The Washington Post has called out President Biden for falsehood about the Second Amendment via the Western Journal.

Your thoughts?


  1. The comments will be flooding in on this one.

    I got into it with Alan Dershowitz on the March 24 DerShow arguing that the public has a right to parity of force with its government.

    If the government has a tank, the people should be able to buy a tank. Biden would argue the horrors if the Proud Boys were to each chip in $100 to acquire a tank painted with a snazzy black and yellow Fred Perry livery. Let the visuals sink in.

    If the elections are useless and there’s a Constitutional crisis, the people can challenge their government armed with something more substantial than 11 zip-ties and a Viking hat.

    The Second Amendment is there as a catch-all when other Constitutional provisions fail.

  2. Nobody should be surprised about Joe Biden’s post-election spate of lies. Old Joe has a long history of lies and “appropriations” of other people’s words, all to serve the purpose of enriching himself and the Biden family mafia. Now Joe shambles out every couple of days to read statements drafted by the real people that are running the government. Most of the time it appears that he has no grasp of what he is saying and is not allowed to answer any non-scripted questions from the press. The scariest thing is that Kamala appears to be even more incompetent than him, ha, ha, ha.

  3. Some time back, there was a popular coffee mug in law enforcement circles. It showed a cartoon of a couple of cops with a suspect and the caption was “I can tell he’s lying, his mouth is moving”. We need a reboot of that mug with a picture of Ol’ Joe. Come to think of it, there could be full set, include Schumer, Pelosi, Cumo…..and the list goes on.

    I actually feel a bit sorry for the Pres. While his mouth has a history of a lack of discipline, he’s reached the point where his competency can be questioned. The ghouls that handle him keep shoving him out in traffic, but supposedly a lot of Dems are having serious second thoughts about the Veep.

    Off topic, but the GOP needs to bring back the Misery Index for the next election.

    • The problem with the veep is because she was chosen based upon her skin tone and genitalia, instead of her qualifications.

    • Might I suggest changing the wording on that coffee mug you propose? How about “I can tell he’s lying. He is breathing.”

  4. If I had one dollar ($ 1) for every lie that the politicians of the Democrat Party, or their media propagandists, have told in the last five years (since the election of Donald Trump in 2016), my wealth would exceed that of the world’s 100 richest billionaires COMBINED! In fact, my wealth would be such that I could buy private jets, yachts, rich jewels, art work, or private islands out of just the interest on my vast wealth alone. I would, literally, be the richest human being to have ever lived in the history of the World (even with past fortunes of the mega-rich being adjusted for inflation).

    So, would Joe Biden ever lie?!? That is the wrong question to ask about leftists. The correct question to ask is: Would they ever tell the truth?

    • If you had that much money, you may have enough to pay 10% of the Green New Deal’s proposed cost and be a hero to all climate change fearing liberals.

    • Would they ever tell the truth?

      Joe and Kamala? No. They’re not smart enough for this next bit.

      But most others? Yes. Once they believe you’re thoroughly convinced everything they say is a lie, they’ll throw in some “convenient” (for them) truth knowing you’ll disregard it out-of-hand.

      It’s a pain in the neck, but everything they say must be evaluated lest we miss that crucial nugget of truth when it comes.

  5. Biden, like all democrats, will say anything to further their socialist agenda. Every totalitarian regime throughout history does two things first…1. Control the media and 2. disarm the citizens. The current administration is working hard to do both.

  6. Amazing to me that our elected officials don’t understand the Constitution enough to know that the 2nd amendment was enacted to protect the citizens from a tyrannical government like the British that the Founders had to overcome.

    Or probably more sinister is the fact they do know and it scares them.

  7. This is the same man who told us that all we need is a shotgun and to fire two warning shots is the air instead of the intruder. He is not well informed about civilian use of firearms and, unfortunately, most people get their information from Hollywood or the “if it bleeds, it leads” media.

    There is strong evidence that most of America rejects his policies wholesale and not just on firearms. Rioters using many other improvised weapons in cities with draconian gun control. The eight million new gun owners in 2020/21. Ammo shortages. Criminals are criminals so if there is a control problem it’s within the criminal justice system.

    And, yes, I’ve met people who own cannons too.

  8. I don’t think it matters at all what Biden says.

    What matters is who sits on the Supreme Court; who sits in the Senate; and to a lesser extent, who in the House. What matters in this respect is whether Federal elections are honest and whether gun owners “come out” to vote.

    I think we will gain traction in Corlett in October 21/June 22. But we can’t sit on our laurels. Who is next nominated to the Supreme Court matters; so, the 2024 presidential election matters. Likewise, the 2022 Senate election matters.

    At this juncture, the most important issue facing the 2A is NOT the 2A at all; it’s election integrity. Whether the Democrats (or, perhaps the UniParty) permanently invested election integrity in 2020 remains in dispute. This is unsustainable.

    If 2A supporters become even slightly despondent about future elections that will take the 2A OFF-the-table for political purposes. It will take ALL conservative issues (taxation, spending, CRT, etc.) off-the-table. The Democrat party will choose the candidates who will win their primaries and those candidates will win control of the White House, Senate and House.

    Democrat Party voters will discover that they have lost the power to elect candidates in primaries. Likewise, Republican voters will have lost that same power in the GOP primaries.

    Stalin was correct. It matters not who votes; only who counts the votes.

    • Stalin was correct. It matters not who votes; only who counts the votes.

      Yet another historical phrase plagiarized by Uncle Joe recently: “It’s no longer just about who gets to vote or making it easier for eligible voters to vote. It’s about who gets to count the vote — who gets to count whether or not your vote counted at all.”

      Related to election integrity, another important issue facing the 2A is mostly-unchecked immigration and amnesty.

      “Mostly” unchecked because despite the southern border being wide-open (darn near with a “Welcome!” mat out), the Administration said that they won’t allow Cuban refugees to land.

      Why? I believe it’s because immigrants from Central and South America vote Democrat at about 80%, but immigrants from Cuba — fresh off their experience under a Communist dictator — vote Republican at the same rate.

      If enough Democrat-supporting, non-citizen immigrants start voting in federal elections, the Democrats will gain a veto-proof majority and can pass whatever they want, and appoint judges and Justices to uphold it all, Constitution be damned. They don’t even have to vote legally; as long as election integrity concerns are disregarded as “baseless” (so says CNN, so say we all!), whoever counts the votes has all the power. Who cares if it’s legal or illegal?

      But none of the major “gun rights” groups are even looking at this.

  9. What a BS title for your post. The better question is “would joe biden tell the truth about the second amendment?” The answer is probably no. I say probably because even a blind squirrel can find an acorn…

  10. That Mr. Biden would lie about anything isn’t surprising. What’s surprising is The Washington Post calling him on it.

  11. The anti- gunners will spew any lie, falsehood they can think of so it fits their narrative. Almost every Democrat in the circus we call DC believe the constitution means what THEY want it to mean. I would like to see a pole, test of the 535 idiots on their definition of each amendment and what they think it states

    • Kinda makes you wonder:

      If their cause is so righteous — if, as they repeatedly claim, the majority of Americans really support their agenda and they are on the “right side of history” — why do they need to continually lie about all of it?

      • Archer,

        When someone invents a machine which most people consider to be superior to older machines, everyone switches over to the new machine. If Communists could point to one country, or even a region, where their ideas work well FOR A MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE, then many of us would become Communists.

        California has the fifth largest economy in the world, all by itself. It would fit between Germany and the UK if it stood on its own as an economy. That ought to be an easy place for Communist ideas to work. Many people in California are trying to make Karl Marx’ ideas work in Commiefornia, but they still fail. The more his ideas are tried, the worse California becomes.

        Hey Leftists! Make California a Communist paradise, and we will all gladly join you! I mean that. I am not skillful at Capitalism. I would make a good Communist and probably rise higher in a Communist system than I do in this Crony Capitalist system. But you know what? Because of Capitalism, I have never had to worry about food or clothing for even a second. I actually have to push food away from my mouth, so I don’t eat too much. Communism can’t produce enough food. Exhibit A is Venezuela. I’ll stick with Capitalism, and at least I’ll have food.

        I can succeed in our system. I just have to do what the Market wants me to do, not what I want to do. I’m trying now.

  12. Dementia is the operative word to adequately describe joe b. He’s old and incapable of physically and mentally handling the job. The only problem with removing him is the horror that would await us when stepped in number #2. As in; “Dont forget to look for number one, just dont step in number two.

    • It was said that Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s insurance policy. Obama was safe because if anything happened to him, Joe Biden would become President.

      Now that Joe Biden is President — without anything bad happening to Obama, I might add — Kamala Harris is Joe’s insurance policy. Joe Biden is inept and incompetent but not malicious — as fitting with dementia — but Kamala is inept and incompetent, plus malicious and vindictive.

      With Democrats, the #2 is always worse than the #1. It keeps #1 safe.

      The only person who doesn’t seem to realize that is Kamala, who still appears to suffer from the delusion that she earned the V.P. position on her own merits.

  13. We are past that..he and Jan P. said they are monitoring ALL facebook, social media and soon our pvt emails and our texts. This is past the Brown shirts we are at kirstolknock, Biden/Democratics WILL take our guns away….remember the Jews never thought or believed
    Hitler would kill them. Mark Mille the tratorist head of the joint chiefs of staff…called all conservatives, republicans and anyone who disagrees with the the far left are Hitler, brown shirts etc. Most Americans are too occupied with their phone, netflex etc. They call Us the enemy and are using all their fake news, social media, book banning if it goes against their hate.

    AND to Law enforcement..why defund you guys ? Notice Capitol /National Police force (SS)
    History is repeating itself..CRT, alot of Hate…Stop it ? They control the election…My goal to fight everyway I can (legally) Dem’s are only allowed to break the law…and not let my family in their concentration camps…..

    • tom,

      One reason America has been so successful since 1776 is because we tolerate one another. That is possible when one side believes the other side does not seek to destroy it, or boss it around. When one side becomes a bully, the other side must leave or fight, and toleration becomes either unthinkable, or suicidal if the bullied side decides to surrender to the bully. I believe the Right and Left are approaching the point where we can no longer tolerate each other.

  14. But because I am a historian at heart and read a lot, I am reading Atlas Shrugged and Mein Kampf for the third time around. It is interesting how these two books intertwine in an abstract way.

    Yes this administration will deceive for it’s ultimate goal, thats politics.

    And according to the book “Animal Farm”, some animals are more important than others.

    Those in power create laws that only the law abiding will obey, therein lies the conundrum.

  15. If a person’s nose get longer every time he/she lies, Crooked Joe’s will be reaching the moon in a few more days. HillBilly’s, Obama’s, Pelosi’s and Schumer’s noses are approaching Mars.

  16. Caught a video clip of him saying you couldn’t own a cannon back then, referring to when the 2nd was written. Yes Joe, yes you could.

  17. I tbough the washington post was part of the lying lamestream press you all despise. Why is it now suddenly an irrefutable source?

    • The Anti-American media has a practice of, every once in a while, actually telling the straight truth. These occasional acts of truthfulness function to confuse The People. These acts let persons, such as yourself, say “Here is an example of the media telling the truth. See, they have some shreds of credibility after all”.

      So, these rare episodes of truthfulness (ultimately) help to increase the value of the media as a propaganda platform.

      To put it another way, let me quote from the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition:

      Rule #76 – Every once in a while, declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies.

      • Or as Capt. Jack Sparrow said, “Me? I’m dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly, it’s the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly … stupid.”

        WaPo still considers themselves honest journalists and occasionally publishes something honest … which means they’re the ones we want to watch out for.

  18. It doesn’t matter. The Left wins anyway. On television news, probably FoxNews, I heard Joe Biden state that people during the time of the Revolution couldn’t own cannons. How many people heard Joe say that? How many people believe it? Owning a cannon today sounds like a ridiculous idea.

    I saw two cannons fired at the range in Knob Creek, Kentucky, during their machine gun shoot weekend in 2011, the one in April. I remember one cannon being in the style of a Civil War cannon. I assume it was a replica. I can’t remember the other cannon. I assume those cannons were privately owned. Jeff Cooper mentioned a retired general who owned four mounted .50 caliber machine guns, called a “Quad 50.” Here in NJ I met a man who owned an armored personnel carrier. It looked like a tank, except it had six big wheels (big fat tires) instead of two tracks. The cannon and machine gun on the APC were de-milled (non-firing).

    As has been stated by posters above, Americans could own cannons during the Revolution, and I believe they can still own them today.

    OK. Where did we hear the truth? Massad linked to those two newspapers, and there are some of us reading his blog. In other words, the lie reached more people than the truth reached. Our side lost the culture war years ago. Joe Biden will be President, until Kamala Harris becomes President. I expect the Democrats to steal every election from now on.

    There are still a lot of people on our side, but we have been out-maneuvered.

    • “A lie makes it half-way ’round the world while the truth is still tying its shoes.” The well-known adage was true even in the days of letter delivery by horse-riding courier.

      The Internet and social media didn’t change that. It increased the speed of both, but the relative disparity is the same. In the time it takes you to type out a reasoned response, millions of people have received the lie in their Inbox, opened and read it, and shared it with millions more.

    • Being highly skilled in cheating, lying, and stealing is a requirement to be a liberal politician. Many have given Crooked Joe a pass nowadays because he’s bumbling senile old fool, but in his younger days when was mentally competent, he could cheat, lie, and steal with the best of them.

  19. When I wrote that owning a cannon sounds like a ridiculous idea today, I meant that it will sound ridiculous to the average American. It’s like Joe was arguing by absurdity. People who think AR-15s are killing machines will be shocked if they believe a private citizen can own a cannon today.

    • @ Roger Willco – “People who think AR-15s are killing machines will be shocked if they believe a private citizen can own a cannon today.”

      Get out your checkbook (See this link):,541/product_name/MC0626+Civil+War+Field+Cannon+Barrel+-+full+scale

      The wheels and carriage will cost extra of course! 🙂

      I am reminded of that piece of dialog from the movie Tremors as given below:

      [Burt cuts off a piece of fuse for a pipe bomb for Earl]

      Earl Bassett: What kind of fuse is that?
      Burt Gummer: Cannon fuse
      Earl Bassett: What the hell do you use it for?
      Burt Gummer: My cannon!

      Aha, Burt Gummer is a man after my own heart! 🙂

      • TN_MAN,

        Imagine FoxNews showing Joe Biden making his statement about citizens in the 1770s not being able to own cannons, and then showing that website! What a hoot! You are a better journalist than the professionals are!

      • @ Roger Willco – “You are a better journalist than the professionals are!”

        Your statement would not be true if we actually had a working set of professional journalists in the USA anymore. Sadly, we do not. What we have are a set of professional propagandists who are paid to put out “spin” for the DNC, global corporations, and the Deep State.

        You see the difference? A professional journalist does not have an agenda. He or she would follow the facts wherever they lead. A professional journalist would have researched Joe Biden’s statement concerning cannon-ownership and would have fairly and accurately reported the facts. No doubt, this research would have found the above website and a whole lot more.

        A professional propagandist, on the other hand, is both lazy and willfully blind. He, she or it does not even want to know about any facts that contradict Old Joe’s statement. That is because their job is to support Old Joe and the Party Line. Not to question it!

        A propagandists is paid to push The-Narrative-of-the-Day. They are not paid to let reality interfere with The Narrative. If they were to start reporting reality, instead of The Narrative, then they would soon be out-of-a-job. They might even find themselves “cancelled” by their former Masters. Cancelled to the point where their lives are destroyed and their career ruined.

        So, they all toe-the-line. Some because they believe the Big Lie themselves (it is always easier to push a lie if you can convince yourself that there is some truth in it).

        The rest toe-the-line because they a DEADLY AFRAID to do anything else!

        Let’s face it. Under our current twisted system, journalism is DEAD. Therefore, your reference to a “Professional Journalist” is not only obsolete; it is actually an oxymoron.

      • @ Roger Willco – “Imagine FoxNews showing Joe Biden making his statement about citizens in the 1770s not being able to own cannons, and then showing that website!”

        Perhaps it is just as well that our worthless propagandists can’t be bothered to do proper journalistic research nowadays. If Fox News had reported about that website, you would suddenly have a million Anti-gun news stories about the urgent need to pass additional legislation to close the “Cannon Loophole”! 🙂

  20. We already know Biden lies all the time. NOTHING he says can be trusted. The other big problem, aside from having a senile marionette politician and an incompetent VP is that we have a completely useless media, with very few exceptions. The only reporter in the White House briefing room is Peter Doocy, and he tries but Jen “Hot” Psaki dismissively and snarkily shoves his questions aside. I’d like to see someone like Mark Levin sit down and do a one-on-one no-holds-barred interrogation of Biden, Harris, Schmuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and a few of the other misfits on the Left. Next we’ll turn them over to Senator Joseph Kennedy of Louisiana for a good spanking.

  21. The surprising thing about this story is its source.. not only PUBLISHED in the WaPo, but the story comesfrom their own staff. Hoodathunkitt? Maybe, as some above have suggested, they come round to telling the turth once in while just to keep the sceptics guessing and the suspicious off guard.

    What Dopey Joe fails to comprehend (or in the alternative, refuses to acknowledge) is that the very issue that sparked the War for Independence was this sane issue… the right for the common man to own and operate “arms”, weapons of militery usefulness. Gage;s little secret expedition into Lexington and Concord was ALL ABOUT the right of free men to own and use “arms”. The was won by the arms held and used by the common man. Every one of the items mentioned in the Bill of Rights is written there because the Brit overlords had so horribly abused the Colonials they rose up and kicked them out. After the troops were on the ships headed for England, those having done the kicking took careful pains to assure NONE of their God-given rights would ever be subject to being withdrawn or denied. This is precisely the WHY of that “pesky” Second Article of Ammendment.

    No Unka Joe, NO ONE should ever need to attennd some government facility, plop down some hard nearned money, and beg for “permissio” to own, use or carry about any took for defence of self, others, or property. And if my preference is for a cannon, “dats nunnya bidniss”.

  22. I live outside a little town in upstate NY called Rhinebeck, which was founded in 1688. Some years back, the town board dug way, way into their files to find old and obsolete town laws. They found one from around the War of 1812 that made it illegal to discharge a cannon within town limits. Since this law clearly couldn’t be referring to cannons owned by the US army or the state militia, it obviously was aimed at privately owned cannons.

    • Optimistic Paranoid,

      Thanks for sharing that info. Rhinebeck, NY, home of the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, where I’ve seen WWI planes, and earlier models, fly during their air shows. Love it!


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