Harvest continues and we attack new projects — 5 Comments

  1. Anne M,

    Again, I’m real sorry I was unclear. You process your jars in a pressure canner, not the roasting pan!


  2. Kathleen,

    Oops! All meat must be pressure canned; I screwed up with my directions. Sorry. Process it at 10 pounds pressure unless you live at an altitude above 1,000 feet. Then consult your canning manual for directions on increasing your pressure to suit your altitude, if necessary.


  3. Jackie,

    In the instructions for canning the bacon, did you mean for it to processed in the pressure canner?

  4. Jackie,
    I don’t understand. You said above —

    “…Then adjust your lids and process without liquid added for 75 minutes for pints…”

    do you mean process in a pressure canner or still in the roasting pan?

    thanks for the great recipes!

  5. Hi Jackie,
    I have found a way to can some of those extra summer squash. I had read about roasting the tomatoes before canning so I thought I would make a vegie sauce. It came out fabulous! I don’t cook with recipies, but I’ll give you an idea. 8 carrots julienned, 10 squash chopped medium, 1 head garlic chopped medium, 2 large onions. I put them in a giant roasting pan in the oven at 325. I then roast eggplant and a few poblanos peel chop and add to the mixture. I then start chopping my tomatoes into eights for small ones or twelfth for large ones. I drop the temp to 300 and add the tomatoes as I fill my bowl up. I kept doing this adding a little salt and italian seasoning each layer till the pan was full. I cooked it down to my liking added a little wine and canned away. WOW what a yummy sauce