Lots and lots going on on the homestead — 6 Comments

  1. Jackie,
    Thanks for the info, I will try that the next time I find milk on sale! Does the fat make it globby? I didn’t have any of that with the skim milk.

  2. Thanks Jo (and Jackie)! Think I’ll just stick to waterbathing it from now on. I am planning on using the globby glops in bread, as I thought I’d just run the hand blender through it and then make sourdough starter out of it.

    Thanks so much for the posts!

  3. Jo Riddle,

    You water bath milk for 60 minutes. It turns out less tanish than it does in the pressure canner. Most people like the looks better. But, like you found out, it works just as good in recipes, despite the yucky color/consistency.


  4. Pat, after finding buttermilk reduced to 75cents a quart (even though the date was still good), I canned a bunch up a couple weeks ago and it did the same thing. I thought perhaps it was too much fat in the milk? I blended up a jar and used it in bread, which is what I canned it for and it was fine. As a matter of fact, my daughter that commented on how gross the canned milk looked also told me that was the best bread I ever made and should use that recipe all the time. I just smiled and said thanks. I didn’t know I could water bath milk, for how long?

  5. Jackie,

    I hope the early freeze didn’t do you too much harm. Glad to hear things in general are going so well!

    Getting ready here in Texas to put in the Fall garden; and… ta-da… I won a bid on Ebay for a big pressure canner, so I’m planning on taking my Spring garden (1200 sq. ft.) to 3000 sq. ft. and planning on having extra to put up, instead of just eating whatever’s fresh.

    Of course, some of the Spring garden overproduced, and we put some up with water-bath canning (about 30 quarts of pickles, and so far, about 6 quarts of tomatoes) and froze a couple pounds of squash. But I’m looking forward to putting up LOTS with a bigger garden and a pressure canner!

    Best of luck to you and yours… stay warm up there in Way Too Cold land!