justified and permitted by §§ 39-11-611 — 39-11-614, § 29-34-201, or §  49-6-4107;
      (2) The defendant has immunity from civil liability pursuant to this section;
      (3) Because of the defendant’s immunity from civil liability, the claim does not state a cause of action upon which relief can be granted; and
      (4) The defendant requests a hearing to determine if the civil action should be dismissed for this reason.

      If the resulting hearing determines that the use of force was justified (self-defense, etc.) then any Civil damage claims, arising from that use of force, would be automatically dismissed.

      Does anyone know what Wisconsin Law says in this regard? Does it grant Kyle Rittenhouse immunity from any Civil claims for damages because he has now successfully established, in criminal court, that he acted in self-defense?

      • I have been researching this question. This is what I have found:

        Wisconsin Law 895.62

        (2) Except as provided in sub. (4), an actor is immune from civil liability arising out of his or her use of force that is intended or likely to cause death or great bodily harm if the actor reasonably believed that the force was necessary to prevent imminent death or bodily harm to himself or herself or to another person and either of the following applies:

        (a) The person against whom the force was used was in the process of unlawfully and forcibly entering the actor’s dwelling, motor vehicle, or place of business, the actor was on his or her property or present in the dwelling, motor vehicle, or place of business, and the actor knew or had reason to believe that an unlawful and forcible entry was occurring.

        (b) The person against whom the force was used was in the actor’s dwelling, motor vehicle, or place of business after unlawfully and forcibly entering it, the actor was present in the dwelling, motor vehicle, or place of business, and the actor knew or had reason to believe that the person had unlawfully and forcibly entered the dwelling, motor vehicle, or place of business.

        So, it appears that Wisconsin only grants immunity for self-defense in cases where that defense occurred in one’s home, vehicle, place-of-business, etc.

        It looks like there is no grant of immunity if one is simply walking down a public street when one is attacked.

        This is too bad since it means that Rittenhouse’s attackers, or their families, may be able to go after Rittenhouse using Civil claims for damages. Given the way that the media has slandered Rittenhouse, some civil jury might decide that his “victims” deserve some compensation for their pain and loss.

        Sickening. It pays to live in a Red State, folks! 🙂

  23. If I’d been Defense Counsel, I’d have asked Judge Schroeder to have the entire court watch Mas’s “Cute Lawyer Tricks” video in its entirety, just to send Fatlock and Finger the message about “we know what kinda BS you’re gonna try to shovel,” probably even pointed them out By The Numbers in opening statements.

    I’d also have called both Mas and Doc Roberts as Expert Witnesses…

    • My understanding is that Judge Schroeder was a prosecutor before he was a judge, so it’s reasonable to assume he knows all the “cute tricks”.

      Good on him for not allowing them in his courtroom!

      Also, that’s a fantastic video! And yes, I was seeing the attempts at “cute tricks” all throughout the proceedings, too.

  24. Mas,

    This whole trial has been further “ammunition” if you will, showing that everything you teach in class is right on!

    I too was stunned by the statements of the prosecutors. Unbelievable!

    Chalk one up for the good guys.

    & Thank God for video!

  25. Not shocking to see the usual leftists ringing their hands and screeching because a young man was not sent to prison for defending himself from 3 scumbags. If only Cuomo, de Blasio & Lightfoot we’re half as concerned with all the children being murdered by the criminals in their cities. I hope all the New Yorkers who voted for Adams didn’t expect anything different from him.

  26. I was wandering past the TV while Bringer was doing his intro. I was reminded of the the crack about some lawyers minoring in law and majoring in drama/theater arts.

    Use of force law is a legal specialty. I think Mas mentioned at one time that the average time in law school on the subject is under an hour, possibly half that. Also, if you’ve been around a few lawyers, there can be some significant gaps in their knowledge of actual law. Throw in some personal bias and things can get frightening.

    One wonders if the prosecutors were just the next guys up, they volunteered for the case or if, just maybe, the actual DA assigned them with ulterior motives. Could someone please keep track of things to see if the trial judge’s promised day of reckoning actually happens and if so, the results?

  27. With the verdict in we learn that the prosecution purposely withheld key evidence, tampered with the evidence they presented, suborned perjury in their witnesses and, in general did such a bad and dishonest job that one might think they purposely “threw” the trial.
    All three of the men Kyle shot were from out of town nd had criminal records. The one he shot at and missed, who dropkicked him, also had a criminal record.
    Will there be a prosecution of their star witness, gaige grossxxx, for illegally possessing a firearm (I understand he has a felony conviction) or of dropkick guy for assault and battery?
    My understanding is that ‘bingle’ or whatever his name is said he might have prosecuted rosenbaum for starting fires except that Kyle had killed him first.
    I mean… could any team of anything be as incompetent?

  28. The only thing that Kyle Rittenhouse is guilty of, is not having a sighting device on the AR-15 he was carrying.

    Now that he’s a free man, Rittenhouse should learn better gun handling such as making sure his magazines are properly loaded and performing an operations check on the firearm before carrying it, and learning a bit more about ammunition types and their purposes.

    Ideally, Kyle should sign up for one of Mas’ classes, which he could easily afford after winning numerous defamatory lawsuits against Crooked Joe and the mainstream media for putting out so many blatant lies about him.

    • @ Tom606 – “The only thing that Kyle Rittenhouse is guilty of, is not having a sighting device on the AR-15 he was carrying.”

      Not true. During the actual incident, Rittenhouse had a Red Dot sight mounted on the rifle. You can see it in the videos of the actual shootings. I am not sure of the brand. Possibly, it was a Sightmark Red Dot.

      However, before the trial began, someone must have removed it. The rifle that Idiot Binger pointed at the jury had no sights. Which, I guess, made you think it never had sights at all.

      So, the trial exhibit had been “altered” by the Prosecution before presenting it to the jury. Another “error” on their part.

      • TN_MAN:

        Thanks for the correction. I didn’t see the video of the shooting but saw the rifle when the prosecutor aimed it at the jury. I was under the impression that evidence couldn’t be altered other than making it safe, and that Rittenhouse’s rifle did not have any sights.

  29. Oh for Pete’s sake! I just read where “High Pants” Nadler wants the US DOJ to do a federal investigation of Kyle for civil rights violations! I’d say give Jerry a wedgie, but he perpetually looks like he’s had one …

    Very glad the verdict was as it should be …

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