Will comes for a two-week visit and we are getting lots done — 5 Comments

  1. Jackie, That Will guy seems to be do wonders for you and your place! I still love reading the rose in the teeth story!

  2. Jackie, this is so exciting!!! Will is really a dream come true. Worth waiting for! And you all make such an adorable couple!!!

  3. It’s great to hear your mother is doing better! And it is also great to hear you are enjoying your time with Will and getting lots done. Judy

  4. Jackie, love the picture! Will needs more than a cup of coffee to keep going! Fire up the cookstove! Have fun.

  5. I’m so happy for you, maybe Will could send some of his energy down to South Jersey for me. Wish you both the best for your future and hopefully one day we hear what Will is doing “every day” at his new home!!!!!
    Say hello to your Mom and tell her we are praying for her to come soon home to see the new Garden. Kerstin