A wake-up call for me — 11 Comments

  1. David,

    I wish I had a magic answer; we’ve fought the no medical insurance thing for years. Luckily, a month before my late husband, Bob, died, the VA finally rated his disability at 100%. (Gee, do you think?> It killed him!)

    With his 100% rating, that gave (gives) David and I medical insurance through the VA. It is not 100% and I’m still struggling with past medical expenses from my lengthy cancer treatments and follow-ups and David’s bout with flesh eating bacteria. Most have been willing to work with me, as long as I was making some sort of payments. However two were really mean about it, so you never know. The worst were from David’s hospitalization & surgery. But I’m making payments every month as they demand, even though it’s cutting into us pretty bad. Hopefully I’ll be much paid down before I start redoing the payments for my own hospitalization two weeks ago! Whew, just when you think you’re getting ahead…..

    We sure need some sort of medical help for the not-so-poor, not-so-rich folks!


  2. Jackie,

    Great to hear you are going to be ok. I have been wondering for a long while how you have been able to deal with all the medical emergencies you and your family have experienced in the past few years. Do you have medical insurance? Affordable medical insurance seems to be the achilles heal for us homesteaders. I sure would appreciate you sharing how you deal with the medical expense question.

    Best Regards,

  3. Hi Jackie! I am so glad you are doing so much better! Yes It’s time to get out the seeds and make a map and plan for the garden. Enjoyed your blog and the chicken article in b.w.h magazine. Would like to get a small chicken tractor for 3 hens, My problem? 4 dogs, my wife, and in town.
    I’m working on it?? Thanks, Have a great day

  4. Hooray!!!!!!!!!! And thank God. What a scare! I’m expecting my vat of seeds from baker Creek to arrive any day now and am SO excited (and yes, of course I ordered Hopi Gray squash)!!! When it comes I’ll sit on the floor and play with the seed packets like a kid with a new set of Lincoln Logs!

  5. I am so glad I read the coments and saw that you are so much better and won’t need surgery..yay!!!
    You take care!!

  6. Thanks so much for the encouragement! I had my labs today and my wonderful liver is functioning tip top. No surgery needed and my sore tummy/chest is much, much less tender. Sigh. I’m SO glad!!! Now I’m all ready to start planting flower seeds for my hanging baskets! YES!!!

  7. Hi Jackie,
    I had an unrelated ultrasound many years ago & the Dr told me I had gallstones. I fortunately have had only one very mild attack since then. I researched and read & have modified my diet. Mostly cut out the fats. Unfortunately pork really effected me (I love pork) so I don’t have chocolate, sweets or fat after noontime. It seems to have worked for me so far. I want to keep all my parts too! I figure they are there for good reason. I will be praying for you & maybe you can get by many years without problems!

  8. Jackie,

    Hope everything goes well tomorrow and you get to keep all your “bits ‘n’ pieces”! You’ll be in our prayers!

  9. best wishes to and for you. I had the same thing happen in Aug. we were planning a motorhome trip to Montana with our daughter. got sick and had emergency surgery on my 68th birthday. would have been able to go home in 1 day, but I’m on oxygen and the docs wanted me to stay. We went on our trip a day late, but had a wonderful time, those docs really know how to get things done fast! good luck.

  10. Hi Jackie! God bless!!! Fingers and toes crossed that you remain surgery-free. Please keep us posted!!!

    And I love your water tanks–wish I had one for the garden!